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  1. Huzzah! Thank you. The permit, along with all the meme related ones were a lot of fun to draw up.
  2. Another art dump... Here's Jonah and Zeke being cute. SS13 character (Meme redraws) D&D characters (Meme redraws) Main D&D campaign Other D&D campaign Multi-one shots D&D games
  3. I've come to artspam... I Dunno if there's been anyone who's been missing me posting art in here. ^^' It Zeke Bunch of character designs here. From the Halloween one-shot, From a Christmas "one-shot" (Main campaign) (Other campaign)
  4. The redraw turned out really good!
  5. I guess it really depends on people's interpretation on them, but I'm pretty sure the original creator didn't plan Vox to be very bird like. I only know how to play one type of character. I like fashionable boys! ^-^
  6. I drew a cute vox Kenku A drawing of a DnD party memeber's character named Holly as a LoZ themed adventurer, and my character Auriel stuck in a tower.
  7. Lol, let me have my overly dramatic star wars AU, Spark!!!
  8. Strawberry theme... My DnD character Auriel, but corrupted and most likely undead. Assorted DnD related arts. Random Star Wars AU thing.
  9. Ayyy, it's awesome to see you sharing your works here!
  10. Just wanna say that it's exciting to see you getting into digital art more.
  11. Some more Dungeons and Dragons related works. Here's some seasonal outfits. 1) for Spring/Summer 2) for Autumn/Spring 3) for winter Auriel in a sort of "Red Death" costume, I don't hope we have a sort of masquerade session at somepoint Designed outfits for the made-up company that the party has pretended to be a part of... When sneaking through a guild office. During the session from last week- We picked up a job to search for a ship wreck, and to salvage what we could from it. However, we may have gotten distracted on our way rowing clos
  12. Cecilia is like, security waifu, sorry @ZN23X
  13. Drawing of my DnD character Auriel as a teen and training. The party went "under cover" and here's my character's disguise. From a session a few months ago where Auriel had a near death experience. Facial expression practice! The High Priestess of "Gathering of the Shards" the religion Auriel follows. Tiefling doodles My DnD group does art prompts once a week, and this week I suggested "reimagined class for characters" Auriel Paladin to Inquisitive (rogue) and Arui Trickster Rogue to Druid (or S
  14. These are super cute Danni! I think I recall you drawing up plushie designs of people's character a long time ago?
  15. Miraculous AU stuff A silly doodle of my DnD character Auriel and the party. Where it's I guess became a thing that Auriel becomes attracted to people going against the party. I let other people make a DnD character for me. She's a nice lady... I let other people make a Witch for me... Make up a Wanted poster for my Tiefling character. I did up some concept art for a Grasshopper like species!! Auriel and Arui wrestling Drawings of a young Auriel. A redraw!
  16. This is looking good! Action scenes is always a fun time.
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