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  1. YOOO this is sick!! I love how you made a narrative story with it, thanks for sharing! :D
  2. Solid guide, thanks for sharing! Always looking to up my genetics game. I've been familiar with + trying out Nokko's method for a while now, but I wasn't aware of the IV bags, so that's a game changer for sure.
  3. This is super great :D :D I love Chiki, thanks for sharing!! Cheesy, but true! Thanks for the kind words :']
  4. That makes me super happy to hear!! I just hope it can mean something to folks! (And hell yeah, med rep :D)
  5. Looks like the librarian is hosting a photoshoot in the library to create a scrapbook for Pride Month! Stop by if you'd like to have your photo taken for Nanotrasen's UNOFFICIAL Pride Scrapbook, or if you'd simply like to watch and wait for the inevitable chaos once the station falls apart. I'm a bit late, but in honor of pride month: I thought it'd be nice to make a place where everyone can show off their characters for Pride! The theme is Pride, so preferably, share your characters celebrating themselves in some way! Allies are welcome, just be respectful please. :>
  6. That pride art is lovely!! :D
  7. Another post, this time focusing a bunch on my character Tidal! Here's her takin' a power nap on a bus with her sister Lace. Here's a small thing I had done of her hiding in Angel's ( @punkalope's character) absolute mass of hair. Tide's not usually the shy type, but they are still a teenager and get intimidated easily. Aaaand one more, full of a bunch of doodles! This gives a brief look into their backstory, since Tidal's childhood was... a bit of an odd case! They were raised by a (now deceased) diona, and he's the reason she was inspired to try and l
  8. Thank you all for the kind words about my art ahhhh! I'm a bit shy so I haven't been responding directly to them all, but just know that each of them means the world to me ; ___ ; Today I thought I'd post something other than humans for once, lol. Here's one of my less played characters: Luke Rosensteel! He's a random vulpkanin I had been assigned for the animal clinic mob spawner, and I grew very attached to him, so I made him an actual player character for future shifts. He had miners in and out since he was so close to the base, and was eventually brought on board and given shaft miner
  9. God damn, kudos to @MrSynnester for an amazing round where Idunn (and eventually Rivera) were being haunted by a demonic voice! I sorta interpreted it as a ghostly Shesi hanging around Rivera being all scary and sinister. Mostly just a doodle, but hell if I wasn't going to draw at least something after all that. Also... awkwardly-drawn hands aside, god. I'm really pleased with how I made the second Rivera look like a puffed up cat. It wasn't completely intentional but damn is it fitting.
  10. Today I bring forth... character IDs! Arranged in the order I finished them in, with Rivera being the first (April 26th) and Lace being the most recent (today, May 30th). Made this small little template myself for some of my characters. Nothing fancy, but I tried to emulate the in-game sprite itself for it, and I'm generally pretty pleased with how it looks. (Side note: I like to imagine certain things like blood type are on the back. Maybe I'll design a template for the backside at some point...?)
  11. Your art is so so good Tea it's been so good to see your improvement over time
  12. I'll start off strong with my biggest SS13 piece to date: a commission from a friend of mine as a gift for @SlimeBird! Finished about mid-December, 2020. (I already feel like I've improved a ton since this.) Here's some art I've done of one of my characters, Rivera Kirkland, as a geneticist: Drawn in April 2021. And here's some art I ended up drawing after my first round of chef in ages, playing as Sybil Swords, featuring @angelictactics's Idunn. Drawn in May 2021.
  13. Hi! Some of my friends have been poking me for a while to make an art thread, soooo I'm finally doing that. I have a good handful of SS13 art I'll try to upload in batches and stuff, things will probably be out of order for a while! (i'll edit this first post to look nicer later, since i wanna have a cute little landing drawing of sorts for it)
  14. Relationships: Note: Ideally, will be updated over time as I see fit and think to add or change entries.
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