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  1. Name: Freya Raan Age: 18 Gender: Female (she/her) Race: Human Blood Type: O- General Occupational Role(s): Librarian, Chef, Bartender, Station Engineer, and others Biography: Qualifications: Employment Records: No full time jobs before joining Nanotrasen Security Records: Medical Records: Personnel Photo (Appearance text): Other Notes: Despite being young, Freya has proven herself to be brave in the face of danger and has faced off against various paranormal entities on station. Freya's favorite food is pancakes. Her favorite drink - strictly nonalcoholic! - is tied between a Gibb Float and the standard milkshake. Despite not formally working in Botany, Freya has gotten the grasp of how the basics work from being bored and messing around in the Cyberiad's garden.
  2. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i haven't really played a lot of space lately but I'm reaching the end of my lobotomy corporation run so I drew some of my employees :) Captain Idunn of Disciplinary, Captain Freya of Training, and Jeanne of Training The women of the Information Team Captain Bellona, Cordelia, and Aurelia featuring some of Idunn interacting with an abnormality also @SlimeBird drew some REALLY kickass murder Idunn art and she's been living in my head rent free. queen of losing her daughter and also her marbles
  3. HEATHERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR MURDER IDUNN IS SO KICKASS IM DEAD!!!!!!! IM DEAD ON THE FLOOR!!!!!!!!!!!! she just wants her kid back... ;_____; (SHRIEKS IN FEAR)
  4. hmmm yes...... i shall make her deal with idiots
  5. Hi! It's been a while! I've started classes up again, so it's been a challenge to find time to draw, let alone play space @[email protected] either way, I've gotten some art done! here's the final image I did for Idunn's backstory timelapse: here's also Freya's ref, finally finished after four months in wip file limbo! I plan to make her a crew record and character bio post soon! here's a few doodles featuring @Woje, @punkalope, @JackoMallows and @SlimeBird! finally, an art I did with Fiona and @Jabronio gaming! it was a lot of fun to draw Anton and Fiona :]
  6. Oh thank GOD. I take chat logs to help remember just what happened during rounds, and the combat logs never cease to flood my chat. It's especially a problem during station biohazard rounds like blob, when the whole thing quickly becomes a red text wall. I hope the replacement you make helps with all of it! I'm definitely looking forward to what you come up with! :]
  7. Ooh, this is a perfect idea! As someone who tends to go for civilian roleplay on slower hours, it'd be a perfect fit for the entire rp routine! While the arcade has two (out of three) functioning arcade machines, it leaves a lot to be desired after you've beaten Orion Trail for the 17th time. I hope the board game idea gets implemented! I'd love to play Uno in game with my fellow crewmates!
  8. cut to me sobbing and pointing at tide my beloved ;___; skye i would die for them
  9. the gang.............!!!! and this person that just randomly showed up
  10. heather i cannot stress this enough i love them SOOOOO much ;____;
  11. still crying at Angel holding her gfs after they escaped the station wide nuke ;___; WEH...
  12. more art for the art thread! <3 my first mass attack for artfight!! it features all splatoon ocs, and netted me nearly 600 points (sweats) it took me eight days! Tea got me thinking about Idunn's pre-Cyberiad days, too... here's a series of them following her backstory which is detailed further here the following spoilered image contains gore, and should be opened at your personal discretion: some unrelated doodles this was about a round where Angel and Rivera got hit by a meteor and Rivera died while Angel got her arm ripped off by robotics this one's of a blob round I played yesterday where Idunn and Rivera teamed up to run the bar, and then had to flee the station to escape the blob and following nuke okay thats all for now!! definitely didn't mean to post so much art oops
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