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  1. Name: Jim Tate Age: 65 Gender: Male Race: Human Blood Type: A+ General Occupation Roles: Station Engineer/Electrician, Service jobs, Security when understaffed. Biography: Born on December the 19th, 2499 on Earth where the country of Ireland used to stand. His family was a wealthy one, having a total of four members. The subject's father was a well known entrepreneur, owning major shareholds and being the CEO of Xion Manufacturing group. From an early age Jim Tate enjoyed action comics and always searched danger and adventure. Early his parents started to treat Jim like an outcast alongside other family members, believing he is too different for the family's standards. Jim grew up into being a violent and socially awkward child. Despite being educated in Earth's most prestigious schools, the subject was expelled from many due to his poor behavior. Though the subject quickly got an interest in automation engineering and electrical engineering, often building mechs and battery modules in his room as a hobby. When asked further about Jim Tate's family the subject doesn't seem to remember much other than his father's name is Theodore Tate and his younger brother's is Nicholas Tate. DNA-tests indicates that the subject is from an entrepreneurial family, currently owning Xion Manufacturing group. Jim Tate and the rest of his family have no contact with each other. [ REDACTED INFORMATION, CLEARANCE SECURITY/MEDICAL ] ... [ ID CONFIRMED ] Qualifications: Engineer's degree, Electrical Engineer's degree, [ REDACTED ] Basic Military Training \. Employment Records: [ REDACTED ] TSF Private First Class Engineer \ , Station Engineer, Temporary "Head of Security" on NSS Legoslov, Nanotrasen Service jobs. Security Records: N/A Medical Records: [ REDACTED INFORMATION, CLEARANCE MEDICAL ] ... [ ID CONFIRMED ] Personnel Photo: The picture depicts an old male in his early sixties, he maybe stands 175cm tall and has one prosthetic right arm branded "Bishop Cybernetics". He wear a blue navy suit, a pair of headphones and a bowler hat. Jim has grey hair, an overeye hairstyle, watson moustache and a lit cigarette in his mouth. He has a big happy smile and glimmering eyes. ( Maybe will do an attempt at drawing but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) Other Notes: - Jim Tate is speaking native british slang due to his time in the "British Isles". - Ol' Jim can't see very well and needs to rest his legs often. Also he likes to say "Oho!" a lot for some reason. - Enjoys smoking and hanging at the bar, playing piano as a hobby - ( First character I've ever made in SS13, so I hope all and sundry like ol' Jim! )
  2. I sometimes do meat/sushi bars and I need a grill if I do, atm I have to go to the kitchen or find one in maints. It seems oven circuits doesn't exist ( Trying to find em' ) or a construction guide. Maybe I am blind but if I am not please add a way to build ovens. Many thanks