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  1. I love to bring up Shittingston's and embedding a lot in the discord but I figured we might as well compile a big list of these old nostalgic/godawful features from forgotten times for shits and giggles. Lemme begin. - The accursed science outpost and xenoarch - Tiny-ass brig - AI core being right in the center of the station - Object embedding and shrapnel - Meteor rounds, Alien gamemode - Bulma Briefs - Dorms having barracks - Glass bones - Kingston's and Shittingston's - Telescience - Male AI voicebox - Purple and yellow-themed mining - Vox having random names forced on - Telecomms being on a whole new Z-level - Ah, shit, how could I forget the supermatter engine being so robust it could destroy all of the station except the very fringes of the chapel?
  2. The meme of non-antag chemists putting a copious amount of drugs in their food or tiders getting ants all over them every shift probably doesn't help chef player quality either
  3. 'Protagonists' don't really belong in a roleplaying game, really.
  4. The not only Low-RP but also Anti-RP vibe I get from some not quite new people bugs me.
  5. This is just the Rimworld event Hippie ran some time ago. Jokes do not get any funnier when you repeat them ad infinitum.
  6. Such is life in Glorious Cargonia.
  7. NTSAM


    Feels like we have enough conversion antags in the rotation.
  8. Bar's name was the Anthill, also
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