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  1. I guess it would make more sense and be easier then to just do the "everyone gets syndie encryption key" as a CentComm experiment in how it affects communication! Still get that "everyone can hear what everyone says over radio" and can throw actual traitors off a bit (though the agent communication channel would maybe be trollable as it's anonymous)
  2. Name of Event: Interdepartmental Communications Experiment One Sentence Description: Everyone shares one radio channel, no department radios for the shift Map Changes: No Code Changes: No Suggested Number of Players: Any Full Description of Event: In order to test how it affects interdepartmental communication, CentComm is experimenting this shift by disabling all unique departmental radio channels. Everyone must use the general radio channel for all their radio communication, from Service and Cargo all the way up to Command. Everyone must still follow SoP and Spacelaw, and do their jobs, but does it make their jobs easier or harder if everyone can hear everything Security or Command has to say? Can the crew keep things together with fully open communication, or will it just cause more chaos? CentComm may also disable the messaging server to force even more open communication! This is likely to be a minor boon to antags, but it may also mean they have limited options for secret communication, and means their moves may be telegraphed to the whole station. The only negatives I can see in this is a possibility that this may promote valid hunting, though those who want to valid hunt already have a lot of chances, so I see that as a minor issue at worst. I don't know TCOMMS that well, so if disabling all the channels but the main one is too hard, an alternative version of this could be CentComm giving everyone repurposed Syndicate Encryption Keys, so the channels stay, but everyone can hear on them and talk on them.
  3. Big fan of the Coroner one as well as the Librarian one (I'm generally a fan of antag items that can be used to confuse people as to what kind of antag they're facing)
  4. No idea how feasible this is, but I've always liked things that are slightly randomized each shift, so what about making the non departmental animals spawn from a random list. So sometimes you get Coffee the Crab, but sometimes you get Veronica the Snake in dorms, or sometimes instead of mice in maint you get lizards?
  5. I like this a lot. More of a random thought than an actual suggestion, what about extending the bar fully north to the dorms? Gives extra room for that cozy nook, and having a direct path between the dorms and the bar without entering maintenance would be aesthetically nice. It's already a directish path, so i don't see it really changing the flow of traffic that much (plus the dorms aren't the busiest part of the station already, so this could encourage more travel that way. Only thing I could see going against it would be that it cuts down a teensy bit on maintenance pathing to the dorms for antags, but they have a door just to the right above the kitchen...
  6. A quote instead of a picture, since it's just a transcript of a recording: Transcript: [00:00] Recording started. [00:03] Aristotle Texas says, "Ian" [00:09] Aristotle Texas says, "say what name you want" [00:11] Zuki'Wess exclaims, "YAP!" [00:15] Aristotle Texas says, "i can record it and then i can play it back" [00:18] Aristotle Texas says, "and then give you that name" [00:30] Comrade Ian says, "woof" [00:31] Aristotle Texas says, "the recording is going" [00:35] Comrade Ian says, "cyka" [00:40] Recording stopped. [00:40] Recording started. [00:44] Aristotle Texas says, "try again" [00:47] Aristotle Texas says, "say what name you want" [00:52] Aristotle Texas says, "or do you just want to be ian" [01:02] Comrade Ian says, "leave me be you fucking capitalist pig" [01:06] Recording stopped.
  7. Behold, MacTavish Station! A mysterious antagonist jammed CentComm's transmissions and declared that it was to be battle royale amongst all crew members, and that they would slowly destroy the outer edge of the station, and that not killing each other would be punished. The entire engineering department said "Screw that" and grabbed everything nailed down and moved to the Engineering Station. By the end of the round, we had a working medbay, R&D, robotics lab, plus we all had all-access (thanks to the HoP attacking and then losing to our Mechanic when they returned to the station unawares), had destroyed the station's engie shuttle console and surrounded the Engineering station in a metal foam shell so that we could be attacked, and were expanding our space, building a mech, finishing a chem lab, and prepping one of our engineers for surgery to fix a punctured lung (the surgeon was going to be the one medbay chemist who had kindly requested to join up with us in our escape). We all voted to stay on the engineering base when the shuttle was called to the main station, and we named our new base in honour of our CE who had done a bang-up job keeping us focused and organized (including before the madness kicked off). (Had the round not ended, we were going to try starting on an atmos system (though a lack of gas canisters was going to get in the way of that, probably), build a second set of solars with the solars crates we'd brought with, and tried setting up a telecomms system)