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  1. Gosh, Kikeri is such a gem. It makes my day so much better when I get to see you around <3.
  2. Amazing as always. one day I wish I could do art this good. for now its poor persons pen and paper. You are an inspiration and your art a spectacle.
  3. Amazing person, hope to run into you again! <3
  4. updated quite a few things such as new art, added missing lore tidbits such as arkship, formal name and serial. And updated relations.
  5. Hecking Celise, only plays 2 jobs Medical and Barber
  6. First Name:Yahiya Gender: Female Orientation:N/A Nicknames/Alias: Yahi. Little Fire Production Number: KTS-03 Formal name: The Warmth of a Summer Sun : Resplendent Harmony Picture(If Available) (done by the amazing Lum <3!!!) Age/D.O.B: 377, 3/22/2191AD Place Of Birth: Soaring Kestrel on Troubled Skies Ark ship: Soaring Kestrel on Troubled Skies, Silent Heron Among the Trees, Watchful Raven of the Stars, Unborn Phoenix of Scattered Ash, Forgotten Heart Bound in Silence. Known otherwise as "Bird Song" Species: Vox Blood Type: B- Alignment: NE Affiliation: Took up an internship on the NSS Cyberiad before she lost contact to her ark ship. Was hired full time as she found herself without a way to leave. Childhood: As a shiny-stack she spent her childhood on arkship "Soaring Kestrel on Troubled Skies" learning about atmos and its pipes. She was sweet and gentle, loved to talk to everyone and make them feel loved and welcome. She was only 12 when a Vox skipjack raided an Unathi vessel, this sparked a retaliation from the Unathi that led them to strike her ark ship. She scrapped together a flame thrower with what she had access to and did a number on the Unathi. something snapped inside her head then, a once caring and quiet vox cackled as she roasted the invading Unathi alive. However The Unathi eventually shot her down and she burned to a crisp from the aftermath. An explosive from an Unathi raiding party blew her body to bits and ended up spacing her stack from the breach. Adulthood: After many years her stack was recovered and sent to an unknown ark ship where she was given a new body. Without any explanation of what was going on or where she was, she was flown over to the Cybariad. There the ark ship left her, without a job, without family, and without any reason why. She lost hope that day. She managed to convince NT to give her a position at their station (didn't take much persuading) . She felt alone and empty after just a few days. No contact given, no idea why she was put here. One day she felt it all starting to crumble when she was greeted by a dark quilled vox, they introduced themselves as Kikeri. Being alone for so long it didn't take long for Yahiya to warm up to this new vox. Kikeri showed her others like themself that worked on this station with her. Being alone and detached from what she thought was her family she was quick to adopt those around her as her new family. Content she worked with them through thick and thin, protecting them vehemontly through the only way she knows how. Burn it. Detailed Information Appearance: A grey scaled vox with light yellow stripes across her tail. Her quills are vibrant yellow, rough and unkempt. Her arms and legs end in darker brown scales, as she has some soft yellow markings on her back. She is 2'7' with a fire in her eyes. Almost always wears her owl mask, when not her face is marred in burn scars. Character Voice: If you could imagine a chocobo talking.... Personality: Delightfully chipper and energetic, cares for a poor mouse she named after her arkship "Soaring Kestrel on Troubled Skies". Loves to play with fire and hates to miss a good plasma fire. Medical Record: Patient is a female vox, 2'10 in height. Patient appears fine at first but has lapses of insanity exhibiting a severe case of pyromania. Patient has several burn scars on their fingers hands and even a spot on their left arm. We have attempted to talk to them about their previous life and what happened, as well as talk about the lengthy time they were but a stack floating in space. Talk about their previous life appears to be a trigger for her pyromania. She also does not recall her time adrift in space and refuses to believe it. These conversations have lead to the death of the last psychiatrist, as she subdued them, poured alcohol on them that we provided to try and calm them, and then set them ablaze. We had not known of this until the fire alarms were set off and we walked in to her watching, cackling as she played her accordion to an old song "Ring of Fire". Patient is now under the care of M.D Kirimii. They have yet to be burned alive so this is a step in the right direction. Security Record: 2563AD - Arrested for murdering her psychiatrist, sentence is permanent. 2563AD - Bailed out by an unknown person sentence cleared, they never paid us... I wonder who authorized this. 2568AD - Accused of multiple acts of arson on the station, when confronted they said to combat the blob threat. Never gave an explination as to why they torched rooms on the other side of the station from the blob. Subject was bailed out and asigned a doctor to watch their mental state. M.D. Kirimii is authorized to tend to them for fear of us losing another officer to the vox. Character Biography Background: An eccentric vox who loves to play with fire. Gets herself burned more often than she can count but it doesn't bother her. She protects those close to her with everything she has, almost no threat could persuade her otherwise. After some very lengthy therapy sessions she has tamed quite a bit. She still loves a good fire, but she is less likely to send the station up in flames. When she arrived on the Cyberiad she was totally lost, hopeless and alone. Dumped there by her kin to be rid of her, she had no where else to go and nothing to live for. However just when all had seemed lost