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  1. It's been a bit! Take them.
  2. I was actually thinking about this the other day! I'm glad someone suggested it before me, haha. I think it'd make for lots of good RP hooks as well. Its hard to assume a character is new to a job based on their title alone, especially for those of us who aren't regulars and don't want to be rude by accident. It makes nice workplace conversation rp, especially on slower rounds.
  3. I still can't get over this. it looks so good when both end up on either monitor it's one of my favourite angel drawings
  4. These are still literally so cute !!!!!!
  5. I return again for a monthly dump I'm gonna split some of these up this time :] Buncha doodles based off convos when I had no tablet pen Doodle batch 1 More finished-up ones :]
  6. Closed as of 26/01/22 Additional +$15-$20 (depending on complexity) per prop + Half base price per extra character +$15 for simple backgrounds +$30 for complex scene backgrounds (tentative) Sketches $20 +$10 for colour Animated Icons $100+ Price varies with complexity I won't do some species due to complexity Examples of Animated Icons: WILL DRAW: Humanoids Furries (Both anthro & feral) Pokémon Couples Minor blood/gore/wounds Fan characters Canon characters WON'T DRAW: NSFW/Fetish content Major Violence/Gore Bigotry Mechas/Robots/Lots of armour Anything immoral/illegal (this means i wont draw inappropriate art of minors yall dont take this too literally) if youre unsure what this entails feel free to ask. yes i will draw drugs and violence. Very complex scenes/backgrounds/environments (this can vary, so feel free to ask first!) Some species such as Dionae, Kida, Plasmamen, & Drask are a little on the tentative side, but I am not 100% opposed to trying. I have the right to turn down anything that feels too complex for me or makes me uncomfortable. ♡ All prices are in USD ♡ Payments are upfront & through invoices on Paypal ♡ If you're interested in something not listed please ask! However I cannot promise a set price beforehand. ♡ These are base prices and can vary by complexity, characters, etc... ♡ A reference of some kind is required when commissioning me. This can be an actual ref sheet, a scribble, random art or even detailed flavour text. I will not accept screenshots of your character alone. If you only have a screenshot, then there is a $20 design fee per character with the commission. Please private message me either here or on discord if you're interested or have any questions. Please do not ping me in this thread. Trello (To-Do list) More examples of my art can be found on my art thread!
  7. Hi I Have A Lot Here Oh God. Oh God Spoilered because of how many there are.
  8. LOVE ♥♥♥♥ im still in love with the mayhem one
  9. More for the Pile today :D Warning for blood in some of these
  10. thank u!!!!! i love them!! sm!! oh yeah totally. :p I've had the idea for a bunny/jackalope IPC for a long time but after watching TWF i got more solid ideas and kinda ran with it cause indulgence. shes 100% shamelessly based off banny.
  11. hi :D i have a whole pile today Spoilered as usual cause theres a lot
  12. I wanted to write/share a few of my own headcanons, hopefully they don't directly go against canon aha. Though they're all kinda small things, so. I took a bit to write these down cause I have quite a few, and some aren't 100% mine I think (or I got the idea from a convo) so I'll tag appropriately (Sorry if something doesn't make sense, I'll probably make edits later when I'm not about to pass out) Because Vulps have big families and Tajara are very community-oriented, the two species throw really good parties. (came up with @JackoMallows) Vulps are known for having really loud, extravagant parties, while Tajara are more known for elegant and fancy ones. These are both stereotypes. Tajara parties are ESPECIALLY important to their culture. Vox display affection by holding tails or bumping beaks. (also came up with this while talking to @SlimeBird) Tajara are stereotypically a little snobby when it comes to appearance, which came about during their artistic renaissance. They are literally pretty kitties. Tajara have big beauty pageants and fashion shows to show off their fur coats or fashions. Tajara musicals are very popular across the galaxy. Tajaran kittens are sometimes given claw caps when misbehaving, though they've also become a fashion statement. USSP planets/colonies/stations/ect being "cheap & poorly ran" is mostly SolGov propaganda. While it's not entirely false - there are plenty that are - more and more planets have become autonomous zones. These planets still group themselves with the USSP, but are 100% self-ran and are the result of the USSP not being a very strong government force. There are a few groups scattered across the galaxy dedicated to helping victims of The Syndicate, and some who try to fight The Syndicate directly (though are unfortunately unsuccessful) Similarly, however, there are also groups who pretend to help victims. The Syndicate themselves have had people fake these groups to lure more people in. "Syndicate Scams" aren't uncommon, but aren't easy to find either. People actively seeking The Syndicate out are more likely to get scammed. Modern medicine has made people more accident-prone since many figure they can be fixed easier than they could hundreds of years ago. This is all I can remember from the top of my head, but I know I probably have more I'm forgetting ^^
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