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  1. Okayokayokay here’s more finally! Also my style keeps changing AAAAAAAAA A Phoebe examining the robo hands that she got.... somehow... @xProlithium Aaaaaand.... Our... “friendly” neighborhood SOO that a select few people have personally met, Tymara Pendragon ...So! As some (at least 3) of you may know, these two drawings are entirely related to eachother How? Well.. you’d just have to ask Phoebe
  2. Featuring Sophia (I had this done for a while but forgot about it cause this thread f u c k i n ‘ d i e d for a bit but hey the time is now)
  3. P h e w been a while, but finally finished a request from @xProlithium Their vulp, Sophia Veritas!
  4. A request I finished, for Buldinn!
  5. Soooo here we have the first three drawings I did of my own character, Phoebe. All were done in order from oldest to newest. A thing I’ve noticed is that I can’t really settle into one style, as all three versions I made look different in one way or another.. not entirely sure if that’s a good or bad thing
  6. Well! After a ton of thought and nudges from friends, I decided it’s about time that I made an art thread of my own. And what better way to start it off than with an art trade I did with @Drakeven ! Their voxxy, Giki! I’ll be updating this thread over the next few days with everything else I’ve drawn of spess
  7. A few years ago in highschool a friend introduced ss13 to me and I absolutely loved it. Although a short time later for some reason I stopped playing. Half a year ago I rediscovered ss13 through reddit somewhere and I’ve been here since!