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  1. Wait, a Jaunter saves you from falling into a chasm? Having one on you when you fall into one, it automatically jumps you away?
  2. I hate chasms. Extremely unfun mechanic. Easy enough to avoid but can claim you regardless. I fell into them a couple of times due to sun glare on my screen, making them difficult to see. Extra annoying when it happens near round start. Anything that stops them from permanently removing you from the round, I'm in favour for. Anyone who says opposite needs to fall into them a couple or so times within the 30 minute mark to see how joyful it is.
  3. I can't get over the fact that the art resembles my dad. By a lot. Mustache, hair and everything.
  4. I've seen much more complicated iterations of the detective role on other codebases. Aurora's version of it is interesting, but then their version suits the far slower paced server that Aurora is. One might argue that their methods simply add further steps to achieving the same result and added complexity may not add any value to the role on paradise. Will echo the above sentiments that detective role should not be turned into such an important role that security will be handicapped by their absence. It's a supporting role and is there to complement security's efforts in tackling criminal
  5. Kissing is such a bizarre feature. Didn't pay much thought to the PR thinking it be fairly harmless. Now that I have seen it first hand in-game, I hate it. The memers will have a laugh with it I'm sure but the kissing effects are having bizarre interactions with the code on lots of things I'm just surprised it isn't being gutted for all the extra 'kinks in the system' it's causing. Not sure about non-consented kissing being battery - purely from the amount of workload it would create for security (if they even bother with frivolous illegal smooching) but I despise the kissing mechan
  6. I know how this looks, but I swear! It wasn't me! It was just impeccable timing is all!
  7. Be pod pilot Have eager sec officer recruit wanting to ride along in pod HoS approves EoC seen in space. Armed and dangerous. Spot him Stun him with pod tasers Advise recruit to watch my back Go to make the arrest, EoC gets up fairly quick. Desword comes out Recruit hops out of pod. Tasers me in the back by accident We both die Lesson: should have stayed in pod and made him do the arrest
  8. I see that a lot, more than Redshields. Blueshields who will crowbar their way into a two-way argument between command staff or try to enforce their view onto things. You get this allot with Blues who usually main HOP/Captain. When I do Blueshield, which is rare as I got to be in the mood for it, offering input when asked for it is fine. Making suggestions to a overwhelmed captain who may be new or just out of his league is also fine, as long as it's a suggestion and not a statement of fact. I also don't understand captains who don't hand over the pinpointer. The one thing that real
  9. Also - shout out to Henk de Fries, Jean Regulier and Evie (and I'm sure there's a few more I'm forgetting) - Some of the best A-Tier security that I know. Henk especially who really came a long way on his reverse alphabet trip from F to A! :P
  10. I think I'm a combination of B and A, but mostly B. My main problem is I don't main security, it's something I hop in when I feel like it, as I will often play detective or pod pilot. I'm rarely a security patrol officer, preferring the flexibility that pod pilot allows me. If I was going to pick out my main weakness, it's remembering the sentencing caveats of space law and such. Very much a talker though. Prefer to chat with potential crims first, very much hate the mentality of tasering first and questions later. There are exceptions to this; dangerous EoC's that are obviously not goin
  11. Xyd

    Rsik's Art

    - Rsik with his two hatchlings (yus, he's a parent) :3
  12. I like the karma system, despite its notorious inconsistency, but I do feel some changes can be made to it. Having races locked behind it doesn't make sense to me. If we are trying to use the argument that having karma = being a better RP player (or player in general), it doesn't. So someone with a lot of karma who unlocks Vox doesn't mean they'll play that race with more aptitude for it. With the upcoming changes to races as a whole, it makes even less sense to lock them behind a gated grindy system. I could make the opposing argument that having a race karma locked may encourage the pla
  13. I'm in favor of note transparency, however... I'm not an admin. And I'm not so sure I'd have that stance if the shoe was on the other foot. I can see where admins are coming from. I can see how certain players may view their notes, take a disliking to what is there, and take issue/hold a grudge against the admin who issued that note. That's a problem. While CM/Other servers do have different policies, it doesn't mean their policies are the correct method. Maybe it works for them, but there is no real basis to judge how it affects them from a staff point of view. I'm very much trying
  14. Rsik: Mischievous Mouse Eater Orissa: Sassy Syndi Operative John Savage: Specist Workaholic Pragmatist Miraax: Depressed Coffee Addict
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