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  1. This is so cute!!!! I'll slide this here >_> (lesbian pride flag)
  2. I totally forgot you named that one Gallagher for me, this is so adorable still
  3. Haven't been uploading to forum as often as I used to, I've been drawing a lot and I got lazy figured this one belonged here, though choose your fighter: paradise station medbay lineup (sorry I left out a ton of medmains it was just whoever I remembered the morning I drew this u_u)
  4. THIS IS SO COOL.. I love stuff like this
  5. i love idunn and freya so much :( ur rly good at emotional art
  6. UR ARTS SO SICK i dont have art comments i just love it
  7. I love the visors on this, sick!
  8. Comic redraw of a drask joke that made me laugh Redraw comic of a TGP joke with my friend's IPC
  9. Also, I can't believe I forgot to put my favorite character art I've done on the forums lmao
  10. screencap redraw doodle from a cool event cuz im a sucker for that kind of stuff
  11. I thought it would be fun to paint over my character's sprite Who knew there was an uncanny valley for vox
  12. Posted this image in the art channel on the discord a while back and told people to draw their spaceman over it I could not have imagined the amount of responses it would get, holy shit. All credit to @HandyBoy for putting them all together in one place! It sums up paradise perfectly, lol, I love it.
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