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  1. Would be a huge shame if someone reset you when you are about to hit double digits. Oh wait! 0
  2. Have you guys heard about the number called zero? No? Well now you have!
  3. If I recall correctly, when the shrapnel was removed during surgery it said to the surgeon what caliber bullet it was or it might have even told them what kind of gun it came from. I am not exactly sure which one it was, but it told the surgeon one of those.
  4. Hmmm lets think about this... SR reviving people perfectly healthy as long as they are below the damage threshold. Bullets leaving shrapnel inside of people. Fat human sprites
  5. I am surprised I only noticed this thread just now. Well I gotta say its sad to see you go. Who am I going to bully now? May you find another fun place for yourself and not to mention you are always welcome here. o7 Also you are still a nerd and I will be taking that mask and beret.
  6. 3 mugs to add to Ellie's collection. Daily reminder that Ellie is short.
  7. Pineapple does not belong on pizza... When people are going to understand that? Don't make me take away your kitty ears again.
  8. I would like to pat Kikeri as well. Also another question! Is Kikeri the cutest vox on station?
  9. Why does security always take off the vox mask when they process a vox?
  10. Well this has been a problem for a few people over the past few months. No idea why it breaks and why its only for Paradise. The only fix I know that usually fixes it for whatever reason is making a new windows user and using that new user to play on Paradise. I have no idea why that works (my guess it is some user preference/setting that breaks it), but it fixed it for multiple people. It is possible that there are other easier fixes.
  11. Beautiful! Especially love the Toaster IPC.
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