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  1. RIP Yin, some intense necroposting here tho
  2. Containing the following: 23 paper airplanes 22 airhorns 16 Rubber ducks 10 vending machines 6 papers 6 lockers 4 stools 3 masks 2 cigarette butts 2 fuel tanks 2 water tanks 2 boxes 2 showers 2 cans of chicken soup an ether bottle Coffee (the crab) a medibot Oleg Klimov a heater a mug a candle a crate some tickets a plate a water cooler a breath mask a syndi-cakes wrapper an emergency oxygen tank a book and a partridge in a pear tree
  3. Ah yes, Yellow, the nerdiest CMO to live
  4. Ability to duct tape people to the wall when
  5. That PR was more focused on the nerf that would be taking damage from losing charge, wasn't it? I could see a PR that has just the prerequisite you talk about going over a lot better for sure. Of course, I assume that you're talking about that one
  6. o7 Best of luck in all current and future adventures, skeleman.
  7. Great pencil arts! Like the Meenah PS)(OOO!!! -------E
  8. Perfluorodecalin or some shit I think, just for clarity
  9. Your wording made me picture them both in a single dress. Great pic, def needed the chuckle from both the mental and physical (digital?) imagery.
  10. Love it! Oh, and yeah, LILY is his wife, played by @LicaPebble
  11. Gods, I really love how you did that window. For some reason, I'm imagining it having rad shielding for martian sunlight
  12. Mimey McMimeface grabs a small round nothing, and a large nothing. Mimey McMimeface rubs the small nothing against the large nothing. Mimey McMimeface smashes the large nothing against their head! Mimey McMimeface collapses onto the floor!
  13. Hey howdy! My character names are down there. v Welcome to paradise!
  14. As a bar main, I personally think that you're incorrect. I can make 90% of the drinks by memory, and 40% of those by muscle memory. It just takes time and practise