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  1. Apparently I'm S+. Fear me.
  2. BryanR


    Welcome to Paradise! First and foremost I'm obligated to direct you to here which is our server rules, basically what we allow and do not allow while you enjoy your experience. If any of them are unclear in any way feel free to reach out to any member of our Administration Team on our forums, on Discord, or within the game itself by pressing F1 and selecting adminhelp. Never feel bad about asking questions you think dumb, we much prefer it if you ask us to clarify something than us having to talk to you about an oopsie later. F1 can also let you submit a Mentor Help ticket. Mentors are here to provide you with any type of information regarding game mechanics. All of them are wonderful individuals who will do their best to clear up anything that may confuse you. Our wiki also contains a wonderful amount of information including a Guide for Beginners to help you get acquainted with the controls and the interface. I hope you have many wonderful experiences and stories to share from your time here and that your wife has only ever had good things to say about us. Safe Travels Spaceman.
  3. If you wish to discuss a staff ruling against you, either submit an admin complaint or speak with members of staff about it. Asking the general public for their opinions on whether you really were in the wrong in this situation is inappropriate. This thread will be locked to prevent further discussion.
  4. Personally I find the magic number for repetition is three. Any repeats beyond that just wears out its welcome and I get the feeling these guys wouldn't last long before taking tool boxes to the head. Whether it be here or on Baystation if the event were to somehow happen in either place.
  5. BryanR

    Medical Tweak

    Not a bad idea however something that might be a detriment to it. During station emergencies where Medbay will inevitably get a massive backlog of patients wouldn't this just increase the time it would take for critical patients who are standing as well as heavily injured patients to be treated and cause an even worse backlog for Medical? The concept isn't bad if there were very few situations where disaster strikes and you get a large influx of patients, however there are more times than a few where you don't have much time to interact with your patient before pushing them out the door to go to the next one. Also, tying it to whether or not a player is lying down or standing up all treatments are going to have extended time since if the patient refuses to lay down (Doctors don't have stun batons after all to force them horizontal) its going to punish the doctor more by tying up their time with a non-cooperative patient which, actually happens more than I'd like to admit. I recall a Security Officer who couldn't even wait for us to close her incision from surgery before hopping up, dashing out of the OR and going back on patrol. They didn't come back until ten minutes later after they had lost quite a bit of blood.
  6. As someone who plays chef rather regularly I like this design. Though more for the added security that people aren't hacking into the friggen kitchen without first facing a bartender and his shotgun. I suppose the only real complaint I have is that it gets rid of the cozy little nook in back with the comfy chairs, bronze ash tray, and table for a more intimate out of the way gathering. Also a tip for building while on an active server, Admins use Build Mode under the event tab. The copy/paste function usually how I move the slot machines before reverting back to Basic Build and deleting the originals instead of outright possessing them.
  7. Your next project should be to build Trurl. Make sure there's a massive cannon pointed at Cyberiad for the authentic looming threat of Central Command BSAing the Captain. Also this is absolutely wonderful and brings back very fond memories not only of SS13 but Minecraft as well. Thank you.
  8. Warning issued for incorrect detainment. Check DOB.
  9. I can't remember which round it was but Graynt and 619 had me in tears. An excerpt from their conversation I found particularly funny.
  10. I could post something philosophical about death, its a very deep subject and I could spend years talking about it and immortality but, I think this encapsulates everything wonderfully. Life's too short to worry about these things. We're a bunch of tiny creatures crawling on a ball of heated rock being flung through space at roughly 30km a second or 67k miles an hour with quite literally millions of different ways that the entirety of the universe could end us before we could even blink with no doubt well over half of them being shit we'd never see coming. Every second we're alive is precious. Don't live it worrying about when you're going to die. Live it making yourself and those around you happy because that's what really matters at the end of the day. Were you happy today or weren't you and if not how can you change that.
  11. Sure why not. Lets see if the whole SIX individuals who post here manage to make any real progress.
  12. Because cryonics is a blind gamble and not everyone has insurance willing to pay for a blind gamble. Everyone will eventually die, even the universe will inevitably cease being what we know it is and the next one could have completely different laws than our current. Its just a fact of well existing. Even if I could prolong my life I wouldn't want to for these reasons. A) There's no guarantee I'm coming back. Technology does advance and they could bring me back to cure me of whatever it is I'm suffering from but its also just as likely for a meteor to strike the Earth and for everything to be wiped out. Or more plausibly since I'm putting my now suspended life in other people's hands, human error could end up screwing me over in an interesting and horrifying way. B) If I was able to come back and be cured/continue living everything I know will be different. My knowledge will be horrendously antiquated, all the people I know or care about will be dead and gone if they haven't undergone the process themselves. The diet and food consumption may be entirely different and be inedible to me (Remember hundreds of years ago people ate food with trace amounts of poo. Hygiene was very different back then.) And even if in the incredibly lucky off chance my country is still around when I come back I will have little to no money with which to establish myself with. Can't get even the most basic of jobs if I'm unable to understand even the most basic of things provided by decades if not centuries of technological advancement. C) No guarantee the things I do for recreation would persist. For all I know even the most basic of recreational activities will cease when I wake up and hell even humanity's approach to reproduction may take a more clinical turn instead of the classic insertions. That kinda puts a massive damper on the idea of visiting the future. So yeah, not exactly the most ideal thing. In fact I would rate it even worse than having innate immortality where my genetic code didn't degrade over time since at least with innate immortality I'd be able to learn as time progressed and wouldn't be quite literally a babe amongst adults, who bonus, have no obligation to teach your dumb ass a single thing.
  13. By my count with this response we'll be at -2. Just give the players more work to reach the highest number. :honk: