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  1. I see it a lot. I find it is the majority of Blueshields who do it. I tend to do it myself only if asked, rather than offering it or if I see someone who is inexperienced in what needs to be done at round start, I try to help them out, as there may not be a NT Rep around plus Blueshield is usually nearby more than the Rep. I think there's a difference between offering alternative suggestions or helpful advice compared to being an opinionated Blueshield who butts into an argument between Command, the latter of which doesn't tend to be welcome on the bridge.
  2. I'm aligned with Rythen's views; if Blueshield were to be timelocked, Command seems to be the best focus. Timelocking it to security is only going to encourage Redshields. The rest of the departments are irrelevant and some of the points mentioned about departmental knowledge can be acquired through general playtime and knowledge of the rounds from experience alone. Blueshield is also a advisory role so knowing how command operates for the most part is important here. I don't know if its possible but gatekeeping Blueshield/Rep behind the Karma system and timelocking it as well might be worth checking out if you really want these roles to be a little harder to get than the rest. And honestly; the quest to come up with a system to encourage: Robust/Knowledgeable/Roleplay-centric qualities into those roles from players is a fruitless one. Regardless of whether it is timelocked, karma or both, you will still get the occasional redshield or the argumentative mouthpiece that sometimes transpires on the bridge. I don't know if anything can mitigate that other than short of whitelisting the role. What we have now is not ideal but timelocking it either won't change much. If Karma system does go bye-bye then the Command focus I feel is the best route with that.
  3. I started playing way way way way back in 2013, and I think there was like a two year period that was fairly heavy around 15/16. Back then I didn't really involve myself with the community; just hopped on, did some spess, and that was it. Wasn't even really aware of any 'community' back then, and that was nice cause you were muted from any drama going on. So I hail from the days when mining hardsuits and helmets were all one-item and not separate things. Old. I did a LOT of mining starting out cause I was just apprehensive about joining other roles. I remember trying to learn science very early on and met an extremely unfriendly know-it-all player that turned me off for abit from learning new stuff. It was the kind of attitude that was ahelpable, put it that way. Pretty sure the job process was Mining>Cargo>Security>Engineering>Command>Service>Medical>Science> - Red being primary job roles, green being jobs that I rarely dabbled in, Orange being secondary. Engineering was interesting for a time. If I'm doing any role that could potentially affect an entire round, I test it first by creating my own solo server. I remember setting up the Tesla quite a few times, working out the kinks, what not to do, what to do, etc. And THEN, when it came to putting all that practice into play on live, something still got messed up somewhere, somehow. No idea how but thankfully it didn't result in any round ending catastrophe. In relation to engineering, Mechanic was something I did a lot before its sad removal. It was one of my favorite jobs to find RP opportunities in. Some of my favorite roleplay came about just as a result of building a pod for someone or going out to check out a stationary gps signal to discover someone in need of rescue. I remember essentially becoming space paramedic when the syndi depot changes came into effect to turn it into a little 'dungeon' of sorts, and everyone and their mother donned an EVA suit and went out to try it. Sadly this included the onboard station paramedic who got themselves killed. The amount of taxi-runs I did ferrying corpses back and forth... It's a role I'm going to miss purely for the roleplay nature of things. It isn't all about just trucking it into space. Getting into security, I played secborg (don't hate me!) a lot to get a feel for security. When security pod pilot became a thing, that was my primary introduction into security, away from the AI. Was a fun role, made all the more fun for the regular faces that would pop up. My only real medical experience is coroner and paramedic, both of which are years ago. I play Psych a fair bit presently on a non-primary character for the roleplaying opportunities. Medical to me is definitely a love/hate relationship and I have a lot of respect for players who learn that role and use it as their mains. HOP was my first command role. Can't say I particularly enjoyed it. One of those roles where you need to have a suitable character to go along with it. If I'm not enjoying the character, I'm not enjoying the role. I have one in mind in my pocket just for HOP, but not got around to implementing it yet. Blueshield is red cause I have experience in that role, but it's definitely a 'mood' job. Am I in the mood to babysit command this round? "Oh god, ITS THIS CAPTAIN, AAA", that kind of thing. Fun role though, I don't play it nearly as much these days. NT Rep, oh boy. I love this role. I have two characters specifically for this. It can be fun although you will get rounds where you are just not doing much, but is still interesting regardless. I've not really played this role much since my return to spess recently cause I need to brush up on SOP and any changes in general. Chef piqued my interest for a bit but I hate the cooking system; there's no room for experimentation and you have to follow the recipes to the letter. I don't find it enjoyable. These days, I get a fair bit of enjoyment out of Cargo. Mining is fine, but it is mostly a solo-endeavor for the most part. Cargo is great cause lot of interaction with the crew and that's what keeps it interesting. I think jobs that I'm interested falling back into again are Blueshield/Detective/Rep/HOP.
