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  1. We only have 1 shot on this, our last hope!
  2. Three bald crewmembers banging the windows for access.
  3. Do you think there has been more competent IAAs recently?
  4. Keep the way it is now, if command feels the need for more officers they can always increase the number of slots.
  5. Oleg is Lawful Good, hes almost a divine chicken among men.
  6. It's rare but happens, more often with additional access requests i would say.
  7. I hate when theres PDA bombing, because i wont be able to use message system!!! Everyone turned it off :(. Asking for paperwork with signatures and stamp is cool and good for records, but please dont use it, wastes too much time from the person running after the head trying to find him and from the head who has to stop for a signature.
  8. All HoPs should use PDA messages, its harder to miss and keeps records as proof. I try to make people message the heads themselves because this way they can explain exactly why they need certain access better than i would.
  9. Forcing people to run around searching for a head of department is a waste of time, i use PDA messages instead of stamps and signatures, it's fast and is proof enough. I don't like using radio for requests because it's too easy to miss and there wont be a record that can be accessed at anytime. And no, that would be C tier HoP being lynched by the mob, one HoP that wants signatures and a perfectly filled form, not accepting it until a proper sign is made (i would say 50% of all crew dont know how to [sign]).
  10. No, paperwork by itself doesn't make someone a good HoP, but those who makes use of it while doing it in a way that doesn't wastes people time deserves applause. There are A tier HoPs that doesnt make use of it, its just that they can be divided into two kinds.
  11. F Tier: The Security HoP Doesn't know what's he supposed to do, after much effort manages to give himself All Access. Sees an energy pistol and armor inside his locker, figures out what is his life's purpose. Gets job banned when he goes after someone for simply banging in his window looking for a job change. Sometimes he thinks Ian is a target practice for his cowboy accuracy with energy pistol. E Tier: The Free Slot Giveaway HoP After being unbanned from F tier behaviour figures out what's HoP purpose on the station, learning how to swipe card's on his
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