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  1. BryanR

    Death Note

    I'm against because it doesn't seem at all fun for really anyone. Need to assassinate a few targets? Buy the Death Note, jot their names down, easy peasy. Heart attacks are easily treated if medical personnel know what they're doing and the individual is actually in Medbay, if they're say out in lavaland then they're pretty much screwed. There's also really no risk involved in using this item along with it being a near guaranteed kill as heart attacks are surprisingly lethal and for good reason. So yeah, agreeing with Spark. This isn't interesting, only serves to be an anime reference, an
  2. Hahaha, no. I'd come out of retirement just to shoot this idea down if anyone even took it seriously. Before I turned grey I had an event with my Syndicate Intern in which a crew botanist with 100+ Killer Tomatoes made it a literal headache for me to do anything and that was using everything at my disposal short of a mass delete command. They're stupidly overpowered in numbers and can easily take out any mech (especially since they took out two dark gygax) if the poor thing gets surrounded.
  3. Antags already have it hard enough. This just makes the entire idea of being one completely unfun. Between Security and a Station out for blood, they'd be screwed 9/10 times by the auto-last message feature you're proposing. While it does make a little sense and is kinda interesting, gotta ask in what way would this be fun?
  4. My vote is on sneezing a lot. A little more deadly than vomiting as Neca suggestd since you're got a chance of dropping whatever is in your hands but not as deadly as having an outright seizure or damage to all organs. Its definitely something you don't want happening in a fight.
  5. Hope you're silver tongued then. It isn't impossible for someone to code it for you but, I'd place better odds on winning the lottery if that tells you anything.
  6. Right so... I've got good news and bad news for you. The good news is that this sounds very interesting and I wouldn't mind seeing it myself, if only as a test run. The bad news, what you think would be simple is actually a pain in the ass code/mapping wise and unless you're volunteering to do it yourself I doubt we'll ever see it come to fruition. Advice: Learn to code and to map.
  7. Its not about metagaming and more about there should be no guarantee or favoritism. The opposite could be said about someone who is new to the game and finds this role and wants to play the ghost role. They're new and won't be as quick to click on the prompt as more veteran players, regardless if either observed from the beginning or if they died, the newbie gets the short end of the stick all the time since they won't nearly be as fast as the veteran. If someone is sore because of this, they're playing the game with the wrong reason in mind. Joining with the expectation of gett
  8. As someone who observed a hell of a lot of rounds before I even became an administrator, you shouldn't go in with the mindset of 'I'll get that special role' when you do. I used observation when I didn't feel like playing but I wanted to watch and see what was going on, chat with other observers, and just have a good ol' time commentating on what went down. When I became a mentor, I'd frequently use it so that I could dedicate myself to answering questions and I wouldn't have to divide my time between playing and the job I had attained, which carried over when I became an admin. The
  9. I think eventually all ghost roles that are not round start spawns should be RNG based grabbing from the pool of observers.
  10. Its been three months since I retired. Time sure does fly.
  11. Throwing my two cents in. Ethering someone trespassing, like the clown breaking in to Meachem, I not only find favorable but preferable over even disarming as it can quickly prevent escalation of the situation while keeping it non-violent. The caveat is the amount for me. 15u? Sure. It'll take a while to cycle but doesn't lock them out of the game entirely. Slamming someone into a sleeper and pumping them up to 80u? I'd bwoink you and ask why.
  12. Sorry to do this but, I'm kicking dirt in your hole. Neca doesn't need another one in his ceiling. 0
  13. As someone who has planned and run successful events I can honestly say this is a bad idea. Events don't have to be fun for absolutely everyone but they do have to offer the opportunity for fun to everyone. As Gaty stated above, this event will produce salt, encourage bad behavior, and only really provide fun for the few who mindlessly focus on combat. No dice sir. Try a different idea.
  14. If you're an assistant and you have some internal damage, ask the bartender for some hooch or keep some in a container to drink! It'll heal 1 point of internal damage per tick!
  15. Resetting to... wait... I can contribute now. One may rise, but TWO have fallen to the admin's hammers, for metacomms.
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