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  1. Top Tier. No words can express how pleased i am with this page. Oh i see...You're saying that Bovine is not foward enough. Got it.
  2. Its so great seeing that people in this community care enough to do something beautiful like this, and that we have a safe space to be who we truly are, together in paradise.
  4. Look at that subtle nuance of how crazy Fiona is, that in-depth lore and detailed descriptions on it, OH MY GOD, it even has Interview Logs. (Loved learning that Fiona also lives on her own ship, we're both 'space trailer park trash')
  5. Exploration Journal and Relationships (Decided to remake the post in which i had the relationship's list cause no way in hell i would make a fancy image to everyone i knew, and before you ask, Noooo, of course i didnt stole the layout idea from @angelictactics's page, im offended you could even think that.) (Also putting in here the material i gather from the events im part of.) The Redspace Entities Affair: Personal Relations: (I tried to include everyone which i have...somewhat frequent interactions, excluding people like...Arma-993, Rolf Svend(???), S
  6. Hope to meet Hannah soon, welcome to Para.
  7. ''Its nice for people who want to roleplay in this roleplaying game'', ''But i dont like it so i want it disabled so i can win''. Thats all i got it from this.
  8. Wasnt there a post just like that a few months ago that wanted to revamp the mechanic job and create a space mining thing and the final decision was that this was not the focus of the people in the station?
  9. Wasnt @Norwest also responsible for one of the events with the cowboy colony and the pirate crew invading the station? My favourite events come from that beautiful mind, cant wait till we got an round with Norwest, Tourte and MysticLiger on the steering wheel.
  10. Loved sharing ghost stories with Chiki, the art is already god tier, with the context its even better, keep it up! *pats Chiki's head* - NO PATS! IS MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL!
  11. 492 is one of my favourite IPCs, i loved seeing him acting like a older brother to 996. Welcome to the forum my good chum.
  12. This is the kind of content the server needs. All around great guide.
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