  4. >Become mouse >Steal cheese in kitchen >Chef gives chase >Chef destroys his own kitchen to get at this one mouse >I only want to leave with the cheese! >It does not go well for the Chef >He stabs himself a few times, then a secoff by accident >Gets put into a cell for the accidental stabbing and complete mental breakdown >He cryos >Feel bad, but the cheese tastes delicious >Become Ivan, the Red Mouse of Cyberiad >Meet loyal protector >Hop gives Ivan his own ID >Pursue the RED CHEESE >Die in a Vox Box >Watch my own funeral >Watch my own funeral explode
  5. As requested. The character shots are a bit fuzzy for some reason (maybe cause I used snip tool) but hopefully its ok, if not I can redo them. 1. Shaft Miner 2. 3. 4. 5. Rsik Ugsharki
  6. I am of the opinion that detcurity has always been a problem, but the lethal revolver just makes it more prominent and noticeable when you are shooting people with lethal rounds vs rubber ones. I don't know why the PR for the introduction of the lethal revolver seemed to imply that having it would lesson detcurity issues, perhaps using the thinking that deadly consequences meets equal consequences for discharging the revolver in situations where it isn't needed. That doesn't solve the mindset some people have playing the role. I can imagine it is also a very difficult thing to enforce, because sometimes the detective is quite valid in using the revolver and d-chat will still shout DETCURITY simply for the fact they are defending themselves against a lethal threat using lethal rounds. Recently though since I started playing again, definitely seems to be a spike in detcurity moments - that is just observing detectives going into maints on patrol with security or generally acting as another body, going to calls for backup and the like when there's plenty of security around to answer the call (this one i see a lot). That's all without any revolver issues mind you. Could be argued that having a lethal revolver emboldens detectives to do these things - I'm not so sure on that. Again, mindsets that are not being challenged. There's also odd disparity between the security team and the detective. You have sec with their non-lethal methods that usually remains the case until powered/uncontainable/lethal threats are found, and then you have a security attached role with a lethal revolver. It's an odd mix. I'm not against the lethal revolver, and the feel for having it is very noir, but it was introduced without any real changes to combatting the troublesome detcurity mindset. It's never going to happen - but one possible mitigating change could be to separate the detective and turn them into a P.I. Making them an actual 'aid/helper' to security rather than part of the department. Denying them access to sec-coms and sec-gear in general, doesn't prevent but does mitigate them joining up with security for the most part, and this should be supported by SOP/LAW changes. Then you can either make the case for a P.I to have rubber bullets or a 'special exemption' to be made for their lethal revolver; with consequences that go with that considering they are not attached to sec-department anymore. Making them a P.I would also open up the role to more rp-opportunities. The downside is rather obvious as it would mean less efficiency when it comes to aiding security and cooperation will have to be initiated by security for the most part. But nothing stops security enlisting the aid of the detective regardless, and the detective will be more encouraged to solve/trace antags the old way that doesn't involve listening to sec-coms and waiting for officers to spot an antag. Lets face it; lethal revolver or not, detcurity is still an ongoing issue. Their lethal capability has just made them more pronounced now when they do shoot someone. It's a role that is supposed to be a good dose of roleplay backed up by helping security solve crimes, but often than not turns into them patrolling/hunting antags with their pew-pew. If you look at why that mindset is happening rather than the equipment, can probably start tackling the problem.
  7. Would be doing a lot of hissing. And once that novelty dies off, cry...
  8. Wait, a Jaunter saves you from falling into a chasm? Having one on you when you fall into one, it automatically jumps you away?
  9. I hate chasms. Extremely unfun mechanic. Easy enough to avoid but can claim you regardless. I fell into them a couple of times due to sun glare on my screen, making them difficult to see. Extra annoying when it happens near round start. Anything that stops them from permanently removing you from the round, I'm in favour for. Anyone who says opposite needs to fall into them a couple or so times within the 30 minute mark to see how joyful it is.
  10. I can't get over the fact that the art resembles my dad. By a lot. Mustache, hair and everything.
  11. I've seen much more complicated iterations of the detective role on other codebases. Aurora's version of it is interesting, but then their version suits the far slower paced server that Aurora is. One might argue that their methods simply add further steps to achieving the same result and added complexity may not add any value to the role on paradise. Will echo the above sentiments that detective role should not be turned into such an important role that security will be handicapped by their absence. It's a supporting role and is there to complement security's efforts in tackling criminals, not to be an essential part of their taskforce. I wouldn't be against seeing the role have some more complexity to it but as I mentioned, it is debatable whether or not it needs it.
