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  1. These are the kinds of changes I can get behind. No mechanical benefit, completely hilarious. 10/10
  2. Personally I'd like to see it downgraded from a round type to a mid round antagonist like most servers have. Its an interesting antagonist type, just doesn't make for a very good round to be honest. I do look the horror aspect of it and would like to see something new take its place though.
  3. We're not going to raise dead threads back to life. As they're obviously active this thread is going to be locked.
  4. Nope, nope, nope, nope nope. I think I speak for all staff when I say we DO NOT want this discussion opened right now. I'm locking this thread and I swear to god if it gets opened elsewhere I'm throwing out forum penalties for it. This thread is going to remain locked and any species specific balancing issues that aren't green lit by the Heads of Staff will be locked and penalties thrown out until otherwise noted. Want to discuss possible changes? Send messages to our Heads and Maints like you should do to begin with.
  5. As many of you know, it really isn't a secret, staff place a phrase within our rules which we use to verify that a user has read the rules entirely. If you didn't know, then surprise! There's a phrase we've hidden there to do that. What most of you don't know, even though it is a bit of common sense, is why we use this method of verification when its rather easy to by-pass. All you have to do is go to the appeals section and read a few to find the phrase pretty easily, saves time on reading right? Well here's why its a very bad idea to do so. It cheats you, not us. People may th
  6. Saline Glucose does a good job of replenishing blood and healing minor burns and bruises. Salt, Sugar, and Water I believe are all things that can readily be made in Botany, I don't think we need to add iron to Blood Tomatoes... yet. Maybe when a rebalancing of the Department is undergone it can be slid in there but for now its best to wait until we actually do rebalance it before deciding to add anything.
  7. As long as he followed current Security SoP and can be identified via ID as Security, it could be Oleg in his chicken suit for all I care.
  8. You have not a romantic bone in your body and I oppose this sentiment sir!
  9. As long as I'm on staff it ain't ever getting in rotation unless some poor idiot decides to fix the major issues we have with it.
  10. Slight hyperbole, high risk missions average 6-8 extra TC for the potential of over 40 extra TC if you've got above average luck. For the most part I agree with your statement that making contractor+hijacker mutually exclusive is treating a symptom of the greater problem. The issue is with hijacker but not in hijackers ending the round prematurely. After all they're allowed to kill to their heart's content. However the caveat is that it is for the direct goal of having the shuttle called. That is the issue that is the heart of the problem. Players don't enjoy sitting in dead chat aft
  11. I assume you mean adminbus that has violence. Funny enough most of my events are story driven. (Democracy comes to Cyberiad, Windle the dementia suffering wizard) where inevitably I get tickets submitted asking if some form of violence or aggression is alright. Quite a few sometimes. Its unreasonable for you to believe that in extended its the admins who are bloodthirsty with our events when its quite equally balanced if not more in favor from the player base. In fact how I run my senate events, I get a handful of players whinging and going to cryo because they don't want to particip
  12. BryanR

    Death Note

    I'm against because it doesn't seem at all fun for really anyone. Need to assassinate a few targets? Buy the Death Note, jot their names down, easy peasy. Heart attacks are easily treated if medical personnel know what they're doing and the individual is actually in Medbay, if they're say out in lavaland then they're pretty much screwed. There's also really no risk involved in using this item along with it being a near guaranteed kill as heart attacks are surprisingly lethal and for good reason. So yeah, agreeing with Spark. This isn't interesting, only serves to be an anime reference, an
  13. Hahaha, no. I'd come out of retirement just to shoot this idea down if anyone even took it seriously. Before I turned grey I had an event with my Syndicate Intern in which a crew botanist with 100+ Killer Tomatoes made it a literal headache for me to do anything and that was using everything at my disposal short of a mass delete command. They're stupidly overpowered in numbers and can easily take out any mech (especially since they took out two dark gygax) if the poor thing gets surrounded.
  14. Antags already have it hard enough. This just makes the entire idea of being one completely unfun. Between Security and a Station out for blood, they'd be screwed 9/10 times by the auto-last message feature you're proposing. While it does make a little sense and is kinda interesting, gotta ask in what way would this be fun?
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