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  1. put some more stuff into this thing, mainly a psych eval. i have no writing experience so i will kiss you on the mouth if you give me any tips or tell me what doesn't work in here or what's bad, no matter how blunt or honest you are
  2. Employment File: Dr. med. Ashtshis Lachqat Physical Identifiers: Age: 25 | Gender: Male Species: Vulpkanin | Blood Type: O+ Other Identifiers: - One Prosthetic - Leg, Left, Starts above the knee, Unmarked, Superficially resembles a Ward-Takaheshi Model. Nanotrasen patented wiring and machinery. Personnel Photo: A pair of strained eyelids almost conceal tired eyes and the faint smile he's managed to sneak into the ID photo is basically
  3. roarbark


    I've started playing on Paradise earlier this year and since I've been somewhat active on the discord, I thought I'd introduce myself and write down a bit about who I am. In-game I play Ashtshis Lachqat, mostly in medical but I've been trying out security a bit, but my actual name's Lukas and I live in germany. I turned 20 years old (what the fuck) this november. Earlier this year I finished school and this October I started my three year long vocational training to become a technical anesthesia assistant, who is basically the guy who takes care of the anesthesia equipment as we
  4. also the tighter your grab the more damage. smashing someone into a window with a neck grab deals 30, stuns and breaks the window. an aggressive grab only deals 8 iirc
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