  12. Kissing is such a bizarre feature. Didn't pay much thought to the PR thinking it be fairly harmless. Now that I have seen it first hand in-game, I hate it. The memers will have a laugh with it I'm sure but the kissing effects are having bizarre interactions with the code on lots of things I'm just surprised it isn't being gutted for all the extra 'kinks in the system' it's causing. Not sure about non-consented kissing being battery - purely from the amount of workload it would create for security (if they even bother with frivolous illegal smooching) but I despise the kissing mechanic enough that I think battery should be upgraded to execution!
  13. I know how this looks, but I swear! It wasn't me! It was just impeccable timing is all!
  14. Be pod pilot Have eager sec officer recruit wanting to ride along in pod HoS approves EoC seen in space. Armed and dangerous. Spot him Stun him with pod tasers Advise recruit to watch my back Go to make the arrest, EoC gets up fairly quick. Desword comes out Recruit hops out of pod. Tasers me in the back by accident We both die Lesson: should have stayed in pod and made him do the arrest
  15. I see that a lot, more than Redshields. Blueshields who will crowbar their way into a two-way argument between command staff or try to enforce their view onto things. You get this allot with Blues who usually main HOP/Captain. When I do Blueshield, which is rare as I got to be in the mood for it, offering input when asked for it is fine. Making suggestions to a overwhelmed captain who may be new or just out of his league is also fine, as long as it's a suggestion and not a statement of fact. I also don't understand captains who don't hand over the pinpointer. The one thing that really makes the Blueshield do his job with efficiency and haste when retrieving command. I would never argue over what I deem to be an optional bonus, and that is being given the spare ID on green, and sometimes I've even refused to take the spare. Pinpointer though? Give that shit to the Blueshield. Their job is to protect the command staff, which they can do with increased efficiency if they have it.
  16. Also - shout out to Henk de Fries, Jean Regulier and Evie (and I'm sure there's a few more I'm forgetting) - Some of the best A-Tier security that I know. Henk especially who really came a long way on his reverse alphabet trip from F to A! :P
  17. I think I'm a combination of B and A, but mostly B. My main problem is I don't main security, it's something I hop in when I feel like it, as I will often play detective or pod pilot. I'm rarely a security patrol officer, preferring the flexibility that pod pilot allows me. If I was going to pick out my main weakness, it's remembering the sentencing caveats of space law and such. Very much a talker though. Prefer to chat with potential crims first, very much hate the mentality of tasering first and questions later. There are exceptions to this; dangerous EoC's that are obviously not going to sit and chat with you, and in those situations, shooting first is your best best. Also surprised the highlight string didn't get a mention in any of the tiers (mainly the upper ones). I deem the chat highlight function to be essential on a high pop round. Anytime I'm going poddy/detective, I'll put keywords like 'detective pod pilot security hos Head Security help death alarm' and vice versa in there because the chat does be whizzing by and it really helps filter out the noise. Also if you know what kind of antags you are dealing with, putting them in the string helps!
  18. Xyd

    Rsik's Art

    - Rsik with his two hatchlings (yus, he's a parent) :3
  19. I like the karma system, despite its notorious inconsistency, but I do feel some changes can be made to it. Having races locked behind it doesn't make sense to me. If we are trying to use the argument that having karma = being a better RP player (or player in general), it doesn't. So someone with a lot of karma who unlocks Vox doesn't mean they'll play that race with more aptitude for it. With the upcoming changes to races as a whole, it makes even less sense to lock them behind a gated grindy system. I could make the opposing argument that having a race karma locked may encourage the player who is gunning for that race, to look up its lore, read more about it before they decide to dump 30/45 karma onto it. There is actually sound logic to that, and it makes sense - just don't think its enough to warrant it. I'm generally a fan that all races should be open to play from start. Same goes for certain jobs. I have both Blueshield and Sec Pod Pilot unlocked as karma roles, and none of them make sense as to why they are gated. Blueshield could be time locked to command instead. It is a fairly trusted role, but no more than say Captain or HOP. Sec pod pilot makes the least sense to be placed behind a gate. Considering all it is, is a security role with access to a pod. That could be time locked again, tied to security for 6 hours (which equates to 3 full rounds as security) and considering how security often gets overwhelmed, having what essentially is another security job slot behind the karma system makes no logical sense. Other jobs on the other hand, Barber and NT Rep. Having played both, they are fairly RP focused. Barber is an odd one in that you are essentially an assistant with scissors, a dye pack and given a public accessible place to cut the throats hair of your patrons, but it is fairly cheap in the karma system so I don't see an issue there. NT Rep requires interacting with the crew, and on some level, with the admin staff, and I think it is fine where it is in the karma system considering it isn't of vital importance, but can be a fun role to play from an RP perspective. I would like to see more stuff added to the karma system though; item cosmetic fluff stuff that isn't essential but would be nice to have, that isn't available through other normal means. Except no one really has the time to do new sprites, new cosmetics for that, but there is quite a lot of old unused fluff items in the code just sitting around, at least I think so. When it comes to races and certain jobs though, some changes need to be made there in my opinion.
