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  1. I'd do it but it'd need a belt sprite :gatto:
  2. 2-hit bulky seems to be a common opinion and one I myself subscribe to. Improvised stun weapons should be fairly obvious, otherwise it gets a bit too easy to get away with for just about anyone. Also would make validhunters look like absolute tools when they can't hide their prod. This makes stunbaton still a direct upgrade thanks to fitting in your bag. I think that is the way to go.
  3. Not sure how I feel about stealthy thefts being even stealthier. Antagonists that go completely undetected and cause no issues to anyone might have as well never existed.
  4. When the baldie does not read LOOC, you must improvise.
  5. Oh I missed this. This is very good, AI is an incredibly confusing role for a new player.
  6. That's what nukie sniper did, and still does if you buy antimatter ammo (the one that explodes walls also).
  7. The storage implant makes like, a bluespace pocket I believe. I think that's what it says in the flavor text noone ever sees because you get it by putting the chip into an implant console (like in the brig), which will never feasibly happen for a Syndicate implant unless someone already knows about it. Coooould check that in the code to make sure? But I *think* I am correct.
  8. In real life subdermal implants are implanted with the use of a dermal punch, which is a thingy that removes a disk of skin, a trocar, which is sort of a hollow needle or blade that you can insert through, like for laparoscopic surgery, or a syringe... In SS13 it seems to be the latter. Bio-chip injector perhaps?
  9. In my opinion that's just more clear though not really necessary since noone's gonna try stuffing CNS in a lil syringe... The description on it might need alteration though.
  10. Solid guide, good stater for anyone not used to writing and basic character design. Concise, understandable, good information. Extremely minor nitpicks but they might contain some useful tips noone knows actually: I think IPCs might actually be 15 karma :p, You actually CAN change flavor text in game, with the Set Flavor Text verb. IC tab I think? You can do this as something like a borg, even, if you want to customize your "appearance" a little, Security records consoles actually DO access your employment records I believe. So if you wanna read someone's lore or you're wondering if anyone will see it, that's one way aside from skillHUD.
  11. Didn't know it stunned, that changes things. I think it might actually be fine because the occasional discount makes it a little cool... But dunno, maybe if one could buy more ammo at least.
  12. Oh yeah the sniper rifle is super bad. IMO the ammo should be printable. Then it might have some merit at least. It'd still be a bad .357 lol.
  13. Wiz causes massive widespread disruption, permakills a lot of people, and their items if looted can easily fuck other antags over. Their existence alone can make the round very LRP because they make everyone go unga, and in addition to that the weapons people get for wiz will remain in their possession after. I'm personally not a fan of wiz rounds continuing after the wiz is gone, and midround wiz is the same deal.
  14. They can still emag any cargo crate open. No other department has access to cargo crates which can contain pretty ridiculous items and at worst put you in the brig for 15 minutes if caught. But I do like the idea. Mailing yourself via disposals is a really funny concept.
  15. Oh absolutely, that one's just straight up ban bait. But many other items are also to a smaller extent. Still I do agree this one's probably the worst. It's one-use, not really useful outside of hijack, and not really good enough for hijack. Really confused item.
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