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  1. No doubt something fishy happened
  2. give the AI sat external turrets (semi sarcastic but I wonder if that'd be a good or bad idea)
  3. Well if you draw up some concept art with possible coloring of said drinks/food/produce then I might see what I can do.
  4. I may or may not look into making alien produce and dishes someday. It'd be a neat little project I think.
  5. There's been discussion of this sort of thing before but iirc the heads were afraid people would use it as an antag role. Also it'd create a strange grey area in terms of what the prisoner could and couldn't do to escape.
  6. I think this is the first time I've ever seen art of a fully grown diona. Well done on being possibly the first! (in a long time at least)
  7. Oh yeah I remember this pic! You drew it fast too after I shared it in the chat.
  8. side note I had a fun time making those expression faces on the right
  9. And here is Jenney's ref picture. She's a tall girl at 7'2 though I'm not too happy with her side ref, the face doesn't look right to me.
  10. Also her favorite drink is milkshakes
  11. After a lot of work I made Jenny Wellery a picture of her own. Showing off the cultish side of her I don't often remember to show. She follows the Elder God pantheon not the betrayer gods like Nar'sei and the Reaper.
  12. After that I was watching Demon Slayer(it's a good anime go watch it!) and found myself in a weebish mood and so made this over the course of a few days. psst you can find a not so secret line of text on the picture that tells you the story of this duel.
  13. I'd been thinking about making this forum post for a long time and after a art showing thing that happened on discord I've finally decided to say f*** it and post my art here on the forums. So I welcome you all to my little corner of the Graphics section! I use vector art with my art program being Inkscape. Here we have my first foray into vector art and it was a spur of the moment joke with Kyet. Behold Kyet the super goat!
  14. I'm liking the mental image of Zeke a few hours/days later after that shift going. "Hey wait a minute. Did she called me petty?"