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  1. I just now got the mechanic role and im loving it being random, no idea on whats the problem there, but i agree with @Woje, that other way sound really bad.
  2. @Drakeven's AMAZING Portrait, made for Erebus's ID. @thatdanguy23's god-like full body.
  3. Thanks to the two wicked talented artists.
  4. During one of the past rounds @Tourte made a Shadow Hound. It was like some kind of hell hound, but way bigger, like, Bear sized. It had an..."Shadowy"(?) body and hellish yellow eyes. Me and Zaun fought against it's pack inside the Gateway. Think you could bring the creature to life?
  5. Brazil. The colony where Portugal threw their criminals in, then we threw shit at them until they ran away.
  6. Your art is like looking at Plato's plane of perfection. Im speechless, thank you.
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