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  1. Chaplain is not always avaliable and killing people just because sec suspects from them is not gonna solve anything, is just gonna make stuff more frustrating as now you gotta be resurrected instead of just waiting some minutes.
  2. I don't see why would it be necessary to crit the suspect if security guessed wrong, that's just unfair for you and for the sec officer who has to deal with a dying suspect now. The current system only wastes 5 minutes or so of your round, so I don't see why making people die out of holy water would benefit anyone.
  3. I am also not really sure if cargo really needs a remapping. The current map is pretty much perfect in my opinion, compact, easily traveled, maybe mining area could use some work but the entirety of cargo?. Why do you think cargo needs a remap?
  4. You realize black noir means "black black" right
  5. I think this will just make the detectives more like "security officer with revolver". They need to head to their office and investigate there, he also has comms to announce crimes already.
  6. I dont like this, would be the equivalent of having your bag filled with saline glucose IVs. Few times you need to visit medbay already, not having to visit it at all sounds wrong for both the race and the whole medical department.
  7. I dont like any non antag job that gives sec extra stuff to do because of reasons.
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