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  1. They cannot perform OOC favouritism if they do not know who the player is. People cover up their OOC with IC. It is extremely difficult to catch meta-buddying, and it is extremely easy to perform meta-buddying under the guise of IC being built up, and then enforced. I don't make friendships because it reduces my fun for the game. I genuinely dislike being given aid, or being shown favouritism based off of my past exploits /or name I use. I don't push my IC connections into Discord, or get to know the player behind the Character. I just want my experience on Paradise to be what the IC is. A repeated instance of the same Shift. Where I know nothing of what Mike Murdock did as Security Officer 1 OOC year earlier, therefore I treat Mike better Icly because of my OOC knowledge of his past rounds. You can't assess what people have is IC or OOC knowledge. The end result is that X player can and will treat C player better if they know of the name, or exploits of that person. e.g Fiddler is a good example. OOCly and in past rounds he is hilariously robust. Very much so most people just go - 'oh fuck' in their brains, and oocly impact their IC when handling Fiddler. The server is medium roleplay, so I do understand where this concern comes from. People do seep their IC into their OOC and vice-versa. Especially if one character acts a certain way, people assume the OOC of that character is similar. People were annoyed at how incompetent one of my characters were as Security - and that they were still following SoP and Space Law, just extremely annoyingly. Thought I didn't understand SoP and Law, then realise my other RP character is Han Sprite, one of the older Magistrate mains. Essentially. I'm suggesting this because I'm bored of the same-old same-old. The Roleplay feels low-rp, and isn't getting any better. A lot of the established characters project their IC into their OOC and it's just boring. If I see certain characters I know 100% how they'll play the Shift.
  2. Greetings all, This suggestion will be layered and built upon as the post is read. ]-----The Suggestion-----[ I suggest that we trial a thing I will herein refer to as 'Randomisation (RS)'. RS is a feature that is already in the game, under preferences. It alters your name, and other details that are displayed by your avatar to other players. Meaning each time you spawn into the shift you will have a different name, or look, each time. ]-----Why The Suggestion?-----[ I believe, personally, that this suggestion will help combat OOC in IC Met buddying. One of the most negative things about Paradise. Administration will have an easier time spotting patterns, and therefore an easier time enforcing the rules. This suggestion also connects with the lore that Paradise is built around: ]-----The Positives-----[ - Fresh faces. Perhaps a new Roleplay Character each shift... because it is a Medium Roleplay Server and not a Low Roleplay Server. - It will stop the OOC interactions, or the favouritism, or the group-greytiding, based off who the Player is behind the Character name. Promoting a more health, unbiased gameplay experience. - Respects the lore. - A more IC experience. - OOCly become more attached to the Ckey at the end of the Shift instead of the IC name during the Shift. ]-----The Negatives-----[ - Roleplay Characters will be randomised. Thus established figures won't appear. Meaning the main opposition to this suggestion are those who Roleplay a select few gimmicks or Characters. ]-----The Summary-----[ This suggestion is to promote a defence against met buddying while providing a fresh, new, shift-lore friendly experience to veteran players who are fatigued by seeing the same faces, act the same way, with the same people, each round, every round. It feels less like a Roleplay Game and more like an OOC self-insert most of the time. With established names being given favouritism because of their name. These IC bonds were formed IC. But have evolved into OOC friendships that are rarely handled in a way that promotes RP. As Characters become prominent, and played, the more they become OOC. ]-----Endnote-----[ This suggestion will get a lot of negative responses from those who have established characters, and have grown to play a certain way or RP a small manner of ways. It's an RP Game and they should be capable of adapting to a new RP each shift. Not reinforcing the same RP, over and over, that eventually turns OOC.
  3. How would Scarab / Tarrot Spawns be considered - if they breach Space Law? Does it make the person Kill On Sight - since they would be difficult to detain / enforce Space Law upon? And what tier of crime do they get confiscated? E.g if the Scarab is used to break a window, it would have to be collected and stored just like a Crowbar / Screwdriver / Wrench. Just different tool. IC They're uncontainable w/ the Guardian. But OOC they're not an antag so can't do much w/ it.
  4. Hi all, This post will focus on Space Law [as of 16/06/2019] - and the Wikipedia page of Guardians [as of 16/06/2019]. Space Law's descriptor for S Class Contraband Holoparasite(s) is as followed: Then we have the Guardians Wikipedia Page stating the following: The Parasitic Nanomachine is referred to as a Guardian. The Tarot, and the Scarab Spawn all hold similar attributes. - Linked Damage. - Supernatural abilities. - Feeds off the life essence of the Host Body. The only difference is that the three types have different icons. Space Law considers Parasitic Nanomachines AS Guardians. Therefore Guardians, no matter their spawn or origin - are considered a breach of the S Class Contraband Holoparasites. Scarab currently are considered non-contraband Guardians. And were introduced after the descriptors for Space Law - particularly the descriptor for the Contraband shown above. Holoparasites Class is the harbouring of a Parasite Guardian. It should not matter the way the person achieves acquiring the Parasite. < This is the Charge / Item. It does not specify Holoparasite Injector, rather the possession of Holoparasite(s) which in its descriptor outline as Guardians. Scarab and Tarot Card spawns are Guardians - the same as a Holoparasite Injector Spawned one.
