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  1. HI everyone! I'm opening some slots for commissions ♥ If you have any question you can find me in Discrod ( Synkkä#5542 ) or twitter ♥
  2. This is my party on my current dnd campaing (pure chaotic) Kat the Druid (mememe) Draka the Fighter ( @Vargh ) Galadriel the Warlock Cartucho the Ranger x We are the Rancios Party and we are here to set the world on fire and sutff x
  3. i can feel . . . love?
  4. Non SS13 related - this is a drawing of my sister -
  5. - Marshal - Commission i did for @Esenno :D
  6. Warlock x Cynder (yes, he is her patron)
  7. Hi there! I'm dooing a minisale for Christmas. Feel free to message me on Discord if you want one ♥ Synkkä#5542
  8. steven, again. never tired of this little cun..lovely slime (?)
  9. I'm glad you like it iwi <3
  10. My favourite Voxy yaya @SlimeBird
  11. ooooohhh I lovee thiiissssssssss
  12. Thanks! i'm studying face/body expresions, it's kinda fun
  13. Some quick doodles of Keira <3
  14. Keira in DnD universe (mouse's name is Squeek)
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