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  1. My totally not ripped from my ongoing tabletop game IAA character! She's a paperwork addict, a bitch, and really fun to draw. Especially when things go bad for her. Has a bad habit of taking bullets to the brain, historically Spoiler for cartoon gore!
  2. I always liked to imagine if she had a fight theme it would be something annoying and repetitive
  3. I always thought the inspirations for her design were obvious
  4. Inspired by dungeon meshi, got a bit carried away with a doodle here. behold, chiki as almost every species
  5. how mad would you be if I told you I've made actual culinary decisions irl with the thought "well Fiona would do it and people still like her so it's not that bad"
  6. another art dump! Diagram I didn't realize I never put here. My personal dumb explanation for how a vox can chug a bottle with a mask on. Bubblegum's impressive and extremely worrying rotatium shift and Fiona Phillips being a woman after my own heart.
  8. Three vastly unrelated images edit of my chiki ref for the casual civ outfit I wear when I can't get the nurse hat Walten files inspired over-the-top creepypasta art of @Pegasnow's IPC CURE#FF99FF And lastly Baguette Jade with her funny hat
  9. doodled my self-insert wizard character from test server shenanigans. sadly did not get many screencaps before I was turned into a xenomorph
  10. GOD part 2 hit like a brick.
  11. Watched the fear street trilogy with friends (amazing movies, can't recommend enough), made me wanna draw some spess weapons and murder idunn (botany hatchet, cult dagger, and dental drill)
  12. @White In Sky didn't approve of it (bad taste)
  13. oh oh me too me too Standard sprite ignoring that the nurse dresses are RNG so it's different every round Casual outfit I like to imagine she wears off-shift (has gotten me tazed before) Rev outfit from when I was sad nobody suspected me and tried to look as suspicious as possible (still failed, people just thought it was cute) Dress I switch to in the week leading up to Christmas A normal, tailless biped that is certainly not a vox and finally, a vox can dream.
  14. Lillian and chiki had a very strange Ragin' Mages shift
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