  5. Admins are there to make the round interesting, and be played within the rules. Every time they have to mute some Ick Ock, that could take up 4 or however long it takes to verify the Ick Ock in overwatching the round and stopping griefers prematurely, before they... self-antag someone into the incinerator.
  6. I would take issue if Paradise used Skype, which is a hassle to connect and create an account with. But that is not the case, as Discord is easy to make and take around 5 seconds (if you create a guest name and password each with 2.5 seconds each). Only time I see OOC used while a round is underway is to either 1) IC in OOC, 2) Joke about ERP, 3) Talk about Trump, and or Feminism, 4) Shit-talk a previous round, and 5) Casual chat. I don't like having my OOC toggled, as a personal thing - so I know I'm not missing out on all the details surrounding Paradise. But I do not mind having everyone's toggled. The majority shouldn't have to suffer because the minority like to be unique in OOC while a round is underway - you have Ghost Chat (or in-game chat, or LOOC)
  7. I like this. Everyone OOCs' their IC once or multiple times during their playtime. This'll prevent it 100%. Most of the OOCs' from IC is the odd mis-type, or a new player. Nothing is lost and a lot is gained from OOC being muted. +1 I support it. All OOC during the round is either grey-zone-treading ERP jokes or Ick Ock.
  8. All in a days work, Tales From Shitcurity Post 1#: The Security Department had the following personnel, 1 Detective. 7 Officers. 1 Warden. 1 Head of Security. 1 Brig Physician 11 Security Personnel, not including a Blueshield. The Head of Security, knowing his numbers, decided to recruit the Clown, a Mime who talked, a paroled Traitor into the Security Department. Low and behold, the Mime and Clown were traitors. And the paroled Traitor managed to get his objectives completed - which was to assassinate the Head of Security. I find adding to the Security Personnel when there is 1 Officer, is fine. But when it is maxed? Naaaah man.
  9. I would appreciate greatly a picture of Han Sprite for this biography. Make his ugliness stand out. Embrace the beauty of the Magistrate wig and robe.
  10. It's the same argument I make when wanting to delimb and imprison powered vampires. Yes, you can store them - and IC and RP means further research on something like a Vampire that's powered for Nanotrasen to research. Got away with that 5 odd months ago, admins approved. But now it's kind of an unfun thing to do. They rather have powered vampires executed.
  11. Start with the foundation and go from there. I then build off what other people see of my character. As the creator you're biased to your own Character. A good way to get a grasp on how your character acts, or which path it is taking - in terms of RP... is from how people react to you.
  12. Security. Command. The Magistrate. Central Command Officers. They're all under the blanket that is Space Law. A good way to enforce Space Law is that no one is above it. No one. Security, and the Captain have a weird ego about them most of them time. That has them feel immune to crimes such as bashing a non-command member. Or shooting their laser / tasers without a lawful cause. You just need someone above them, to enforce it. Which in most cases is the Magistrate. Optionally an IAA [Internal Affairs Agent] could file a complaint through the Nanotransen Representative, or just directly to Central Command if these sort of things happen.
  13. Hello, Please add the following HTML and purposes. [Time] /= Places the Shift's time on the location. [Title] & [/Title] /= Whatever is in-between this, automatically renames the Paper to what is in the [Title] field. The ability to correlate your occupation to your load out. If you spawned in as a Head of Personnel, you will spawn in with whatever paperwork you had set to spawn and the html applied. This will save a lot of time, and seems easy in theory.
  14. Yes. Head of Personnel are hard to execute. It's because they're never in a position to make decisions that lead down the execution path. And, cool enough is that a lot of what is written here is given to Han through other player characters. E.g calling him a demon, or a evil person on the right side of the law. Reason I made this post now is because I just discovered Character Biography's were a thing.
  15. "Han's allies call him a monster. The Enemies of Nanotrasen call him a demon. Han thinks of his placement in this Universe as simple as being on the right side of Space Law." - Steve the Accountant The Honourable Han Sprite's age is unknown. Records show that he has been around for thousands upon thousands of years. Keeping his sense of 'self' through snacking on and devouring Diona Nymphs instead of taking the Nymph into his gestate. This sense of self, that Han has achieved lead him down a path of a sole personality - over a collective personality. A personality that is refined, to a Dominant Nymph, in a collective of Nymphs that make up of his tendril-like body. The Honourable Han Sprite has quite a track record with Nanotrasen, known for enforcing Space Law without bias and prejudice. This approach to Space Law that Han preaches is seen in his work. To date Han Sprite has neutralized the following, through a flick of his pen; 13 Captains. 8 Head of Security. 16 Security Officers. 20 Research Directors. 13 Chief Medical Officers. 2 Head of Personnel. 4 Chief Engineer. 78 Non-Command / Security. - 09/02/2018. "Diona are a resilient race. They are either dead, or alive. They are never dying, or surviving." - The Honourable Han Sprite. Caption: Han Sprite in his natural habitat. A law-abiding evil entity.