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  1. Huh, look at you all trying your best, but its that time of the day, where we go back in time and start from ZERO
  2. Wow you all didn't go far without this thread going dead again. How about this: ZERO
  3. The HoP must be the happiest person ever. Actually has people at his line.
  4. Huh.... How come this is so empty....? No one posted since previous admin posted? Oh well I might as well drop in my zero anyways....ZERO.
  5. A picture that is taken moments before a disaster.
  6. Amazing art! Keep it up!
  7. Beautiful! I'll be taking that nitrogen tank though. Its bad for you to breathe in that.
  8. Dovixx

    bad art

    Better than I could draw. 11/10 I approve.
  9. I totally applied and became a admin just to do this. ZERO
  10. I don't see anything wrong here.
  11. Dovixx

    Organ Boxes

    Yep we already have those and they are called freezers, just like Tay said.
  12. Dovixx


    So many great people leaving now... Sad to see all you go. Thanks for all of the hard work! O7
  13. Sad to see you go buddy, but I completely understand the reasoning behind it. You have left a huge impact on the server which is going to stay here for a long time certainly. Thanks for all the hard work and countless hours put into the server. May your adventures away from this 2d spessman game be great! O7
  14. The idea is nice, but i don't think it should be a forced option and people should still have the option to change their nicknames. No super hard feelings about it, but some changes to it would make it much better.
  15. This probably might be my move set when it comes to security: 1. Bestow (I tend to lose items from time to time) 2. Constrict (I love my bolas) 3. Gear up (All the gear as security duh) 4. Bone Club (That sweet sweet baton/tazer causing stuns aka flinching in pokemon world)