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  1. Aaaand more round art (featuring @SlimeBird and @Woje), doodles from the ragin' mages round where tide got fireballed by a wiz, and when Fiona hauled her off to heal her, Chiki saw a mouse and thought it was Tide, because a different wizard was polymorphing so much of the crew... (we were both on screen watching chiki panic, lol)
  2. Renovated the library with my librarian character Lace with help from @Woje and @punkalope! :] (And thank you to Matt for taking the picture as well!)
  3. Does "renovating the white ship into a fairly comfy hangout spot after escaping from the large cult on station" count as a fixer upper? :p
  4. You leave the Cyberiad for two minutes and flour happens
  5. Round art as usual! This blob really had it out for one singular kid. Luckily Angel was nearby to drag said kid to medbay before they got worse. (Angel Anide is @punkalope's as alwayssss)
  6. Drawing from the round @Woje made a kickass bar as Fiona and I loitered around as Tidal. :> And some bonus stuff featuring @Tourte and @SlimeBird from the same round :]
  7. i think something is wrong with chiki's transparency slider
  8. Doodle of Tide on Lavaland, while thinking Angel and Fiona are dead. :']
  9. Rare traditional art. Very rough sketch of Rivera from fitness club.
  10. More Riveras but just doodles bc I've been under the weather :explosion:
  11. Something I've been doing some sporadic work on: finally making a proper reference sheet for Rivera. It's taking me forever to finish though, so here's a WIP. Mostly, I just have some changes to make to the genetics jumpsuit, then I want to draw her in the mining suit. And honestly? Now that I look at this I sorta don't like how the cybernetic arm turned out. Might change that too, or make a separate, more detailed reference. But ehh, I'm being picky over a character reference... Then it's a matter of a couple more visual notes, and then additional, appearance unrelated notes for a second reference sheet for use outside of game. Maybe I put too much into the reference sheets for my characters? IDK
  12. Quick, we need to make Big Jenga :p In all seriousness though this idea sounds great! Anything to comment ICly is great, maybe I'll finally relearn chess or something. I'd happily help with some sprite work if this is picked up by a coder.
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