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  1. I agree with you on this, whitelisting would also be a good choice, but if timelocking is an option maybe 50 hours as captain or something could work as well, now that i look at it neither sec nor medical whitelisting makes sense for blueshield, however command definetly does, either command or captain would be good, or as suggested, whitelisting, anything is better than a role being unlocked by you having a big metagang lol
  2. this is the wrong place i didnt mean to post it here, and i dunno how to delete it, oh well
  3. Blueshield is not the kind of role i would expect to be karmalocked, it requires skill and knowledge of medical and a little bit of security too, the fact that a inexperienced player in both of those fields can still play blueshield due to metabuddies giving them karma seems kinda dumb, i say we give it a timelock of like 30 hours sec and 30 medical and call it a day
  4. Blueshield shouldnt be a karma locked role, it actually requires departamental knowledge and some combat experience, locking it behind "good rp" points makes no sense for the role personally, its a small thread but what do yall think about it.
  5. "You "wasted months of your life" to get 15 karma in 2d spessmen game? That sounds like a bit of an overdramatization. Hopefully it is." it is overdramatization
  6. Well then what if you could only refund races, and also make it so you can only refund the same purchase once?
  7. Im so tired of everytime i log in i look at fucking IPC and get disappointed because i wasted months of my life playing a spaceman game just to get karma which i used on a race i dont even use. Please let us refund stuff we buy at any time, maybe to balance it out make it so you can only refund it once, i dont care. But PLEASE its sad seeing so many hours on this autistic game reflected on a fucking robot race, thats all.
  8. Name of Event: Clown cult One Sentence Description: Clowns try to summon the honk mother, very similar to a cult. Map Changes: Yes Code Changes: Yes but you are probably gonna be able to build it through codes for other stuff, like copy the code from the clown cristal, cult, shit like that. Suggested Number of Players: 60+ Full Description of Event: The clown and a few others are selected to be part of the clown cult and summon the honk mother, they all spawn with a special bike horn, that will be their 'runes'. To convert someone simply call another fellow cultist and hit the person with the special bike horns at the same time, then the person´s stuff will be replaced with clown gear and mutations, with their old gear falling to the ground. The clown cult will have goals like the normal cult, goals being: Slip 20 people with your slippery PDA. Clown stuff. Now this really fucking needs a lot of polish and ideas to work, i just thought i would make this has a funny haha, but with some more ideas and stuff this can become a great, and dare i say funny gamemode.
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