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  1. That is very true. but in that same fashion a miner could do the same with terrariums and golems. maybe even a little more so with the other two. The ability to buy your own RND setup, or to make a bunch of super strong plants from botany is also a problem. however the time intensiveness of it would likely keep people from abusing it. since its unlikely a miner would want to spend most of their round doing basic xenobiology.
  2. yeah, basically the same way terrariums are used for playing with botany, and the same way golems are used for general experimentation and RND. just a way for people to do xenobiology without threats of power failure or antags interrupting. I see this working in the same way with other lavaland spawners, where the ghost role has the option to interact with the crew via trading or some other manner with the miners who visit them, in this manner they can have fun with the stuff they make and have some fun RP with the crew, so it isn't that boring. just spawning slime people...or just people with
  3. Name of Event:Lavaland Xenobiology One Sentence Description:The creation of a small fully upgraded xenobiology lab in lavaland that allows for people observing to play around with xenobiology and have small interactions with the crew via trading or other means Map Changes: no Code Changes: No Suggested Number of Players:4-6 Full Description of Event:This event is quite simple. it just requires the creation of a xenobiolab in lavaland and a set of slime people scientists that ghosts can be put in control of. The machinery will all be fully upgraded and there will
  4. Have you ever wanted to make ghosts super salty? have you ever wanted to see the station fall into complete ruin within 30 minutes of starting? Do you truly wish to see grey tide station wide? well I have a solution for all these problems. with the basic concept being that there is a sever lack of security and weapons for the station, not allowing NT to send a dedicated force, leaving the station with a blueshield alone to guard command. The good news(for nanotrasen) they have given all crew the right to hunt valid targets (valid hunt). and while this would be a usual beatdown for the crew, th
  5. Hello, I would like to make a suggestion for a shift scenario for the crew to fight against. Gaining inspiration from the common event of the syndicate seized armory shuttle that spawns nearby the station. This event has a crippled syndicate warship "crash" vertically in another sector that is directly opposite to the Cyberiad. This ship will be surrounded with turrets and have multiple "Torpedo tubes" which are multiple incomplete mass drivers on the sides of it and a large incomplete BSA weapon. The goal of this is 2 fold. the syndicate must repair their ships and gain acc
  6. What I suggest is simple. first is just adding more random asteroids with minerals in them in space that can be mined. secondly add unexplored location signals in space on the loot areas that can be seen on the GPS, much like lavaland signals they can only be seen when you enter the sector they are located in to make exploration less tedious and boring. Finally what is the most complicated is adding some changes to the mining lasers the pods use. I suggest that they take less energy and do more damage, with the possibility of better mining lasers with better tech, such as mining explosion. how
  7. After watching many cult rounds where people are completely unaware of how to play cult. I think this is a good time to introduce a new practice spawner, kinda along the lines of the lavaland terrariums with botany. I suggest we add a secluded multiperson spawner in lavaland or space that is secluded enough so that its hard to get to but not impossible to access, much like the old syndicate comms base, that prospective cultists, or people who just want to play around with cult gameplay, can do cult activities. This spawner must first and foremost allow people to practice cult things
  8. Stabilizing is a very important item for miners and other lavaland residents, I think it would be a good idea to add some kind of lavaland flora that produces a set amount of stabilizing serum(maybe 15%). it would allow lavaland residents to access cores more easily and it would allow for a secondary source of the serum rather than just merely from the vendor, similar to how RND can create mining KA mods. Also I would like to take this time to say that the lavaland terrariums should have a chem master and not a condimaster, it severly hinders the ability to make meds in surviving l
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