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Goodbye Spessmen, and Thank You.

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A few people who have spoken to me a couple of months ago might know that I was talking about taking a break from the game. SS13 and paradise in particular has always been very special to me. I had never taken part in a community like this one, and i must say I loved it. If you pair the million things you can do in this game with a community of nice people who are always willing to help and talk you have something good. I got to admit that I didn't come to this community as someone i can look back at with pride. I had a pretty bad start, did some things I'm not proud of. Ultimately, I do feel like I have changed. This community is very much what i have to thank for that. I have made so many friends here, and have loved chatting, playing and talking with all of them.

However, there was always some issues that had grown with me over time. The first obvious one being burnout. After playing enough, the game got a little less interesting from a game standpoint. Being someone who had all antags set to yes(clings were on and off) I really started noticing this when I was no longer happy to roll most antags. I found myself mostly standing over bridge and talking throughout most of the rounds. not really doing much. Now this still kept me in for quite a while, as seeing people, talking with them and having fun interactions was still very fun. However i could no longer play the game as much anymore, as the long shifts could really get slow. I found some stuff to do, like killing megafaunas on lavaland, which i did for a while. At the end after killing bubblegum i was back to that same place though. standing over bridge and just chatting a little. The interest in the game itself kinda faded, which is probably something to expect when you play a game a lot.

I still loved hanging around on the discord and sometimes the forums still though. Even started coding and contributing at one point. I once again was so surprised that some people went to great lengths to help me learn how to code and make PRs. At one point the coding really re-ignited my initial flame for the game again. I still didn't play it as much, but browsing the github, discussing the code and making some small code changes was really fun. This leads into some other issues i had too though. I really don't want to go into too much detail here, but i found myself really disagreeing with some things on the development side. Some of it at times was even frustrating when my own PRs didn't always feel considered or cared about much at all. I quite recently lost interest in contributing code here as well.

After a while of not playing though i must admit it felt kinda good at times too. Having only been here for about a year, I had a decent amount of time on the server, and found myself playing it a lot, maybe even sometimes too much. Some time after I removed the new round alert role on discord I started playing other games more again, getting back and playing with some friends i hadn't really talked much too in a while. Now this doesn't mean I had a bad time with this game, quite the opposite actually. I cannot stress enough how much i have enjoyed my time on this server. And as mentioned at the start i had talked about a break, and i think it's time I really take a break from all of it. Having been working on some other ss13 projects in addition as well. I still might come back to it sometimes in the future, and i really wish to do that.

Despite some of the Issues I have had, i still love and respect the server and the community. Thanks everyone for letting me be part of this, and i really wish you good luck moving forward!

I still have a discord, and I'm not disappearing from the face of earth. Do contact me if you ever want to talk or something:P


some pictures I snipped throughout my time here:

Careful with the vampires, they bite.


Just some spessmen standing up against bullying.


No one should have this much power...


Probably my proudest moment on the server of all times, picture taken right after I killed bubblegum.


There is a blob by the way... This got me burnt out from engineering/atmos for a while man...


Can't forget the time Kanye West came over for a visit...(He had literally copy pasted the entire wiki page in his flavor text too by the by)


Last but not at all least, some proof that can ruin careers!


I found some more pictures i wanted to share, so here you go.

A nice and calm shift, planing the creating of an abomination with Grunt while drinking tea(Sulfuric acid for him). We did make this abomination later, put his brain in it but failed to ever revive him after that.


I think it was spark who did this. Pretty damn terrifying if you ask me. Oh and the dogs talk to you through your mind.


If you're gonna die, at least die with some friends right?


Some people actually fell for this, including the captain. Quick easy station funds scam.


Three is a reason i don't trust those people up at CC...


Admins these days man.


Me and two other vampires discussing with command why vampires deserve better rights. Captain actually contacted CC and stuff. Ended with me dying to a heart attack either way so that's that.


Alright that should be it.

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Gods I hate to see people go but I know how that is with the burnout. I myself took 2 breaks from this game during my time here, but the feeling of coming back each time was something else. We all will miss you and I do hope to see you again. ❤️

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Not only robust, but also a coder and a friendly person! Im not surprised You got bored even of being antag, robusting everyone must get boring after a while and silly objectives run out 😄 

Thanks for everything You taught me, the megafauna already celebrating that You won't be there to bully them no more. Come back to us once You miss my excessive skreeing though!

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Farewell, Spaceman

May your name be murmured across other spacemen as one of the legends for years to come.


Still a nerd tho 😠

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Oh no, just when I crawled off the forest I spent the summer working. All the good for you my man, be back when it feels like such! Thanks for so far. Personally I thought your antag play is one exemplary one, as observed from the receiving end.

It's a funny game, as it's quite as much a community as a game and so disappearing feels like something other, than just stopping to play. Hadn't really experienced such before with things in the internet, either. But we will be there and if we don't, BYOND and DM will probably be till the nuclear winter, so at this point only au revoir!

And I might get the opportunity to defeat Fred the vamp some other time then, damn I remember clearly that first shot you have here.

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well..sad to see you go but can't blame ya and...i have never been one for long walls of text so i will keep it short and sweet it's been a real pleasure ..now saying that i will still harass see you on the discord 







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Safe travels Spaceman.

It was a pleasure watching you grow from a potential shitter into a bright healthy and wonderful part of our community.

If you ever feel like returning you'll always have a home.

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9 hours ago, Trololiver112 said:

And as mentioned at the start i had talked about a break, and i think it's time I really take a break from all of it.

And every ID Computer on the station breathed a collective sigh of relief, as did the Captains who watched over them from the bridge. 😌

On a serious note though, should you ever return, ping me on Discord so that I may once again take up the mantle of ID Computer defense while calling ERT to handle a single traitor.
Those are the among rounds that I most cherish.

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Goodbye, Major Fred.
Float 'round your tin can and do not forget about us as we won't forget about you. The smile on my face when I saw you around without mask for first time.. and all the uncountable times I was unable to catch you as officer .. will always stay in my memory and my heart. Stay safe and have a good shift.. somewhere else. *salute

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I am surprised I only noticed this thread just now.

Well I gotta say its sad to see you go. Who am I going to bully now? May you find another fun place for yourself and not to mention you are always welcome here. o7


Also you are still a nerd and I will be taking that mask and beret.

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I don't check the forums for a week, and this is the first thing i find. 😞

It was a pleasure seeing and playing with you, i fondly remember you taking the time to pretend you were filing a complaint to IAA NULL, only to kidnap him, and kill him on lavaland as an ash drake. 

Take care buddy! Hope to see you around sometime🙂 


ÆØÅ gang is going to miss you, so don't forget your complimentary piece of brunost on the way out though!


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