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  1. been recolouring plushies lately
  2. That's not a good thing. Generally most of us don't want our antagonists to outright murder everything that remotely gets in their way.
  3. What does Kikeri think of Dan (the fox), D4N, and Cheriyaya? Also, what's Kikeri's favourite type of flower? Asking for a friend.
  4. This would do wonders, honestly. I'd prefer this line of thinking over "well it's a playerbase problem, let's not change anything."
  5. aye, all the PR did was make killing security become the be-all end-all necessity that slings require in order to win the round. reverting it would probably be best, although it wouldn't change much in the end. slings kinda suffer from being ass on either sides if you swing changes to them one way or the other. it sucks when slings recruit security because it's too easy, it sucks when they have to kill security because it's too hard. slings just...sort of suck, honestly, and they'd need an entire re-write.
  6. drew a couple unathi (koik) (fenton) and updated a reaction png i had
  7. gimme more thimng to draw please serious enquiries preferably
  8. Michael Bovine, for @CourierAsy!
  9. so i re-drew maxwell crysten, @Spacemanspark's character, and then i compiled a picture with all three renders side-by-side because it's kinda cool how much i've improved over the years
  10. james auchvulf someones bunny fursona with a transpride flag
  11. Doc's character, Evie! Enjoying a poorly-drawn milkshake.
  12. yeah, i did! i don't have those old ones anymore, but i'd love to make new ones.
  13. "Welcome, welcome! Please, feel free to look around. Our shelves are stocked and ready for you to take home a cuddly new friend. Only $10 per plush toy! Don't push, now, there's plenty for everyone." okay so yeah a guilty pleasure of mine is drawing characters as felt/plush toys and i figure i may as well offer it to other people. it's cheap (at least to the point where i can make a bare minimum profit) because i have little to no confidence in marketing my artwork here's some examples, comment if you wanna discuss it, yada yada
  14. It would be nice to get the syndicate cargo shuttle to actually function, but given how finicky shuttle code is, we're fine without it. I approve of removing the mining gear for the sake of discouraging syndicates from exiting their base - however in the case of an ash drake or bubblegum being lead to the base, perhaps have some sort of emergency kit so that they can escape? Unless the intent is for them to die with the ship, which is fair. Creating a section to let you practice engineering or atmospherics would work, but it would have to be a space ruin to do so - your worry furth
  15. Thank you so much everybody for submitting responses! (Excuse the lack of consistency in response numbers as the list goes on; somebody just submitted a new response as I was screencapping all of the charts lol) I hope the survey was interesting to fill out; I tried to bring up as many contentious issues as I could. An important thing I forgot to mention was a lot of these questions were intended to collect data for me to use when making a new high population map, hence why they sound a bit weird if you take the rest of the station into consideration. It was really helpful though, I
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