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  1. Yesssss, this looks like it could be SO much more fun for librarian! Librarian has always been one of those jobs that feel like once I have the books set up, there's little else to do. Giving them something like this while opening many opportunities for rp between crew members is SO much fun aaaaa!
  2. YESSSSSSSSS I love your art SO much, Viisk is the light of my life
  3. More Notes: below is an art ref of Idunn in her main two Medbay outfits, including a jumpsuit outfit it also features Freya, Idunn's daughter and only child Relationships on the Cyberiad: (This is very long, but if I've missed you please let me know!)
  4. hihi, time for more art! (i do hope this isn't too much of spam hghfhdhg) we hitting february and march 2021 today this one's featuring Cure#FF99FF during a round where Idunn's brain was stolen after her murder, and following Cure flatlining, Idunn briefly encouraged her to keep living for the short short moment they were reunited in the afterlife. here's a short sketch of Idunn and Freya in their original renditions! their relationship is much messier in their original verse, but they do get better as people and make up eventually :] this on
  5. okay im back on my bullshit :D these two were from a blob round where idunn grabbed an AEG and just started blasting this one was an attempt at a scratchboard kind of art style which was FUN as hell this has the first art of freya in the ss13 setting (she's normally one of my splatoon ocs, like idunn) along with the illustrated aftermath of a round where idunn was slapped into a vulp body
  6. YEAAAAAAH I'm glad you made an art thread!!!!! All your space art is soooo good!!!!!
  7. Name: Idunn Raan Age: 41 Gender: Female (she/her) Race: Human Blood Type: O- General Occupational Roles: Medical Doctor, Bartender, Geneticist, and other roles Biography: Qualifications: Employment Records: Security Records: Medical Records: Personnel Photo: Other Notes:
  8. I have decided to disrupt my current flow of posting art I have drawn months ago in lieu of showing everyone this Chikitita in drip
  9. Oooo, I just LOVE your art style!! It's so fun and makes me want to learn to draw Vulps more often aaaaaaa
  10. EEEEEEEE there's the art you did with Melody!!! It's so cool to see how you do art I can't awaaaaaa
  11. Back with some more art!! :] first one is a round where I, with CURE #FF99FF's help, turned Idunn into an IRC. It was suuuuper fun just trying to figure out everything with the customization! god it was so satisfying to *ping
  12. It has been a WHILE (mostly because I've been applying to several zines and doing art studies) but I have a plethora of art on hand now! I'll just try to spread it out a fair amount oops hfhhhd Various characters here are Chikitita, Rivera Kirkland, and Bloofi!
  13. Okay, I played a few rounds to get rid of my itch! Here's some more art I've done! One round had us up against Space Russia, I think?? It was hazy! But Idunn - a Medical Doctor by then - ended up deserting with two others. It had a really specific vibe to it. We had gotten lucky and found a white ship just south of the station, so we ended up making it off the station in one piece. It was a lot of fun to just think about: the serious and stalwart Idunn finding she had enough and escaping with her friend. I've drawn a bunch of art in the meantime between really getti
  14. i was told to make a thread, so here we go!!! let's start this off with my main ss13 character :] Idunn Raan is my main character (41 - she/her - bisexual) who divorced her husband after he put their daughter Freya in a dangerous situation, resulting in Freya's eyes being replaced with cybernetic ones. She used to be a combat medic before joining Nanotransen, so surgery isn't exactly her strong suit without someone to guide her - which isn't exactly helpful in fast paced situations where patients needing surgery pile up. Before I started learning Medical Doctor in earnest, I started
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