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  1. I often play "Run Rabbit Junk" from Ghost In The Shell when Nukies land on-station. It's all I think of when seeing a team of heavily armed infiltration team breach and clear now. For wizards, i don't think there is anything more relevant than "Benny Hill" I like the idea of having in-game music play nearby Aggro'd Megafauna The Ash Drake would have music from Monster Hunter Collosus from Final Fantasy Bubblegum from DOOM, obviously I'm drawing a blank on Legion though.
  2. Realistically, creating a situation to convincingly fake your own death would require set up. Generally, it'll be extremely easy to tell a corpse apart from someone just laying down, as the corpse is either going to be: 1. Covered and/or laying in pools of blood. 2. Looks Husked 3. Looks pale on examination. on top of not making constant gasping sounds. The only way someone would normally die without any visual hints is by suicide or lack of oxygen. I'm not sure if this would really give antags a larger advantage (considering they have to start in vulnerable position), but it'd definitely lead to security shooting corpses more.
  3. I wasn't there so I have no idea of how much damage was done, but I imagine it's the same as using a flamethrower or shooting Buckshot in a crowded hallway. You may have taken out your target, but there are more apt weapons to use that won't cause civilian casualties by proximity. If you have to use something like that, make sure its in an area away from bystanders.
  4. This is what happens when you let a single Mother of Terror die in an isolated area. I see now why they're put as the same tier as a Prince.
  5. I made more Wire art! This time the God of Aesthetics bestowed to me a suit that endlessly changes form every second. Truly an appropriate gift.
  6. Definitely a completely new antag idea. The focus of Xeno's is that its basically a conversion mid-round antag, which terror spiders also do but in a more balanced way. I personally like the "Sentient Virus" idea i've seen a while back, like Plague Inc. You start as a virus in a non-SSD person, vision is like a blob overmind and can jump to anyone thats infected. The initially infected person has the virus start with perfect stealth, undetectable through any forms of scanning (so you don't insta-die by spawning on a guy in medbay) until you evolve it. Goal would be to develop the virus and spread it to infect people further, and evolutions can be varied between beneficial (healing), deadly (bleeding), or insane (zombification post-mortem). I'd go more indepth but that'd deserve its own thread.
  7. Epinephrine, Atropine is only good for patients fairly heavily into crit, and despite it saying it helps cure cardiac failure, I've found its success rate way lower than Epinephrine. Epi is probably a good thing to have in the cryotube mix, just as long as its a low enough amount that you're not causing an overdose when they come out.
  8. Probably super old, outdated information, or just super poorly written. Neither of those abilities are accurate, and haven't been accurate for a long while. The only ability you have is putting booby-traps down on interactable things, which will explode a victim when they interact with the object. Trapping doors/computers/lockers will explode the next person to click on it, trapping items on the ground will explode the next person to pick it up. Bombs last for 90 seconds (I think) or until the holopara's user interacts with the trap, to which it will auto-disarm. You have a 30 second (I think) CD on your trap ability, letting you have up to 3 bombs placed at once.
  9. A plasmabar with a view to vintage, professional art. Sustained over 3000 years and surviving to this day. Even science had to give it the proper space needed.
  10. I'm shocked this hasn't been made a suggestion yet, but here we go! - The bartender's drink dispenser can now be emagged. When emagged, the drink dispenser can output two new drinks/chems: Spiders and Clowns A Brimming Glass of Spiders: When drunk, spiders provide 1u of nutrients and 0.1u of toxin per 1u of spiders. But if a bottle full of spiders is smashed over someone's head, they get the effect "Covered in Spiders" Covered in Spiders makes the player flail around uncontrollably, scream, and fall to the floor frequently in a panic. This effect is removed after a shower or after being set on fire. A Brimming Glass of Clowns: When drunk, clowns provide 0.3u of nutrients (its junk food) and 1u of Jestosterone per 1u of clowns. When smashed over someone's head, they get the effect "Covered in Clowns" Covered in Clowns makes the player honk with every step until they shower or get set on fire. Additionally, a Mime Covered in Clowns reacts similarly to being Covered in Spiders. Coding required: A moderate amount. A machine would need to be made emaggable with a related effect, two new chems added, and two new "covered" effects (akin to being covered in something flammable) added.
  11. Cargo is definitely the most hit or miss... But when Medical is bad, it gets noticed. I remember spectating medical one day to see a geneticist and his coroner buddy getting a slow stream of corpses to clone and deal with, except these two dopes had no idea how to clone a body. So what do you do if you can't figure out how to clone a body? Throw it down disposals, of corpse! Cue cargo getting a worryingly large amount of corpses showing up in their disposals line, dragging them to medical to be cloned, the geneticist and coroner throwing them back down disposals once they left, and Cargo finding the corpses back in the trash. A single body was thrown down disposals more than 4 times, and this went on for at least 15-20 minutes. Eventually a Blueshield finally comes, partially unaware of the shenanigans, and at least tries to get one or two people properly cloned. Ghost chat was a riot, during all of it. Sometimes you just happen on pure gold while spectating.
  12. For pixel-art/spriting, GraphicsGale is a really good free program to use. Made a bunch of pixel art animations for a game back in college (and also used it to update the abductor wiki a long time ago). Really useful program.
  13. Reminds me of carrying a water tank around during WAR rounds a long time ago. "Mobile Cover!" I think to myself as I strut around with a bathtub on wheels, gun in the other hand. Feeling prepared against gunfire, i strut into disposals maintenance... and immediately come face to face with a nukie holding a desword. "Wait, this wasn't the plan--" I try to utter, my own mobile cover now being the molasses lining the floor of my only escape path. In a completely foreseen turn of events, I die. Don't bring your bathtubs into one-tile wide hallways.