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  1. it only took me a century to get around to this
  2. I adore your art, this is all so adorable and expressive!
  3. i lied. i forgot i drew bestie skrell, im terrible at updating forums
  4. One more, Anna and the Apocalypse-inspired doodle of some spess characters in some Christmas-y zombie killing fits. (Jakki Rockatansky with a knife, Viisk-Hoorm-Vroo with a mop (she's proficient), Chikitita with a busted bottleneck, Freya Raan with a rolling pin, Tidal Kirkland with a wrench, and Atmosia Skyla with a crowbar) and my secret santa submissions, which I was VERY proud of. Angel Anide before and after an accident at her old workplace :) https://imgur.com/a/UBsHEU4 https://imgur.com/a/GuBN4HB
  5. Also, sad doodle of a ghostly Tidal Kirkland after a rly dark changeling shift that did not end well for them
  6. big forum art dump Chiki and Rooster Cogfeld running to the shuttle after too many drinks Updated ref of my IAA, Lysandra Midge Chiki and Fiona after a particularly taxing cult round A movie scene redraw suggested by my friend. Chikitita as Nurse Lane from the Fear Street trilogy, ready to get rekt trying to stab Bubblegum Some pen doodles of Jakki Rockatansky, Kikeri, and Atmosia Skyla and lastly, dumb doodles from a space danganronpa generator we ran for fun. Evil mastermind Phoebe Dean was a surprise
  7. halloween art of chiki! ill-fitting xenomorph costume
  8. i love "twitter for smartwash cleaner dispenser"
  9. she does not know or care. tweets for gaming streams are when she remembers and not helpful, everything else is on par with old people
  10. This is so sick!! Your style is incredible
  11. uncalled for ss13 fear street crossover art
  12. had a rough shift where station was sold to syndicate and chiki got declared a traitor. fighting for her life with a taser an officer gave her to make the fight easier lol.
  13. and now i upload a ton of art i forgot to upload, sorry for the long post! Chiki eating lipstick. self-explanatory Fiona Phillips Gaming Synth Tee! A cool bartender Doodle of an evil design for chiki if she ever went off the deep end Drask Mamma Mia. weirdly, this one was a request Atmoloid Skyla over that one anime cosplayer pic and lastly art of chiki sleeping (very very rare)
  14. several people gave me the idea of Chikitita picking up streaming and Fiona abusing the donations. and a grimmer doodle. I think chikitita has nightmares about dying at work and waking up centuries later after all her organic/non-vox friends have passed away. spoilered for light surgical gore!
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