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  1. >Realize you just left your rodent friend alone in the darkness.
  2. >let the mouse go through the door first
  3. Kidan Civilian Is wearing a skirt and a very colourful wig
  4. >Try to start a gentle conversation with the mouse
  5. This is a bit difficult to imagine, futuristic alien species from space are complicated to fit into a DnD universe. Maybe AMA would be a bard and Azul a fighter. Also vox are more like goblins, they both suck har har.
  6. Shesi is wearing clothes, very inaccurate.
  7. Normally, if its important, irreplaceable or dangerous, is probably not a good idea to steal it. Raiding the armoury would be, along with distracting for security, unfair for both security for having less weaponry to defend themselves with and for antags for having to deal with a non security member armed with a laser gun when they are not supposed to have that in any ways. Maybe you should try finding fun in other stuff that is not breaking the law, like chilling with friends, building and such.
  8. You FELL on my TRAP mister administrator. The Napier's constant or number E is an irrational number equal to 2.71828...(aprox) which is very very important alongside Pi in several mathematical Formulas such as the Eulers Identity.
  9. I am calling the police you criminal scum.
  10. I smell some thot here, hazard should be around. Cool drawing
  11. So, following kyet's advice, I have made a forum thread about the discussion we have had today, some people think stealing slime extracts/plasma tanks (or merely having them as non scientist) is grand theft, but they got removed both from the high risk items list and the traitor objective pull. I want to get this clarified, is stealing those two items still grand theft? If not good, we solve this doubt. If they still are I would like to suggest a change in space law so they are no longer grand theft but simply theft. Hope we can at least get this doubt solved.
  12. Eh newcrit is more an advantage than a disadvantage, do you wanna be an IPC?. A disadvantage would be that you cant live without envirosuit for example or that cloning you is difficult