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  1. And not worrying about it being flooded out with a much of memes. xD
  2. When the idea of an art channel for the server was suggested months ago I personally thought it wasn't too necessary because people can post artworks pictionary. But honestly having an art section could help encourage more people to either start taking up art themselves or feel more confident/comfortable sharing in a channel rather than the forums.
  3. Yea, was based off of a comment my BF said where it was something a long the lines of 'I prefer to think instead of masks (like the gas mask) mysteriously fitting every species, that they fit improper on them, because they were originally made for human(oid)s'
  4. Outfits for my DnD character Auriel. A silly drawing of mine and my BF's DnD characters Here's a silly doodle of my vox Keyreehee
  5. I think, we need more flamboyant suits...?
  6. A cute watermelon themed girl who likes plants, her name may be Melonie Auriel had gotten into a fist fight? My DnD group had been doing little art challenges, where once or so a week someone will say a drawing prompt. This one was disguise... I dunno, I just he'd probably dress up a girl, and it was amusing. This prompt was music, he probably played the harp. Auriel sitting on a train thinking about his near death experience with a Dragonborn wizard who cast fireball point-blank. He'll probably be bottling up his feelings about this, so the rest of the party isn't worried about him. Which is an unhealthy move on his part. From my DnD session this week. During the train ride, the train got an unexpected visit from an Artificer guild. (we're playing a home brew setting that's more Victorian steampunk meets magic, and there's a bunch of different guilds that kinda run the show) So, they were going to every passengers to ask them questions about where they were during different events. Like when a gear foraged factory was "attacked" and when a monolith came to be. Worst part is, we've met some of these people before, and our faces probably have been shown in pictures. While half the party could disguise themselves. My boi Auriel and the Dwarf Fighter couldn't... So Auriel is hiding behind a news paper
  7. Pretty awesome for a first attempt!
  8. Going my boi some stubble, going for the budget Geralt look. lol A sort of draw response to someone asking about Auriel's core beliefs.... was hard to think about tobehonest. During the session last week, we had a chat about Auriel bathing people in Olive Oil so he could bless them. I dunno, weird things just happened. And here's something else... ^^' And then something non DnD related here's Merman Zeke and Jonah
  9. Merman... Mermay!! This isn't the first time I've Zeke as a merman... and probably won't be my last. lol Some more drawings of my boi Auriel.
  10. I wasn't worried until now... *scream
  11. Bunnies are always good, I still fight for a bunny species to be ingame.
  12. Changed up my bun design and drew my boyfriend as a wolf, and yes I did watch Beastars... and I want more. I may be cute a smol, but I'm very aggressive. Starting watching Gargoyles on Disney+ because what else am I going to watch on there... and I think Arui would rock the wings to cape look. Here's some fancy wizards. Darion Butler and Darius White
  13. Great to see you posting again!
  14. Some DnD characters I felt like making up. A Tiefling wild magic sorcerer and a Half-Orc bard. Summer themed drawing. it's been a long time since I've drawn Zeke in a mankini. A comic of something that happened during my DnD session this week.
  15. Sweet wholesome things... makes me want to cry.
  16. Here's a sleepy Auriel in a moon gate. Someday I'll draw more backgrounds... but not today. Here's a situation that happened during a DnD session a few nights ago. I don't know how to draw guns. Here's a situation from an older session... Auriel was thrown into a holding cell and his party had to come and get him out. T-T Some Zeke and Jonah sketches. UwU ||
  17. It's like... a leotard with a house coat over it.