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  1. Paperwork above all, these are the kind of people I need when i play cappie!
  2. Im on the ghost meeting! Mom im famous! Sucks i didn't got a seat though >.< Also during the "giant coffee" round I was haunted so often i asked the chaplain to exorcise me, he told me to crab walk a bit then let me join, since then i wasn't haunted almost at all and in the same round there was vox box in chapel maint, half the residents were actually vox, the other were xenomorphs for some reason.
  3. If we don't remove brig phys and keep it in the game i don't believe anyone could find a way for anyone to want to play that role without actually doing surgery and primarily caring for officers, karma locked or not But yeah I agree that roles that discourage interdepartmental interactions are not good for the game.
  4. It feels bad demoting/punishing someone unless they are straight up griefing, if someone resist demotion then security will be busy with real antags and not him, the addition of "demote" status for security was a great thing though. Having someone spam the general radio channel from their cell because they decided to break the law feels bad, the whole "scream "shitcurity" everytime security does anything" gets old and repetitive (and im sure it doesn't make the RP level any higher) also constant breaking out of cuffs is annoying and distracting, so i'd increase the cooldown bet
  5. Welcome to the community! Wish I played robotics back when i was new-ish, it's one of the most fun jobs out there and important one too.
  6. One (Unkown) Vox in maint. Next admin who comments on this thread is unrobust.
  7. It was fun! If I ever make a next one I will plan it beforehand and make so placement of things isn't so random, oh and multiple power sources would be fun.
  8. (not on live server, but a private one) I got so bored I made a mini station, MOST of it works and I called it "bootleg station" due to obvious reasons. Took 3 hours to make because I have no idea how DMM works :l Im too lazy to finish the empty lobby on the left side. And yes, the only source of food on the entire station is vending machines. (or eating your coworkers from desperation) also dont look at the color of the wires going from solars...or the placement of air alarm in atmos...or the canister in the middle of medbay...
  9. You can light matches and cigs with telekinesis, You can also stand in front of the bridge and get Your ID in hand then click a machine ID slot and then take it out: congratulations, Your ID teleported to a location inaccessible by You and now You have to bother command to bring it back for You.
  10. Not only robust, but also a coder and a friendly person! Im not surprised You got bored even of being antag, robusting everyone must get boring after a while and silly objectives run out Thanks for everything You taught me, the megafauna already celebrating that You won't be there to bully them no more. Come back to us once You miss my excessive skreeing though!
  11. The topic of mechanic was actually talked about in the last community meeting and yeah I doubt anyone thinks the price is fair compared to what You can do, and that's on top of no engineering or EVA access, I don't think anything changed since then regarding mechanic but i assume there are more important things to take care of rather than a role you can play voluntarily, things that affect many more people at once so the mechanic players have to just wait...or not, I don't speak for coding people...
  12. Remove glowshrooms or prepare for botany to get maxcapped 5 minutes into the round next time i roll sling >:C other than that I enjoy the gamemode.
  13. I know I shouldn't have, but I had to have Lander here!
  14. Thank You! I'm sure I will like it!
  15. Your cryo mix looking okay! saline is easy to get in vending machines in bottles so if someone found use for it i guess it could be in pills but i don't know if only 10 units is worth the effort. Occuline in bottles is okay, no need for large units of it since rarely people have large amount of damage since it gets annoying pretty fast. Yup but You can also put synthflesh in them
  16. Yeah miners and cargo techs are probably annoying each other, if we removed qm's office and put the ORM somewhere in place of where his consoles used to be, so miners can access it without going through cargo but also outsiders can take items out of it then I see that as a win! I feel like many departments machine/object placements are sub-optimal for the purpose of players each shift having the possibility to use their creativity and rebuild in the ways they like it but it's just a theory. But yeah You got some good points, especially with mail office being barely used especially it
  17. When Fred goes down the mining shuttle first time in the shift, bfg division starts playing for ALL of the megafauna.
  18. Yey Vox gang spreading to forums!
  19. I love that coroner! Absolute pleasure to talk or even exist near him! I know Kar-Ski more from being a good paramedic and generally great player. You could always put Kichiyachi as cmo but I am more of a tryhard rather than someone fun to play alongside when in medbay.
  20. The miner sounds so fun to play!
  21. What is this post. Please help me Im scared ._.
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