she met a charcoal looking vox named Kikeri, that day Yahiya lost her family and lost her reason to keep going and just the same she found it again. Over the years of her employment on the Cyberiad she only ever torched the place once. She met more friends and kept them as close to her heart as she could, she has finally found her new family and would fight god in hopelessness to defend them. She eventually found an open position on another station and spent some time there for slightly higher pay. She encouraged her family to follow and eventually reunited with one they call "Toko". She met quite a few other vox on that station and while she keeps them as friends there are some that found her heart there as well. Over time she found quite a few interesting things in their section of space, advancements she was not used to. At one point an interesting plasmaman named Emission found a barely working ship infested with spiders out in space. He brought it to the station and gave Toko a heads up. After a quick extermination pass and cleanup Kikeri and Yahiya took a critical eye over the scrap. Kikeri patched the holes and renovated the rooms as Yahiya patched the piping and created a nitrogen rich environment. That day "Resting Buzzard of Shifting Nebulas" was born. Together with Toko, Tako, Kikeri and Yahiya there was skeleton enough crew to pilot our new skipjack. Later on one day Yahiya was working on a heating loop around the station to keep the crew warm from the icy planet they were on. However... a strange man came over and placed a backpack under a floor tile. Curious, Yahiya waited untill they left to go check it herself. Prying the floor tile away and opening the backpack she revealed that it was a bomb! Before she could even think to run and go get help it started beeping rapidly. she dropped the bag and ran but not fast enough. She was nothing more than a stack in an ice cavern from the hole it created. Eventually she was found and instead of finding a host body to live in she was borged. She spent quite some time under the servitude of the AI. Kikeri and toko were the first to find out, mortified and engraged Toko and Kikeri devised a plan to free Yahiya. Toko eventually found a way into science faking a diploma, he setup an ambush for the borgified Yahiya and ripped her out. As Toko made his escape instead of piloting for an arkship he set out for unknown cordinates. It was there that yahiya was given an option. Remain as a stack forever and unable to see her kin again, or be given a new body from the syndicate and be in servatude to them for the remainder of her days. After a moments thought she couldn't bare to be away from her kin forever. She accepted their proposal and was given back to Toko to return. After some time she abandoned her job at the new station, the higher pay was not worth the hardships they put her through. Yahiya eventually found her way back to the Cyberiad where she enjoys the family she has there dearly. Family: She considers her kin on her skipjack "Resting Buzzard of Shifting Nebulas" to be her family. History: Hayakita 2191AD - 2203AD: Made to be an atmos tech and worked peacefully until the Unathi raid on her arkship. Something in her snapped and she took out a lot of raiders before succumbing to her wounds. Yahiya 2541AD - 2568AD: Made to be an atmos tech, is an absolute pyromaniac. Yahiya Current year: after her body was turned to mush by an explosion had her stack given to NT to serve as a cyborg. After her stack was rescued from her shell by Tokoyokiko she was given to the syndicate where she got a new body at the price of serving the syndicate. She has had to use them a few times now and is in debt to pay off 3 bodies. Personal Relationships | Close at heart, never to leave | Romantically Involved | Romantic Interest | Admire | Respected | Close Friend | Good Friend | Friend | Acquaintance | Neutral/Unsure | Dislike | Hate | Despise | Death Wish | Fear Kikeri "My first and best friend, I would give up everything I own and am to be there for you." Chikitita "A good friend who works tierlessly to make sure we are all ok!" Kar-Ski "Great magician and wonderful friend. Gives amazing advice and sparks many ideas." Esforikakiti "Great engineer, don't think they like my fire too much" Dayana "Interesting sort, when they aren't in my way" Kirimii "Has put me back together more times than I can count, I owe them too much" Kreeti "Diplomatic to a fault, has stopped me setting fire to countless places when I feel they rightly deserved it" Emission XIV "I don't know them much but they gave us a skipjack and saved us from the ice, I will never forget this." Takoyakika "Teaches me to be better so I can protect my kin. As close to a motherly figure a human could call another, I trust them with my life" Tokoyokiko "Has taught me everything I know, I trust them to keep me and my kin safe no matter what." Faction Relations Love | Allied | Like | Neutral | Dislike | Hate | Enemy Nanotrasen "Skrek them, they deserve the torch. Not only forced me into borging but also are the enemy of those I am in debt to." The Syndicate "I owe them this life, I owe them too much really. I do what they ask in exchange for the ability to keep seeing my kin." Trans-Solar Federation/SolGov "Who?" The Shoal "They are my family of course I'll stand up for them, no matter the cost" Other Information Has some serious seperation anxiety. (Art done by the wonderful Heather/Chiki) --------- Art done by the wonderful Lumi (Kikeri) ----- (Art done by the wonderful Lumi/Kikeri) -----
  7. oml I love this! this is really well done!
  8. Gods I hate to see people go but I know how that is with the burnout. I myself took 2 breaks from this game during my time here, but the feeling of coming back each time was something else. We all will miss you and I do hope to see you again.
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