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  1. Warning issued for incorrect detainment. Check DOB.
  2. I can't remember which round it was but Graynt and 619 had me in tears. An excerpt from their conversation I found particularly funny.
  3. I could post something philosophical about death, its a very deep subject and I could spend years talking about it and immortality but, I think this encapsulates everything wonderfully. Life's too short to worry about these things. We're a bunch of tiny creatures crawling on a ball of heated rock being flung through space at roughly 30km a second or 67k miles an hour with quite literally millions of different ways that the entirety of the universe could end us before we could even blink with no doubt well over half of them being shit we'd never see coming. Every second we're alive is precious. Don't live it worrying about when you're going to die. Live it making yourself and those around you happy because that's what really matters at the end of the day. Were you happy today or weren't you and if not how can you change that.
  4. Sure why not. Lets see if the whole SIX individuals who post here manage to make any real progress.
  5. Because cryonics is a blind gamble and not everyone has insurance willing to pay for a blind gamble. Everyone will eventually die, even the universe will inevitably cease being what we know it is and the next one could have completely different laws than our current. Its just a fact of well existing. Even if I could prolong my life I wouldn't want to for these reasons. A) There's no guarantee I'm coming back. Technology does advance and they could bring me back to cure me of whatever it is I'm suffering from but its also just as likely for a meteor to strike the Earth and for everything to be wiped out. Or more plausibly since I'm putting my now suspended life in other people's hands, human error could end up screwing me over in an interesting and horrifying way. B) If I was able to come back and be cured/continue living everything I know will be different. My knowledge will be horrendously antiquated, all the people I know or care about will be dead and gone if they haven't undergone the process themselves. The diet and food consumption may be entirely different and be inedible to me (Remember hundreds of years ago people ate food with trace amounts of poo. Hygiene was very different back then.) And even if in the incredibly lucky off chance my country is still around when I come back I will have little to no money with which to establish myself with. Can't get even the most basic of jobs if I'm unable to understand even the most basic of things provided by decades if not centuries of technological advancement. C) No guarantee the things I do for recreation would persist. For all I know even the most basic of recreational activities will cease when I wake up and hell even humanity's approach to reproduction may take a more clinical turn instead of the classic insertions. That kinda puts a massive damper on the idea of visiting the future. So yeah, not exactly the most ideal thing. In fact I would rate it even worse than having innate immortality where my genetic code didn't degrade over time since at least with innate immortality I'd be able to learn as time progressed and wouldn't be quite literally a babe amongst adults, who bonus, have no obligation to teach your dumb ass a single thing.
  6. By my count with this response we'll be at -2. Just give the players more work to reach the highest number. :honk:
  7. I am a firm believer of hanging mimes upside down in a pit of spikes where there's a sign opposite of them reading "Learn the words."
  8. Welcome to Paradise Kylah, where work is a privilege. Your shift may be quiet and uneventful, or you may be the unlucky target of the Syndicate, a group comprised of companies that wish to see your bosses fail. But that's not all! Your very identity could be stolen by a creature that collects DNA, your soul devoured by vengeful ghosts, or even offered up to a blood thirsty god that lurks behind the veil of Bluespace. Vampires can steal your blood or creatures of Shadow could steal your very mind and make you a mindless thrall for their nefarious purposes. Lets not forget the Wizards either, who have a bone to pick with the Mega Corporation known as NanoTrasen. Last but not least the ever present eye of Central Command, who at times can benevolently save their assets or with the flick of a pen write you off as too costly to recover. Its all in a day's work on Cyberiad. As a new player make sure you familiarize yourself with our rules so you don't end up breaking any of them. There are many fun adventures in your future, its just all what you make of the cards dealt to you during your shift. Have fun and welcome!
  9. I saw many of these suggestions and definitely will implement some as well as some more tweaks of my own next time I bring the Congress event out. If the rounds were longer I would invest in a proper election for the representatives of each Department however as it stands its simply not feasible. I can promise that the next Congressional Room will have more space and have the option to be quite a bit less noisy than the previous one. As for people saying that its only fun for the participants. There's nothing stopping from them contacting the representative to have them try to push a bill through for them. Either through bribery or coercion. Really, just have to use a bit of imagination on what to do with this. Similarly Robert is a good example of someone not a Representative participating and really making use of the power that Congress was given, even if his motion didn't pass.
  10. As someone who watched the cruelty unfold, he was given that objective AFTER the cluwning.
  11. May want to discuss it with the Head Administrators and Maintainers before you commit seriously to a project like this. Wouldn't want to sink a bunch of time into a feature that'll never see the light of day.
  12. Start with something smaller, like adding items or fixing small bugs in the game. Build up to a project like this that will require a great deal of work to make it from scratch. That way you'll get experience in learning to code and finding out what the maintainers and coders we have on staff look for in PRs. Then when the time comes and you've gained experience, you can pitch your idea to the Heads and Maints, who by then would have a better idea on your ability and how well you work which works better in your favor to make a larger project a reality.
  13. Every corporation has its own interests. If you can align them with yours, you'd be amazed at how easy it is to do things you want.