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  1. Do you have any other hobbies other than being green?
  2. I think they look very well, I would very much love to see the walls changed to a more detailed ones.
  3. Being able to ride disposals in almost all maps but this one (and punishing that with perma-death) would feel very unfair for new players/those who play this map for the first time.
  4. It has waaaay too many empty corridors in my opinion.
  5. That's actually true, didnt remember all the inviolate stuff, lore and thingies like that, but gameplay wise ignoring the RP stuff for a moment, I dunno they feel like humans with internals forced on. Dont know how to explain it cuz its probably just me but apart of the n2 tank they dont have something that makes them play different. An example of another race (cuz I haven't played vox much) IPCs for example felt very different because you had the oil, you had the emp weakness, you have all the things with the posibrain being in the chest, being able to put your limbs back like legos, you could bring those quirks up everyshift just by reparing yourself or puking a bit of oil. Vox on the other hand have the n2 breathing and... Not much else to show gameplay wise in my opinion, their quirks are so specific you rarely see most of them in action. But again IPCs are a nightmare code wise so I can understand you all dont want another race being IPC 2.0 in terms of code. The diet thing would be cool to be seen, perhaps let them eat small animals like mice, lizards and such?
  6. I dunno what happened here but... I would like to see more fluff and quirks put into vox so they feel different from human or any other race. Smiles having no bones and using jelly as blood makes them feel very alien for example, perhaps something like that?
  7. Is strange that there are no laws against harassment yet, I have always tried to make as much as I can to solve harassment situations while still following space law but I am unable to detain them for that specific thing. Would love to be able to stop harassment and that kind of stuff, also the kiss blowing is undoubtedly abusive and something that would get your ass fired in a workplace if done without proper context.
  8. I dont think detectives should be made indispensable at all, they are usually there to support sec in their job just like the brig phys. Making sec's duties even harder just because 1 guy is not really a thing I would like to experience.
  9. >but we dont get to choose how they turn out when they are born Yes we do, we are the creators of our characters, we create them from scratch and we do choose every single characteristic they might have at roundstart. Giving people's characters random and annoying genetic issues just so genetica have something to do is not something I would like, why my mercenary veteran human now has to be colorblind, it just makes no sense and heavily screws up what we want our characters to be, without considering the boredom of "heck I started with a disease now I gotta walk to genetics and hope they are not missing so I can play the round as normal"
  10. Tier SS: you know how to kill stuff and win the game and thats what matters after all.
  11. Gotta put Paperwork somewhere before he gets utterly destroyed by cargo techs.
  12. CMD works on other servers because they usually have less than 50 pop (which isn't bad that's nice) so is way easier to control. Don't blame the staff team for being unable/not wanting to enforce it on 150 people.
  13. I also don't like this either, dying is part of the game and permakilling someone is an extra challenge cuz you now have to figure out some way to eliminate their brain without anyone noticing. It's also cool as heck lorewise.
  14. Oh my ducking god he looks so stupid and I love it
  15. It's been a year since I touched this game and after watching the changes on github and having some failed therapy sessions to treat my masochism I just need a little push to rejoin. Quick, post some of the best moments you had with this game or some pictures that could make me go "yeah I miss this shit" before I return to my daily goblin slaying sessions of D&D.
  16. Have had whole months where I have earned a total of 0 karma, its ok to expend a lot of time to get karma if you are just having fun with your characters.
  17. You cant try to beatbox but you gotta be born with the rythmn.
  18. This is just going to produce salt and bad behaviour.
  19. You can always just pick up a box and label it like that, dunno if there is a need to have the map edited just to include a box. Most HoP just lay the extra IDs on the table anyways.
  20. Chaplain is not always avaliable and killing people just because sec suspects from them is not gonna solve anything, is just gonna make stuff more frustrating as now you gotta be resurrected instead of just waiting some minutes.
  21. I don't see why would it be necessary to crit the suspect if security guessed wrong, that's just unfair for you and for the sec officer who has to deal with a dying suspect now. The current system only wastes 5 minutes or so of your round, so I don't see why making people die out of holy water would benefit anyone.
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