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  1. Maybe making it so that a gripper could hold plasteel would be useful, that way we could actualy repair the walls without it causing too much issues with just spawning infinite plasteel then? Not sure if that would cause balance issues though as I am not really the best at balancing things.
  2. Yea they cant hold plasteel, just tested it
  3. Ah makes sense on the abuse part, ill have to try the gripper though as I don't think they work to pick up plasteel but dont remember too well
  4. As a drone you can not repair reinforced walls, so when they break you have to replace them with normal walls, this can be a problem in situations like when the brig has been blown up, because unless a normal engineer comes by it will be weaker from then on. I think drones should get plasteel to be able to repair things like that.
  5. Ah for some reason It wasnt working for me but is now, wonder what that was about then, sorry about that And yea they can see binary but cant speak there, only can speak in drone
  6. I was wondering if it would be possible to add the engineering comms to drones. Since engineering will say that something is broken and then a while later engineers will maybe get to it, I think it would be interesting if drones could see it too so they know where more breaks to the station are.
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