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  1. 32x32 scaled to 48x48? Horrifying.
  2. The recipe could be changed to require epinephrine/ephedrine and formaldehyde instead of holy water. Husking and organ damage seems like a good thing to replace gibbing with (How is it getting the force to spontaneously explode people with?). Husking is extremely visible, unlike organ damage which a new player could cause again and again wondering "why doesn't this WORK??". Another option is that 1-2 limbs fall off. Names that could be used: Someone on Discord suggested Verticalicine as a joke(Cures horizontalitis) Something a little less obvious joke could be something like Elevazine (-ase, -yl, whatever). I had offered up Lazarus Reagent on Discord as a bad-but-better name. My actual suggestion is Anastazine (as in anastasis, resurrection) Or you could go with something entirely random. Maybe pull out an obscure trek med name from the show.
  3. Having mitocholide organ revival act like debridement in Organ Manipulation would just be a huge quality of life improvement, and wouldn't really make SR revival too overpowered or something. It doesn't circumvent the real mechanical hurdles of SR revival. Strange Reagent is, like other parts of medbay including simple surgeries, always suboptimal to the 'stop having interesting gameplay' button that is the cloner, when available. "Given the opportunity, players will optimize the fun out of a game." Another issue SR has(other than the silly name) is that it's a 1u chem(including mitocholide and mutadone), which always feels kind of cheap and cheesy to me, when they could require varying amounts of chems or have effects over time. This ends up creating a cheap solution for chemistry where you just make 40 1u pills of any of these and forget about it. No more job work really, time to make meth or colorful reagent or something.
  4. I'm a month late for feedback, but so is everyone else I guess. That was a great event. I'd love to see more like this, or even just plain re-runs of it. Competitions, shows, anything that's a bit competitive and non-violent is a great event idea. Glad to see my 30-second masterpiece, 'The Death of Honkcrates' in there.
  5. I think this would be a great feature idea, and would create a form of competition that's: A) Conducive to conversation. B) Not bloodsport. C) Not taking up an area the size of the bar and requiring 20 minutes setup time. D) A game people actually know how to play. Try actually organizing a game of poker. Good luck.
  6. I was recently in Situation 1 actually(except it was the HoS). An admin proactively messaged me that I was cleared for lethal force to defend my core in the eyes of the rules(which is an awesome way to admin by the way). It ended up with a bit of a standoff with the laser turrets. This, combined with a leap of faith that the HoS wasn't about to wipe me or keep me carded indefinitely, caused me to just relent to being carded so I could keep fulfilling laws 2-3 sooner. Personally I rate 'expense' based on the law priority given. Basically your option 2.
  7. Personally I would recommend making sure you have something to eat. Rounds are over 2 hours long. Don't antag on an empty stomach, your anxiety will quintuple. And as Rurik said, "Think less, act more." is key in my experience.
  8. Yeah, and he should post a PR for it on the seventeenth of August. That too.
  9. Running that scam was tons of fun. I messaged literally every PDA, I got the details of about five people and other interactions from about a dozen more. But Todd Rutabaga was the funniest one.
  10. Love the maintenance hangouts, Woj. Keep building them. I've got a lot of material for this thread, but I'll keep it to three for now. The ideal HoP office. That time we built a pool in maintenance (with admin help for the water itself) Here's how I design the bar. It tries to maintain bar visibility while also making tables feel a bit more comfortable and secluded.
  11. Going to miss using my space pod ads. I think I had one of the few mechanics that actually sold pods.
  12. E-Sword Fiona looks terrifying. I think it's my favorite of the 6.
  13. This is actually my first post on the forums, I loved this idea so much when I saw it on Discord. This is mostly the average outfits of what my characters wear in-game with a few subtractions where it would make it look better(e.g. HUDsunglasses and security gasmask, medical belt). From left to right, top-down: Zuixzo, Soldier of Clan Zarlan: Civilian, Security Officer, Detective, Head of Personnel, Blueshield, Atmospherics Technician Xrimqiu Qrxuq: Civilian, Chemical Researcher, Nurse, WANTED
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