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  1. Hello paradise I’ve been playing here for a while now, made some good IC friendships and gauged the server enough to know that you guys don’t completely despise me so I figured I’d finally introduce myself here as well as the discord. My main character right now is Brandy Smith, a lot of you probably already know her. My main jobs as Brandy are blueshield, warden and HoS. Brandy is an interesting duality for me as a character because she is a complete sweetheart with a saintly patience who doesn’t smoke, drink, swear or abuse clowns (imagine!) while simultaneously being beaten, stabb
  2. Solid advice all around! I’ve been getting deeper into the roleplay aspect of the game lately and really finding I enjoy it a lot more than clicking spacemen. Another good idea I’ve started employing is to decide likes/dislikes for your character that actually pertain to the game. For example I have a character that loves clowns, always asks them for a joke and usually starts with 1 or 2 load out items that are given as gifts to worthy clowns. I have a character that’s a vegetarian and harasses the chef for a dish with no meat. Another good way to get characters involved is to read t
  3. Kinda sounds like something any greytider can do as long as they know where to draw the line between greytiding and self antagging, but as a sec main I love anything that spices up the early half of a round before antag unga is in full swing
  4. >gets called shitcurity it is the job you’re always doing wrong no matter how you do it after all
  5. I unironically love these please share more. Also remember that one time a greytider DIDN’T steal the checkpoint locker? Yeah me neither
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