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  1. First Name:Yahiya Gender: Female Orientation:N/A Nicknames/Alias: Yahi Picture(If Available) (Art done by the wonderful Heather/Chiki) (Art done by the wonderful Lumi/Kikeri) Age/D.O.B: 23 Place Of Birth: Soaring Kestrel on Troubled Skies Species: Vox Blood Type: B- Alignment: NE Affiliation: Took up an internship on the NSS Cyberiad before she lost contact to her ark ship. Was hired full time as she found herself without a way to leave. Childhood: As a shiny-stack she spent her childhood on arkship
  2. oml I love this! this is really well done!
  3. Gods I hate to see people go but I know how that is with the burnout. I myself took 2 breaks from this game during my time here, but the feeling of coming back each time was something else. We all will miss you and I do hope to see you again.
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