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  1. A passion project I did back in the day that suffered from feature creep and me letting the PR bloat to epic proportions (you'd think I'd have learned the first time with my delta overhaul project). I'm wanting to revive the project this time doing it in much smaller chunks and pieces so it's easier to review, work, and to merge. I'm wanting to see if people are still interested in the beach revamp and if Heads of Staff would greenlight the project considering gateway is a bit divisive among the heads before I start putting in the work once more. Why it'd be good for the game. The Beach gateway is... boring frankly, there's little to do there both for relaxation and adventure. I'm wanting to at the very least improve the relaxation capability of the beach resort section and in later parts of the project bring more adventure and exploration to the map. Here is the original mega PR https://github.com/ParadiseSS13/Paradise/pull/13122 Roadmap of the project, numbers with letters next to them would be split into different PRs 1a. Add in new buildable lounge chairs and beach chairs 1b. Also buildable brass structures (can't remember if we can build those or not rn) the chairs and brass structures would be separate PRs 2a. Add in some new undead pirates 2b. and a space whale(that would be put underwater in the beach map) 3. Remap the resort section of the gateway and add in the resort hosts. 4a-?. Add in adventure locations one by one in their own separate PRs
  2. Oh I can see this being rather fun, here's hoping it stays around. Sadly couldn't get the name in here since it would give the context, would crossing lines out be fine or would that be against the spirit of this thread? Also here's my contribution to this page.
  3. Eyup that's not grass surrounding the tree and those are a lot more than just rocks on either side of the tree either.
  4. Another piece I did, and rather quickly too! Iirc it only took me an hour and a half to make this. I'm very happy with the glow affect I did with the tree
  5. I've also been DMing a DnD game the last few months and this was some custom art I've made for it! This is a very angular style that I like and feels rather interesting to work with and look at. The first piece is an enemy the players faced the Bramble Horse! There were also scared lumberjacks to help the players out in a possible future fight, which was solved diplomatically. axe version And musket version And lastly is the art for the game itself Mana Hearts!
  6. The great getaway! A singularity ate the shuttle and WENDY the chad borg is riding on the final remaining scrap of it!
  7. It's been a while since I've posted here. Let's change that with character art for the other character I play, Haley-p! I had a lot of fun doing this and I feel I learned a few things when doing Haley's face. I also had a blast doing the background of the right side picture . More art will soon follow!
  8. Isn't the rainbow jumpsuit hidden away in the walls just above the cargo mailroom?
  9. oh man the flooring and background looks wild! I love it! I wonder what method you used for the floor there
  10. anyone else not seeing Spark's mapping pic? Seems Zix saw it but it's not showing for me
  11. Auriel best sleep with one eye open, and possibly wear a helmet to protect his precious locks
  12. Said the bridge was safe, not you >:)
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