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  1. in a bit of an ss13 hiatus since im crashing at my girlfriends place so heres a doodle of mine that went a little out of control! I dont draw big scenes often, gotta start somewhere
  2. ..I'VE ACTUALLY SEEN YOUR TAJARAN IN-GAME BEFORE! I distinctly remember thinking the art was super pretty, nice work!
  3. oh cute! you draw vox so adorable
  4. this is such a cute artstyle!!! can't wait to see more
  5. hawaiian shirt gang! The way you draw Dionae is adorable, also
  6. I don't have an excuse for this other than it made me laugh
  7. (I hope it wasn't invasive to search your mc username) but I think yours looks nice! Minecraft skins are the perfect model for IPC, lol Checking mcskinsearch also reminded me that I had a vampire version of the Chikitita skin for a Halloween event on my friends minecraft server
  8. @Darkmight9 I did the background by taking a few reference photos in a SS13 gmod map, lmao nothing clever
  9. My half of an art trade with the ever-talented @Drakeven! I love your characters, and I had a lot of fun with this! It made me wanna do more with my backgrounds tbh
  10. I've still been slow on regular art but I figured some people would get a kick out of the minecraft skin of my vox I've been using for like 2 years
  11. I've been on another jimmy buffet kick recently. Take this chill vox in these trying times
  12. Also yes, Aol was a mime. Those were dark times.
  13. Because I haven't felt up to drawing lately I'm finally posting old ss13 art from 2017! Wow that's three years ago somehow. I used to draw almost exclusively in pixels til my old tablet broke, and I haven't found a new program I really like yet. First one is my girlfriend's IPC from when she would play chaplain. Glory to Synthetica and all that jazz. I remember what got me into this game besides the cute bird species was watching her sacrifice some random in the chapel to cyborgification. Good times. Second is the character I learned the game with, Mary Wanuh! The name isn't creative, but I had a fun gimmick of obsessing over radiation and gathering the greytide to steal plasma for me only slightly self-antagging Chester, if you're reading this, you were my favorite gang member acolyte. Weirdly enough, I ended up drawing references for her for artfight in late 2018, because I didn't want all my characters on display to just be bird people lol And the most poorly aged, the clown. I don't know why but I hate this one. I also did some pencil sketches around the same time as these that I might as well add to the collection here. This was my old unathi, Aol Haikszru(?) I actually don't remember how to spell her last name Literally no other art of her exists because her only purpose was to let me play as another species until I unlocked vox
  14. (I figured my crew record was very outdated, so I wanted to fill one out here after two or three years of playing the character!) First Name: Chikitita Last Name: N/A Gender: Female Orientation: Lesbian Nicknames/Alias: Chiki Picture/s: (art by @dogstarlight on twitter) (ID photo art by me) Age/D.O.B: 24 years Place Of "Birth": Arkship "Survivor of The Fighting Winds of the Star North" or "Fighting-Winds" Species: Vox Blood Type: B+ Alignment: Chaotic Birdbrain (someone said this as a joke but I think it's accurate enough) She tries her best to be good, but often makes dangerous and poor decisions out of curiosity. She can be very spiteful if she thinks she's been wronged. Affiliation: Employed by Nanotrasen. Loyal to kin. Admires the USSP despite having no actual substantial interactions with them. Religious Beliefs: Thinks the Honkmother is a real thing. Childhood: Spent her childhood on her Arkship learning the skills of a medic which she used to assist the assorted skipjacks. Left to make a new name for herself when she was old enough to be hired by most intergalactic workplaces at 17 years. Worked lots of odd jobs from ship to ship, never staying long enough to have a solid home and always leaving for where she thought the grass would be greener. For a time before she found work with Nanotrasen she became interested in the USSP, seeking a fair and equal work environment, but she could never make contact with contact with them. Adulthood: Begrudgingly, she took up a position with Nanotrasen, thinking she could make change from the inside. This.. has yet to come to fruition, but she now considers most of the crew on the NSS Cyberiad to be her friends, and can't bring herself to leave them even if she wanted to. She found a calling in medbay due to her prior training. She has lots of practice in the position from her time on the Arkship, and she appreciates the "respect" and attention from a job well done. Odd jobs in the past have primed her for service roles, if the position is ever empty, and she loves talking to others. Some crew have complimented her skills as a bartender. Detailed Information Appearance: Stands at about 3"5, a perfectly average height for vox, with uncommon but not unusual greenish blue coloring. Her eyes are a bright pinkish red, and she has her quills styled into a short purplish-red mohawk (whether its her natural quill color is unknown). Her blue sweater is a constant, and it looks old and worn. Character Voice: Loud. She likes to sing, and considers herself musically talented. She is not. (Art by the incredibly talented @jackomallows on twitter) Personality: Very sociable. Lives for attention, even if it isn't always as positive as she thinks. She tends to lose focus a lot, and her curiousity leads her to make very poor decisions sometimes. She is capable of maintaining enough composure and seriousness to take charge of situations if needed, but even if there isn't an emergency she gets stressed out easy. (see: medbay.) She hates to lose patients, as most doctors do, but seeing one of her kin die can drive her into hysterics, and she will desperately attempt to bring them to health until something pries her away, even if it is futile. She takes patients dying in her care very personally, and frequently blames herself for their passings, calling herself a "killer" when asked about the incidents. She has a soft spot for IPCs, who she thinks are cute and diminuative, despite most of them being taller than her. Medical Record: Has what most people consider a caffeine addiction. She thinks it's just a mark of how efficient she is. Character Biography Background: A vox who spends most of her time in medbay as a somewhat respectable nurse. If not in medbay, she is likely drinking a soy latte or getting herself into dangerous situations she doesn't need to be in. Look for her in medbay, the bar, or wherever there are problems. Family: Closest thing to family outside of her kin is ipc SOA-303, who she is very close to and spends lots of time with whenever she isn't working. She is very protective, as she doesn't completely understand ipc and worries if she loses her she'll be gone permanently. History: Her stack isn't very old, but she gets very anxious she isn't putting the gift of consciousness to good use and strives to be a trailblazer in something that would get her remembered. Other Information Her usual drink order is a soy latte. Faction Relations Allied | Love | Like | Neutral | Dislike | Hate | Enemy Nanotrasen - dislike. Unless her boss is in the room. She joined thinking she could help the workers but got crushed by the bureaucracy of it all. Syndicate - dislike. Approves of their goal of bringing down the corporations, but hates their methods. She's seen too many e-sword murders in medbay to respect them. USSP - love, at least she thinks so. They've got the right idea, never met them though. SolGov - Neutral. No substantial interactions. A crewmember said they're responsible for anime and she doesn't know what that is. She reserves her judgement.