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  1. When i reworked meth and adrenals, it was my intention for security to lethal anyone using these chemicals. I cant agree with you on this clause removal. The other stuff? Sure. The stun weapons part is basically a relic of old stun combat where, if someone had a taser you were basically fucked.
  2. I'm pretty sure this stuff already falls under rule 0
  3. I feel like the virus stage of this needs to be carefully designed in order to make it not feel awful to play against. It would suck to have you round uprooted by rolling the dice and getting fucked over. I'm not sure what the best way to handle this is.
  4. We went over this in the community meeting. Not something any of us are in support of
  5. Theres one thing I think you havent considered. "less talky more shooty" isnt LRP. RP stands for Role play, if you are playing the role of a space terrorist whos out for murder, detaining them with violence is a good way to play your role as a security officer. why without the use of perma? all the objectives you've listed would be dealt with perma, and it would be kind of low roleplay to not permanently imprison someone for stealing stations top secret documents.
  6. I think some of these look ok, but might need slight value tweaking? the magenta-ish one looks a bit off for me.
  7. I really do like the cold room idea.
  8. I cant support giving ipcs the ability to solo-reattach their own limbs but i would support a system that allows ipcs to mod themselves out, similar to genetics. Perhaps humans could also accept these augments but they would be less effective?
  9. I cannot support the complete removal. I can however support it being toned down from fully powered vampire levels.
  10. this isn't how darkness works. while yes it is "a few shades lighter" its not about the amount of "lightness" its about the *range* humans get a "see_in_dark" var of 2, they can see the tile they are on + 1 more. vulps get 8.
  11. it should have a subtype that does 100 stam damage. anywho. I would say make it work more like the contractor baton. this is supposed to be an antagonist tool. so it should be stronger than standard issue sec gear. IMO this is fine if the effect is SUPER mild. laserpointers are awful to go up against as anyone. EMPs should have a much larger effect than flashes imo. increase the damage, long confusion, and disabling modules for a short period. scaling up depending on the strength of the EMP. So how would you fully stun a borg? you've listed the 3 main ways of stunning them and you havent given any way of non lethally disabling a borg? maybe flashing them while they are confused should stun them? flashes have a cooldown now so you cannot spam that.
  12. I take no responsibility for the neglect of others
  13. You can voice your opinions here or on the pull request.
  14. I'm not entirely sold. The ability to juggle multiple items quickly is the peak of ss13 robustness.
  15. I am up for this, as I said on the design doc. I would prefer if we just made them bulky and 2 hits to stun. not sure about belt slot, back slot sure.
  16. https://github.com/ParadiseSS13/Paradise/discussions/17766 might interest you
  17. Perhaps some, slight, stat buff while near your blood brother? Or to help alleviate that we could go with teams of 3. Especially seen as we tend to pull in higher pops than TG.
  18. I don't play medbay, but I don't get SRed. one major issue, I feel, outside of the things outlined in this post are: the "you skin is literally decaying off you" text doesn't go away, simple bug fix the name, and recipe. holywater implies its literally magic, I would rather it not be literally magic. gibbing, could we have some other negative to misusage than gibbing? really only because of how antags can weaponise it to really easily permakill anyone. something like husking, or organ damage, or both. other than that, the points in this thread make sense. if someone does write up a design doc revolving these ideas I might look into coding it. I don't play medbay so I cannot write it myself.
  19. Tbh i would love if rads gave ipcs hallucination. Would be cool.
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