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  1. Such a lovely idea! But I bet my cane is longer than their dwarfish axes!
  2. Attempt at my Spessman, also updated my record to make it more aligned to my roleplaying. Quare excitin'!
  3. Yeet on NT's medical bills. Cute voxxies also :3
  4. Biography: Name: Jim Tate Age: 65 Gender: Male Race: Human Blood: Type: A+ General Occupation Roles: Station Engineer and Security when understaffed. The Interview: The video cassette recorder whirs as you put in the decades old dusty cassette, your monitor flashes and you hear relayed voices; This is Naomi Meyer, NMS Legoslov’s Head of Personnel speaking with subject Jim Tate on the third of April, 2538. You’re late Mr. Tate. Relax ma’am! Only the traffic actin’ the maggot. Naomi Meyer smirks and doesn’t look impressed. This p
  5. I sometimes do meat/sushi bars and I need a grill if I do, atm I have to go to the kitchen or find one in maints. It seems oven circuits doesn't exist ( Trying to find em' ) or a construction guide. Maybe I am blind but if I am not please add a way to build ovens. Many thanks
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