Farie82's Tier Guide for Security Officers

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My own opinion on how to rank security officers based on tiers.

F Tier: Greytider who found a baton

  • These usually don't walk around for long since admins are usually pretty quick on the draw for these.
  • Uses their equipment to grief people. Might even be other officers
  • Please god don't be this tier
  • Gets called shitcurrity (rightfully so)

E Tier: The bald officer

  • Somebody who joins the ranks without knowing anything about security. Sometimes behaves a bit like tier F due to it.
  • Talks very little or not at all on the comms. Usually disappears and nobody will be the wiser.
  • Uses arbitrary crimes with arbitrary sentences. The worst offenders don't listen to other security members who try to teach them how actual sentencing is done.
  • Uses their batons on harm mode because they don't know that you can use them on help mode to just stun people
  • Gets called shitcurrity (rightfully so, get more experience before attempting security. It's hard job that demands a lot of skill from the user. Be it mechanic wise or knowledge wise.)

D Tier: The rookie

  • Knows a bit about law and SoP. But does make mistakes
  • Only uses the standard equipment like a baton, a taser and cuffs. Does not know how to effectively use bola's or flashbangs.
  • Tases any "criminal" on sight. No matter the situation.
  • Does not speak when an arrest is made or does not let the person being arrested know why they are being arrested.
  • Uses the security comms a little. But does not respond to calls himself most of the time
  • Forgets about perma prisoners. Or just walks into their cells without much reason.
  • Knows about some threats. And usually does not know how to deal with them.
  • Lets caught criminals bleed out in processing because they do not notice that the criminal is dying.
  • Does not know what implants being offered do. Might still take them though. Or just ignore them
  • Takes any weapon provided to them. Officers that take the big blue gun from the armory usually fall under this tier.
  • Gets called shitcurrity (you will get better as long as you're willing to learn from mistakes)

C Tier: The Regular Joe

  • His sentencing usually are correct. But usually forgets context and keeps the stations situation out of the sentences. Example: Always gives max time even though the station is on green and the criminal did a minor crime
  • Sometimes uses special equipment like bolas. But usually ends up misusing them (it is a learning process though!)
  • Responds to calls but does this without telling on the comms. This usually leads to the mimes office being filled with officers to arrest one clown breaking into the place.
  • Walks into perma to get out the perma prisoner without backup or preparation. Leading to a sad slipped officer or worse.
  • Tases on people a bit too often. Usually it is warranted but sometimes it happens because the perp is walking away because he did not notice that the officer is arresting him. Communication is key here
  • Knows about most threats. But does not always know how to deal with them
  • Usually gets the criminal get medical care if they are dying
  • Takes every implant offered to them. Regardless of the situation.
  • Take guns when provided to them. They know what most do yet are not that experienced yet in using them.
  • Gets called shitcurrity

B Tier: The robust officer

  • Makes sure to sentence people with relative appropriate sentences. Lower sentences if it's calm. And higher if the crime was violent and such.
  • Knows most things about law and SoP and how to apply them.
  • Knows how to utilize most special equipment that security has to offer. 
  • Uses comms a lot and responds to most callouts while telling others he is going. Knows when a situation is resolved by the calls of other officers on the comms.
  • Prepares himself either with backup or by stunning the perma prisoner if this is needed prior to escorting him to escape.
  • Talks to criminals before arresting them. Getting their story of the case if this seems fit. Then tells them they are going to cuff them if the situation requires it. Or don't cuff them and escort them to security uncuffed.
  • Knows how to deal with most if not all threats and does so at all times.
  • Is robust, both in combat and in other mechanics. Knows when to retreat and when to attack.
  • Knows what implants are good for which situation and takes them accordingly. Got clings that EMP a lot? Welp not taking the upgraded heart today.
  • Asks for help from other departments when it is required. Also notifies the captain or HoS if things are calming down and an alert lowering can happen soon.
  • Knows what most if not all weapons do and know how to use them in most situations.
  • Gets called shitcurrity

A Tier: The hero we deserve

  • Lets people of the hook if the situation fits it. You don't always have to brig people for things. A warning can be enough at times.
  • Knows law and SoP from the top of their head. When to apply them and when not. This is important especially for SoP.
  • Is robust but knows when to use it and when not. Antags are there to make the rounds interesting. Completely shutting them down by using all the tricks you know is not fun for either side. A long battle back and forth is.
  • Knows how to use tools outside of security if needed. Need a door hacked open? Go for it if there is no other way. This should be used sparsely if possible. Asking for help is usually the better way.
  • Provides detailed yet short information on the comms if needed. Callouts for criminals at locations for instance. Their description and what they did.
  • Aids other officers/crew with things. Be it learning on how to be an officer. Or by helping them get out of situations. Getting the criminal is not always the goal. Getting your coworkers out alive is.
  • Tries to make an arrest interesting for the person being arrested. If said person is willing to RP that is. If it's just a shitter then go ahead with the max sentence.
  • Knows all about the threats. But chooses not always to use it. See a new agent with their PDA in their hands in a locker? Just jokingly state to lock their PDA and walk away. Catching said crew member will remove an antag from the round yes. But it won't make it interesting for them or for the station. 
  • Does not always take implants if they can. Only when it is really needed. Implants will buff you and this might result in more boring fights. They should be used to make the battle more fair. Not to make you unstoppable.
  • Talks with prisoners on downtime. Including perma prisoners. They usually did their role and made a mistake. This should not mean they should be punished for it by being put in a cell all on their own. That is boring as hell
  • Knows what all weapons do and how to use them in all situations. Yet does not always take them. One known agent with no weapons onboard? No need for a shotgun then. Just a baton and taser will do.
  • Gets called shitcurrity

I might have forgotten a lot of things on here. Playing a security officer means you have to deal with a lot of stuff and have to keep track of a lot.

Do tell if I missed some stuff and I hope you enjoyed it/found it useful!

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with all of these guides coming along I might just make a chaplain guide. I wouldn't consider myself an expert chaplain but I at least take the role seriously.

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