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  1. This...*THIS* I love this so much. Looks like its time i rejoin the server.
  2. Leaders should serve the community.

  3. Any Freya is a win! I loved Mayhem Michael so much. <3
  4. I would very much like to see the beach revamped!
  5. Run while you still can, if you manage to steer clear from the forum for 6 years, dont fall into this pit now, ITS A TRAP! Also, Therrel is the best person to get high with.
  6. Not really much to show, but i figured i could do one of these too
  7. TOMMY SLATER FTW, my poor boy ;-; Murder Idunn is one of the foes i'd rather throw myself out of an airlock than fight against. I love the absolute possessed energy from the art, Heather!!! <3
  8. Regular shift for Fiona: > Finds a flash while lurking in the dark >Pass out drunk in the library >Wakes up and tells a drunk that he's the chosen one, then sends him on a magical journey >Profit
  9. Cant say i've ever seen this guy around, but hey, always nice to have people putting in the effort. Really hope to meet him ingame some time.
  10. Sounds interesting enough. Hope to meet this absolute madlad soon. I guess. weird flex with the monkey thing, but ok.
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