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  1. This one time as Tikki robusting a wizard that warped into my Kitchen using Close Quarters Cooking. the crew ate spell burgers later on clearly
  2. Agree with spark here. With stuns as it is security can overcome MOST threats easily just using a taser. the stun rework should go though before anything is added. neat concept though! reminds me of the clown car
  3. 4 vox maids appearing this time. they cannot be stopped
  4. First Name: Tikkitakkitooki Last Name: (N/A) Gender: Male Orientation: N/A Nicknames/Alias: Tikki Picture(If Available) Age/D.O.B: 22, 23/05/2540 Place Of Birth: Arkship "Beyond this place of wrath and tears, the home of fate and kin" - "Savage-Reign." Species: Vox Blood Type: O- Alignment: Neutral Good Tikkitakkitooki believes kindness goes a long way and being good to others regardless if its lawful or not. meaning Tikki may get into trouble with said law on a rare basis. this also however leaves them vulnerable to manipulation Aff
  5. Its that certain menace again. so I might as well say hi since I have played a few rounds. its been ages since I last came onto paradise from either work or the fact I had other obligations. and I can certainly see alot of change hope I can keep up with the times! and hopefully I stick around
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