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  1. I was swarmed by a ludicrous amount of ghosts all spooking me constantly. Wherever I went, lightbulbs burnt out and APCs bluescreened, until I requested the IAA remove my brain and chuck it into lava. Turns out that IAA had to kill me anyway.
  2. NTSAM


    Hello, fellow maintenance rat, and welcome to SS13! May your tides be grey and maint-loot be C-class.
  3. There are systems like this that already exist around the SS13 community too, Bay has non-antag objectives like "Give/receive a hug from someone" as well as job-related stuff and Goon has a special not-really-an-antag-at-all sorta miscreant role with objectives like "Staple your ass to your head."
  4. I charged a space drake with two chairs in hand and hopefully distracted it enough to allow some people to escape our holdout in processing in the terrifying carp war of January 2563 The council will decide Jay's fate Sometimes your SO's a station-grade AI.
  5. 4 Trust me, I'm an engineer!
  6. I sign, and furthermore suggest the sprite be updated to reflect these changes. Attached is artist's rendition of proposed changes. Furthermore I suggest the addition of a new nymph-based food item: Nymph-fingers, a crispy, fried lunch food.
  7. OH, funny thing about that round: The round before, Uv'uidrrixz (jokingly) said he wasn't going to greytide any more. Next round, he greytides so hard he gets the station nuked.
  8. aww, Sparkie-poo. So sweet of you.
  9. Aye, I died in the bridge after valiantly almost-taking out the Blueshield myself. At least Sam got a date that round. *cry
  10. /tg/ has a midround event called Fugitives I believe, sort of the same idea w/criminals that just spawn in but they need to be caught. As Dark said they operate in a grey area in regards to /tg/'s rules on antags. Similar events regarding roundstart permabrigs have happened before, too! There was an Elysium POW transferred to the Cyberiad's permabrig for some reason, a few days ago.
  11. There's a wild amount of depth in the events leading to and following the roburgering of Madi Kasper. And it all started with a desire to copy my ass.
  12. After seeing Robert do his thing, I wondered if I could beat his record of photocopying his ass on every photocopier on the station. Cue NT-Sam, Assistant, aboard the NSS Cyberiad, here to copy her source code everywhere and anywhere she shouldn't be. Round starts and I immediately nab a multitool and full set of tools from Tool Storage as is tradition. I break into the NT Rep's office first, emptying their copier of toner skillfully, shoving myself in the trash to come back around and do the BS' office -- But I flush the disposals too soon and am detained by a security borg, who lets me off with a sinister warning in Trinary. I walk out of the brig into the front of the bridge, where I see Uv'uidrrixz playfully threatening the Representative. I joke, "Let's kill the representative," and he actually breaks into the bridge to table poor Scarlett. In the chaos that ensued, I nabbed a CE's baton and telebatonned all of command, stealing the NT Rep's staff as well and strolling into the captain's office to do my photocopying. Eventually the Blueshield comes along and I baton them and empty their taser into them before being chased around the station by their girlfriend. After a yaketysax I go to the Garden to meet back up with Uv, and see the blueshield naked and in cuffs and a grey in pajamas being escorted away. Suddenly an officer starts to detain Uv so we make a break for the maintenance tunnel and do incredibly well at fending off the Security force until Rioz and Shesi comes along and skillfully kicks our respective chitinous and metallic asses. Apparently... Our harmless shenanigans crossed paths with actually genuinely diabolical shenanigans in which the BS was forcefully fed a roburger and stripped, out of nowhere. We try explaining that we had absolutely no idea about Sputnik's plot, but are charged with aiding and abetting -- Fair enough, into perma we go... For about half a minute, until Sputnik's subverted borg breaks open perma. Uv' and I are good boys and decide to stay in perma, and just as I move in for a heat of the moment kiss, tesloose. We get out of there and the warden starts shooting at us with buckshot despite neither of us having lethal intent, and Uv bleeds out from his injuries while I slowly run out of oil and collapse as I'm dragged around. We miss the shuttle and the pods, and I'm left in the brig with the Warden, who kills himself, and an officer (or maybe it was an IAA?) who was killed in the wonderfully-timed radiation storm. Round ends with Sam handcuffed on the floor playing centuries-old music for herself while her oil reserves deplete. TL;DR: Tried photocopying my ass throughout the station, ended up dying in the Brig for accidentally aiding and abetting roburger-based murder.