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  1. with all of these guides coming along I might just make a chaplain guide. I wouldn't consider myself an expert chaplain but I at least take the role seriously.
  2. Not sure why but I've been thinking of sharp minimalistic drawings and decided to make one today.
  3. The hell were you doing at the time to attract that much attention?
  4. Why does one of the dwarves have a unicorn horn?
  5. Always a joy to see Kar-Ski around. I can't help but be amazed and wonder how he's able to come up with so many activities/projects for himself.
  6. not pictured is either the IPC squatting down to be head level or chikitita standing on a table
  7. Oh that'd be interesting. No more meta trusting whole heartedly on the brig doc to give you implants and what not now you have to wonder if the doc is gonna remove your mindshield and give you the mindslave implant when going under. And the IAAs could make things very problematic for sec.
  8. oooh this one is both cute and beautiful
  9. Yeah I very much think something went screwy somewhere with the addiction thing
  10. Man I wish you could pet medi bots I love those little guys. "Feel better soon."
  11. I've improved upon Jenny's picture and changed it to better show her personality. I've also made an alt version to show off her occult side. I'm very happy with how the runes on her body turned out though I wonder if this gives off a sinister vibe which wasn't what I was going for.