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  1. Featuring Sophia (I had this done for a while but forgot about it cause this thread f u c k i n ‘ d i e d for a bit but hey the time is now)
  2. P h e w been a while, but finally finished a request from @xProlithium Their vulp, Sophia Veritas!
  3. A request I finished, for Buldinn!
  4. Soooo here we have the first three drawings I did of my own character, Phoebe. All were done in order from oldest to newest. A thing I’ve noticed is that I can’t really settle into one style, as all three versions I made look different in one way or another.. not entirely sure if that’s a good or bad thing
  5. Well! After a ton of thought and nudges from friends, I decided it’s about time that I made an art thread of my own. And what better way to start it off than with an art trade I did with @Drakeven ! Their voxxy, Giki! I’ll be updating this thread over the next few days with everything else I’ve drawn of spess
  6. A few years ago in highschool a friend introduced ss13 to me and I absolutely loved it. Although a short time later for some reason I stopped playing. Half a year ago I rediscovered ss13 through reddit somewhere and I’ve been here since!