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  1. Damn! You significantly improved in terms of anatomy/shapes and dynamic of poses! Characters feel much more real, alive
  2. Lets add a mech to the thread. This mech picture was inspired by gygax, but i changed the design a bit.
  3. >be holy >Make people stomachs bleed for no reason Nice
  4. i had no idea this beauty exists <3_<3
  5. May as well post last non-ss13 related art, since i am here for once.
  6. For some reason this was missing from the thread, but its fixed.
  7. In my headcannon, both greys and swarmers are related to abductors. Abductors, being much more advanced specie from outside the milky way, have performed a lot of different experiments and made a lot of bizarre inventions which can not be even known by different communities of abductors themselves.
  8. And another vox, now for @Octus!
  9. Picture for @Varshie - lovely voxxy!
  10. Picture with details and a couple of examples. Commissions are currently open You can also check my art thread here with more examples:
  11. Some art of my character lately \
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