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  1. its been a couple months oops i drew a pic of WREN, who is SEAGULL's little sister! and here's a shitpost of my cat as she appeared to me last night, meowing from the darkness of the unlit living room
  2. new icon! and a SEL parody because you know :]
  3. seagull got a revamp!
  4. been a while huh!! well i'll post a couple of the shitposts i drew today for my girlfriend's IPC character, atmoloid skyla
  5. it's kinda hard to think of changes that would/could salvage the role and make it viable, but i might have a couple ideas for improving the role... i realize that a lot of the time when i play psych/therapist, the office's so hidden away in the back of medbay that a remapping would be almost necessary for interactivity. as it is now, the office is almost inaccessible, and that makes it hard for the psych to actually get patients to come in. it might be a good idea to start making therapy/a meeting with the psych a requirement for new intakes to prison (maybe certain types of prisoners, like ones going into perma?). this gives them more of a chance to be useful, imo, and gives them something to actually do. some sort of benefit to actually getting therapy would be nice, too, for the patient, but i'm at a loss as to what would be appropriate to have granted by a therapist. maybe a natural boon that activates after being in close proximity to the therapist in question while in their office?
  6. i spent some time in the arcade, got some crayons, and realized, hey, i could make art installations with this so then i liveblogged my shenanigans to my girlfriend wild way to develop a character, but a fun one!
  7. wow a fellow 3d artist! your stuff is interesting, i look forward to seeing more!
  8. okay ONE more post. it's SEAGULL again
  9. with you on this one; i tried to learn surgery recently and am getting faster at it! but there are some things i still need practice with (implants especially) - i think any steps you can take to communicate the steps would be great, especially if you're like me and willing to do surgery that you've never done before!
  10. here come some fursona pics woo woo
  11. loving your style! very soft and pleasing to the eye
  12. thank you! i've been trying to practice more and it's really paying off an idle anim of my fursona model commission also, i finally got enough karma for IPC!
  13. eh, why not another topic? i think it'd be a nice quality-of-life update if it were possible to link loadouts to characters. it's a bit of a hassle to switch things in/out every time i change characters.
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