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  1. Oh hey I forgot to add this Got a new tablet and trying out new software so here's an attempt
  2. Commission hours part 2 These are by CID
  3. Haha yes it is I, back at it again with n e w s B e h o l d : i’ve been persuaded enough to start them And now my first commission, for @Onyxarias , their Unathi Sko Kiiz
  4. Small art dump time This was my submission to the secret santa thing! Toko with their token chainsaw Drew this based on some admemeing done to James Moves and Bloofi. James being turned hellhound and sent to torment Bloofi. Good times Most recent is my Unathi and uhhhhhhhhhh his partner Okay see you in another 5 months :P
  5. Damn now you guys gotta work your way back into the positives -3
  6. Not my wireart, but the madman who plays Jaiden Baer made this and it caught my eye immediately
  7. Farewell, Spaceman May your name be murmured across other spacemen as one of the legends for years to come. Still a nerd tho
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