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  1. Cooks franchise now includes a bank! Providing services like money loan and item storage, we will keep your precious belongings safe from everyone and will ask no questions about it!
  2. I am listed next to Tom Honks! (i am better), and wheres Oleg?!
  3. 24 years and gets promoted to NT Representative in a few months?! Damn..teach me the secret :( (good crew record)
  4. My name is Nirsk Anegovych, Arbotzki diplomat, i have come in a diplomat mission to improve relations and to create great trade and research agreements! During this shift i managed to acquire the solid plasma technology alongside its trade with NT to supply our great nation and to stop those terrible radiation accidents! With the second agreement being the reactive teleport armour prototype as a first step for our scientists to learn about bluespace technology! First time i managed to complete the objective while doing this diplomat gimmick (inspired by another diplomat traitor from unknown country that failed because of red text command) having almost suceeded other rounds if not for the station chaos or lack of time to conclude negotiations.
  5. Name: Ryder Hill Age: 36 Gender: Male Race: Human Blood Type: B+ General Occupational Role(s): Head of Personnel. IRS Agent. Businessman. Cargo Technician. Human Resources Agent. ID Inspector. Bureaucrat. Biography: Ryder has born in a unknown and far country from Nanotrasen area of operations, sharing some cultural values with USSP they valued good leaders above everything, with his family being a good example of this motto. He started to work at young ages in his uncle office storing documents, taking copies and learning from observing adults, with an routine like that it didnt take long until he acquired real interest into the beauty of organisation, command and procedures, considered of high status for the people that lived there. While growing older he learned alot about what makes a good leaders and didnt wait to put it to practice, with 21 years he was already married with Haru wich would give him support on where to lay his head, did treat all of his coworkers with the best treatment possible and always gave out 100% of himself on each job he took, no matter how small, ensuring him an respected job of inspector intern and one year later being promoted to an official one. However, it wasnt enough to guarantee a good quality of life for him or his family, he felt like his career wouldnt advance with the way things were going with the work safety he had, wich influencied him to leave with his wife and acquire experience in one of Nanotrasen stations, a place where he thought there would be alot to contribute. He arrived providing the station biggest necessity during that time, ID inspections, and within months he resolved most of the mistakes found onboard them, it was such an success that the IRS operating in the region called him to be one of their agents, using his skills to identify and solve any pending or errors within crews taxes from various places. After one year working at these offices he accumulated enough interest in NSS Cyberiad station, deciding once more to move in hopes of a great career ahead, starting in his field of expertise began to progress slowly from secretary, departamental bureaucrat and finally, with enough trust and experience, to wear the HoP mantle, where he did put to practice in those 8 years everything he has learned about leadership with his home culture and experience. Unfortunaly after this period of glory he was demoted for accepting bribes as a way to increase the flux of money into his pocket, becoming with this what he despised the most for a long time, an unemployed hobo. This period of three months, that did felt like an eternity to his finances, forced him to start over from the bottom, picking up jobs with low payments like deliveries and cleaning services to help with the bills of the shared room he had with Haru and for his family, only after joining Cooks Business Franchise his situation started to improve, with unique stores being open every shift he found himself with enough money to think about returning to his country and maybe, with the rich experience he got onboard Cyberiad, get for himself a diplomatic job... Qualifications: His qualifications before arriving at the company are unknown. Knowledgeable with SOP. Experienced with constructions. Qualified for command and diplomacy. Knowledgeable with tax systems. Qualified in every course for paperwork. Employment Records: These are Ryder Hill employment records in chronological order: ID Inspector - 4 months IRS Agent - 1 year Cargo Bureaucrat - 8 months Medical Bureaucrat - 3 months Security Bureaucrat - 1 month Constable - 1 month Human Resources Agent - 8 months Head of Personnel Secretary - 1 year Head of Personnel - 7 years Unemployed - 3 months Janitor - 1 month Food Delivery - 2 months Cooks Business Franchise - 6 months Security Records: Been reported multiple times for trespassing and petty theft, every time he was searched tools and The Griffin costumes were found. Caught receiving bribes for additional access and for more clown job slots as HoP, demoted as result. Suspect of being ringleader of multiple protests and riots, couldnt gather enough proof to convict him. Forgets to request construction permit frequently. Medical Records: Has an old gunshot wound at his right shoulder and some pretty light wounds caused by explosions at his back, his medical condition at the moment is fine. Height: 182 cm Weight: 80 kg Eye Color: Brown Other Notes: Ryder Hill doesnt care if you are a monster or a dangerous criminal, he will only report and attack if you damaged his paperwork, killed Ian/Paperwork, is a mime that has spoken or a clown without its mask. Has trouble to remember vox names and will most of the time refer to them by their job title. Favorite drinks: White Russian and Cafe Mocha. Favorite foods: KFV, Cargo pizza and Pancake. Screenshots: Personal Relationships:
  6. Make Procedure department real, include IRS Agents in them. Create a job that takes cares of animals, for products or for pet purposes. Psychiatrist day! prisoners cannot leave their cells unless the psych says they are ready to.
  7. ''Sure, fill this additional access form first''
  8. Come to Cooks Laundry if you want your things clean or stored!
  9. Space Pods with expanded pod bay and bar, 900 credits only!
  10. No, 0 trial admins counts for this forum topic
  11. What is the maximum rank one? wiznerd? SOO?
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