  20. I'm in favor of note transparency, however... I'm not an admin. And I'm not so sure I'd have that stance if the shoe was on the other foot. I can see where admins are coming from. I can see how certain players may view their notes, take a disliking to what is there, and take issue/hold a grudge against the admin who issued that note. That's a problem. While CM/Other servers do have different policies, it doesn't mean their policies are the correct method. Maybe it works for them, but there is no real basis to judge how it affects them from a staff point of view. I'm very much trying to look at this from both sides, and I can see reasoning for both. To use a recent scenario in which a player had to correct a mistake on their notes going through the admin complaint process, situations like those seem to be rare but this is only because the player was concerned that their note was an unfair representation of their behavior that round and took visible action to correct it. Turns out they were right to be concerned and the note got corrected. I feel like this is why we should have at least limited transparency in some form, because there could be many more examples of this. Notes are being cast off as somewhat 'insequential' to players by staff. I feel that is unfair because notes seem to play a vital role in judging that player's behavior in ban appeals etc, so it makes sense that a player would like to know what it is they are being judged on. The staff response of "Well, you received X amount of warnings and should be self-aware of your behavior as a perfectly good indication of where your notes are" is a good point, but doesn't solve the issue of misrepresentation here. I'm rather conflicted on the whole note issue cause I can see the many problems of having them transparent from a staff pov. Some players will hold a grudge against staff for it. Some players may take issue with legitimate notes (being salty) and cause excessive workload for staff and create a backlog And then the other concerns raised by Bryan which are all good points On the other hand... There may be (and has already been proven, is) situations when a player feels that an admin note/warning misrepresents them as a player and will be used unfairly against them in an appeal. Notes are important to how an admin (especially new admins dealing with players they've not dealt with before but have extensive note history) forms an opinion on that player in the appeal process. A player being completely ignorant of the judgement being laid upon them is essentially at the mercy of staff. Players who have displayed corrective behavior but their notes do not display this and/or portrays them in a completely different light is going to be a lingering issue for them moving forward So there is valid concerns here from both sides. I do honestly feel that some of the player concerns are being cast aside too quickly with the rebuttal of, "Well, here's why that wouldn't work..." And it is fair. Good points on both sides, but understanding the player concern here is key and why some feel transparency is wanted. I personally don't think a player should have access to their notes at the drop of a hat or request. No. Nip that in the bud there. Despite the policy of other servers, I can see this being an issue here on Para. I would think a better method for this would be opening a dispute (as has been done in the past and seems to work nicely) on a warning/unfavourable bwoink they've received in-game and create a process to see what note, if any, has been added to their record as a result of that warning. It seems notes being shared in this process is already a thing, and that could be expanded upon further by allowing, and making it aware to players, that they can dispute a note that they may feel is unfair because after all, notes don't provide full context and lets be honest, from a staff pov, you are making judgements/forming opinions on notes without full context in mind. Is that entirely fair? No, but its the system we have and it isn't a perfect system, and I think efforts should be made to improve it to lessen the staff/player divide and give players more room to maneuver in situations like these. Again I don't think notes should be open to players completely, but I do think a cemented process of what a player can do and making them aware of their options when they receive warnings/bwoinks and opening up a process for them to discuss it. I don't think we should open the floodgates to having players dispute past notes that are long gone, because that just opens up the hellgates.
  21. Rsik: Mischievous Mouse Eater Orissa: Sassy Syndi Operative John Savage: Specist Workaholic Pragmatist Miraax: Depressed Coffee Addict
  22. Just make sure Rioz doesn't shoot you over your boots again, Fluffy!
  23. Nice! Snatches nitrogen tank
  24. Xyd

    Rsik's Art

    Funky sketch art of Rsik and Asrair in one of their usual bar fights. Love this style of art. Pose is a bit strange but that's more to do with the artist's style.
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