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  1. Tatortot Dan I posted this on the discord but I figured I might as well post it here too lol it was actually a very quick drawing, it took me a little less than 20 minutes to finish it, but I would say that it turned out pretty good for such a quick drawingg
  2. Another drawing, this one is some character art of my side character
  3. I did some cult concept art, I plan on doing concept art for most antag types and posting em here. Honestly speaking guys, I'm a bit dissatisfied with this one, feels like I could've really done a lot better, but this is what I've got The app I was using to draw kept on freezing for a good 5 seconds every so often, probably like a good 30 seconds between each freeze, and it was so annoying, I feel like that really played a part in my work lacking on this drawing.
  4. art drawn for a certain red slime nerd named Pepper Jam
  5. I uh never made one of these, but some people like my art so uhhh yah here you go nerds, respond here if you want me to work on something for you as a start, here is a full body Dan, is my best drawing of him probably
  6. This is an awesome and well written guide. Dan approves
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