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  1. I always deleted shrooms of any kind if they spread to the point of being obnoxious - not only because of the powergaming and the offense to the eyes, but because some peoples' frames can't handle it. Honestly removing the ability to be planted would be a net bonus, but for now making it a rule restriction is best.
  2. latest round of plushies, featuring kidan and two styles of unathi
  3. making these sprites has been keeping me sane, so if anyone wants me to make more, just ask please im begging you im bored out of my mind also heres how they look in-game
  4. This speaks to me on an emotional level. You can see from the liberal use of green that the artist feels comfortable with expressing their "greener pastures"; flaunting, just humbly enough, that they are on stable footing and not afraid to speak their mind. The brightly contrasting red shows us that the artist's life, much like even the poorest of pauper's, has strife. Very deep, very awe-inspiring. What? What's that? What's the blue for? Er, well. I don't know. But it looks very neat.
  5. uh oh, plush toy sprites are trending so here's the collection so far
  6. Welcome to Paradise! It's not that creepy, really. Most of what happened can be easily explained, but given how it seems you're quite new, I recommend you give this a read: https://www.paradisestation.org/wiki/index.php/Guide_for_beginners
  7. laghairt saoil rainbow bridge sionnach saoil
  8. Yeah, I don't mean to piss on your parade, but none of this would really work, especially not on our station. For starters, we don't have enough ruins for 5 explorers to make good use out of. You thought it was boring when it was near the end of the round? Yeah, welcome to an entire round of that, but with 5 people. You'd be in space for all of half an hour and then you'd be in cryo because you've done it all - and that's if the shift has rolled interesting ruins. Most of them are fluff, because it's not supposed to impact the game as much. For seconds, you don't have to make it a de
  9. been recolouring plushies lately
  10. That's not a good thing. Generally most of us don't want our antagonists to outright murder everything that remotely gets in their way.
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