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  1. Aww heck!! I'm flattered. ♥♥♥
  2. Random short animation dabbling, Quincy doing a little jig before sliding off a snowbank with style Auriel casting Eldritch Blast!! Duan Zhi casting Find Familiar Auriel doing a "magical girl" transformation for the Aasimar racial trait radiant soul
  3. Drawings of Zeke and Jonah that I've never posted here. :O While my friend and I don't play spess any more these days, I can never give up on these two. T-T From the last time I played... Zeke and his unhealthy attachment of Alcohol Hand kissy And while I'm here... All me D&D stuff!! Sorry in advanced... there's a lot. ^^' Main D&D Campaign Main campaign NPCs Multi-one shot campaign Random D&D characters D&D Spells! Star Wars characters. :3 Shadowrun Characters!!
  4. We can never be free from Tetris Vegan
  5. I'll just slide in with some fashionable pride suits~ Jonah wearing Bi colours while Zeke going with the rainbow (because the gay (MlM) flag hasn't be "official" yet, plus too much green for him)
  6. Huzzah! Thank you. The permit, along with all the meme related ones were a lot of fun to draw up.
  7. Another art dump... Here's Jonah and Zeke being cute. SS13 character (Meme redraws) D&D characters (Meme redraws) Main D&D campaign Other D&D campaign Multi-one shots D&D games
  8. I've come to artspam... I Dunno if there's been anyone who's been missing me posting art in here. ^^' It Zeke Bunch of character designs here. From the Halloween one-shot, From a Christmas "one-shot" (Main campaign) (Other campaign)
  9. The redraw turned out really good!
  10. I guess it really depends on people's interpretation on them, but I'm pretty sure the original creator didn't plan Vox to be very bird like. I only know how to play one type of character. I like fashionable boys! ^-^
  11. I drew a cute vox Kenku A drawing of a DnD party memeber's character named Holly as a LoZ themed adventurer, and my character Auriel stuck in a tower.
  12. Lol, let me have my overly dramatic star wars AU, Spark!!!
  13. Strawberry theme... My DnD character Auriel, but corrupted and most likely undead. Assorted DnD related arts. Random Star Wars AU thing.
  14. Ayyy, it's awesome to see you sharing your works here!
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