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  1. Now I can finally post this! Tetra "I use duct tape as anesthetic" Vega
  2. turned out.. way edgier than i wanted, but fun art of a cult shift last week for day 11: summon! Not the scariest cultist or the most effective or the most alive poor kikeri
  3. Two lazy armaIis doodles because day 4 was long limbs, also
  4. Comic based on real events Thank you, Rubix,
  5. Day 3 of monstober is shadow, and someone suggested soulstone'd chiki turned out way cooler than i expected for a quick doodle
  6. Not really my art per se but I'll put it here anyway Edited the heroforge chikitita I made to include details they didnt have and make it even more uncanny valley :p
  7. Doodled some very dumb vox emotes today out of boredom
  8. Not space station 13 related but it is space game related i drew my among us astronaut with a quote from something that happened during a game with my friends, lol
  9. Small doodle of Chikitita back when she was a raider! I thought the idea that her quills are naturally brown and she dyes them to look cool now was funny I've just felt like drawing vox lately, I should branch out
  10. Forgot to put this dumb comic here, lol featuring koik, kikeri, and The One Who Saws
  11. Been very busy and my attention span has limited me to simple vox doodles What I imagine Tokorizo and Kikeri's first interaction was like as polar opposites
  12. From a conversation about how the only way to prevent a certain vox's gruesome deaths would be a giant hamster ball Death finds a way
  13. dumb comic about a very unlucky vox who I've seen get cluwned, gibbed, and delimbed in the engine mere *minutes* after I remind them to stay safe Poor Esfor
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