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  1. Detective is a security role without the HUD Hud is needed (outside of magi/iaa job side to easily access records in processing for example) for spotting out certain people in crowd during patrol. Your job as an officer is not only to maintain peace and order on station, but also to find and detain/kill criminals/eocs. HUD is absolutely vital for that. However, if i understood it correctly, cadet/constable job is not to hunt down or even try to arrest certain type of wanted criminals, and by certain type i mean: full power vampire, known cultist, desword tator on steroids, suspected changeling, guy who stole captains unique gun, medbay bomber, etc. Constable should not change security-antag balance, he, in my opinion only, is here to fight "greytide" in some way. Constable is needed for new players to get familiar with security job processes (can even lock sec officer job behind some hours of constable job) and also for already experienced players to give them sort of relaxed friendly security related chatting(something you have no time for as a regular officer because you need to find and kill some half vampire half syndicate mass murderer with maxcaps and memechems) and for some easy time arrests of drunk civillians who were fighting in bar. I think, if such job was ever implemented, their wiki description and spawning chat message should state something like "you are security cadet/constable. You are here to learn. Your job is to patrol station and upkeep peace and order, you are allowed to use your given tools to detain anyone who commits minor /medium crimes. If you witness someone committing any more serious crime (or you know person is armed), or if you see wanted crewmember, you are not allowed to engage them alone, however you may assist officer during arrest. Notify security and keep an eye on the criminal. Sop blah blah blah" well, maybe better wording, but anyway. Overall, in my opinion, they should not deal with any criminal who worth more than 15 minutes in brig, and also should not go around looking for already wanted criminals, even if they are petty criminals. Just patrol around, talk with people, report to "real" security and arrest hooligans/vandals. And they certainly need no HUD for that. Thing is, they dont really need sec hud, but need in fact eye protection (Portable flashers in brig, their own flash being used against them, etc). That is my opinion. P.s. i really want to see that role implemented P.p.s remove sec huds from IAAs
  2. Blob has almost taken entire station, bodies everywhere, all air is gone (that is important, no sounds, only this song), you are in half crit, oxygen tanks is almost empty, you took the gun of the dead ERT commander nearby doing everything you can to stay alive.
  3. You are getting much better! I love the color choice!
  4. Well this was suggested many times before, in a form of security cadet for example. I dont remember reasons it was rejected though. I myself support the idea, but i want to give my corrections: Preferably new uniform, right now you suggest constables to wear the exact uniform i wear as security officer. Probably could be good idea to make them more blueish in terms of gear color, easier distinguishable from regular sec. Secondly, i would remove court room (aka useless room) and make a constable prep room there. Ideally i would also give them their unique comms channel (hos/magi would have access to it,maybe iaa too), but thats unlikely to happen. No sec huds for constable, just regular sunglasses maybe, sec huds would encourage them to hunt criminals, which, if i understood it correctly, not their job. For me, its more like a universal bouncer/peacekeeper job, person who can solve issues at hop desk line, in bar, or in medbay. Sitting on camera and helping in processing is also good addition to their duties. Overall, that role should be encouraged OOCly by staff to be taken by newer players, but also could be a good opportunity for older players to have nice peaceful security RP moments. For gear, i recommend: Constable uniform (Or gray Sec uniform, but new one is better), constable armor/jacket, constable cap, cuffs, pepper, flash, seclite. But here is the problem. 90% of security officer job is using baton and taser, and constables will learn nothing about them. Not only that, without at least baton, avarage greytider will outrobust constable with simple prison trick. How to solve it, i am not sure. Maybe give constables special protected batons that a bound to their dna? I dunno
  5. looks like vox has some problems with gas mas)
  6. unknown voxxy seems like i have a problem with revolvers