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  1. I dont really know about my character in fantasy, but this is what i imagine when i thought about grey in medieval setting. Sort of (sorry i have no idea about dnd classes/subclasses, but i assume all of them exist in dnd) arcane assassin, working for a royal family (since i love to play as a blueshield, and i love being antag, combine those two, and what do you get? thats right)
  2. I generally use this technique: What would i do? I am not antag in real life. Can i shoplift? Yes, i did that when i was a kid. You can compare it to stealing some meds from medbay fridge or insulated gloves from engineering. Would i, when bored, drive to nearby police station, ram wall and steal their guns? Certainly not. Neither would i go to clinic and steal last cancer treatment research data. Or poison food in grocery store. And so on. Anyway, while case described by tongoe is pretty clear, there are indeed situations which are not completely covered (super rare but still) server rules. And ahelp system helps greatly in such cases.
  3. McRamon

    Guide to Spriting.

    i dont think it would, but i can not unfortunately suggest any program. I am using photoshop, but its a bit too complicated if you havent used any
  4. I will not cover technical part of sprite creation process, this is more of a compilation of art tips and tricks. Only thing is I strongly recommend using any graphics program rather than dream maker itself for sprite creation, its too limited in its tools, some things that can be done in a few clicks, will take hours in dream maker. Now, lets makes some sprites, shall we? First things first. When you are making a sprite, you need to remember basic art rules (even though not always following them): 1) Light/shadow. Parts of an object, that face light are bright, parts that don't are dark. Lets talk about this rule and how do we use it in a game which has its light sources constantly move and without advanced shaders. We have very limited workspace, and sometimes things are so small that you can not allow yourself to add any sort of shading. However, its better to do it most of the time. For example look at this. Its an in-hand rubber ducky sprite. Its literally 10 pixels total. And it has shading. For a source of light, you cant rely on a real source of light in game, sicne they are not static, and it doesn't really matter that much, just pick any side and imagine light coming from there. Good choice is above the object, and slightly to the left or right of it. Also, if you are spriting something that has analogue in game already (like a new mech, or a new weapon), its better to look at other sprites and take the light source position previous spriters took. For example, mechs have light coming at them from top, with both sides symmetrically highlighted. 2) Volume. Add volume if possible (sometimes its not, again, due to how limited our workspace is). You can add volume to the sprite by making the camera angle not directly from side, but rather a bit from the top. 3) Cold/warm colors. That is less important rule, but it really help you sometimes make a great sprite, especially if you are making something big. Pick one: cold shadow/warm light or warm shadow/cold light. It depends on surroundings (for example on earth during day, sun drops warm yellow light on objects, and shadow is cold due to blue sky). Most of the light sources on station are warm, so I suggest most of the time to pick first one. Other rules, like composition, proportions and such are basically... irrelevant. Here is an example of a big metal cube sprite step by step I made following the rules. In the last frame I added details, which vary from sprite to sprite depending on what exactly you are spriting. I added some symbols on front side to make the cube look like it is maybe magical, or people worship it like a god. This type of details is a good tool to add meaning to your sprite. Then, i added shadow at the bottom. Most of the time you don't want shadows underneath your objects. Especially if they can be moved, ESPECIALLY if you can pick them up. However, a shadow may be used on big static objects, like this one - a giant metal cube, certainly not moving anywhere and just gloriously sitting in one place dropping shadow like a boss. Now lets talk about spriting using an actual example. I have made a sprite of a drink. I imagined that I got an order: some anonymous maintainer decided to add to the game a new drink. Lets say they made some nuclear reactor, which while working, produces some liquid nuclear waste. If you combine it with vodka, some radioactive drink is made, which irradiates people who consume it. Maintainer needed a sprite for the drink and they called for us to make one. This part about having specific object we are making sprite for is needed to show process of sprite creation (at least, how i do it). Here is the process: 1) I took a basic shape of a glass with some toxic green liquid inside. Good start. 2) Gradient. Excellent tool for a drink, definitely using this. Lower - darker, lets say we have some sort of precipitate at the bottom. 3) Dark bottom. Notice, how we are looking at drink not directly from side, but a bit from the top. That dark line is the bottom of the glass, standing on a table. 4) Highlight on the glass. Here I did what i told before - i looked up at all the other drink sprites and used the same angle of light source. 5) Details! I decided to put in a straw for a drink to look less boring. You can add whatever you want, it is just an example. Also I used red color for a straw because of contrast. You can see how it looks much better than some other colors. Also notice, how i made straw's opacity lower at the bottom, good way to represent depth and the precipitate of the drink. We also have a great tool - animation. Animation is something that brings life to your sprite, really makes people believe in it. With animation, you can highlight certain parts of a mob or object, which on a static sprite just blend in, without any chance for people to distinguish it. Sometimes animation is necessary to represent certain properties of an object or mob, like sparkles in a soda drink, fire of a campfire and so on. In our example we have radioactive drink. And what represents radioactivity? Thats right, menacing green glow! Just a few frames, and here is your drink, cheers! Animation has some weird pixel on one of the frames, but dont worry, its just weird result of image scaling Different tips and tricks: 1) Use references. It is as good for spriting as it is for regular art. 2) Look at existing sprites. Use them as a guidelines. Sometimes you can even take few existing sprites and combine their parts to create something new. 3) Don't be lazy. Good sprite, even if its something small, takes time to create. Always make different basic variations, pick one you like most and work with it. 4) Practice. If you don't have anything to work on, take something you like (for example a monster from your favorite videogame or a coat you like) and try to create a sprite of it. Who knows, maybe people will even use it at some point. 5) Practice, practice, practice. 6) Practice. 7) When you make sprite, place it in environment. Make a screenshot in game or manually create a room using sprites from dream maker, and place your sprite in the world. If its a repetitive sprite (like floor tile), place a few copies next to each other. This is basically a testmerge, but for sprites. Look for mistakes and fix them. Did I mention practice? P.S. Its kinda hard to make a big text in language i am not native in, so please point out at any grammar mistakes i made.
  5. Imho some stuff, even if its not one of traitor objectives, should stay grand theft. Highly dangerous stuff. Weapons, explosives, slime cores which may result in horde of angry monsters eating crew, and so on
  6. to be honest, you cant even be sure you are sentient. Of course you may think "hell, here i am , i can feel myself being alive, i can think, i can make decisions!" but... in the end, you are just a group of chemicals forming a brain doing its complex stuff which results in some form of consciousness, free will is an illusion and brain just follows its biologically programmed code reacting to stuff like it should react to stuff. Like Emily mentioned AI being programmed to think it is sentient, and it is not truly sentient. Well, we humans are also programmed, just not by a coder, and rather by a long history of different chemicals reacting with each other in a random chaotic (not really chaotic, but that is another story) way, followed by a long history of evolution, which resulted a specie of a "biological robots" who think they are sentient. If Ai is sentient or not, is more like a question "is AI synthetic brain as comlex as human brain?" if it is, then yeah, AI is as sentient as a human, with its little differences of course. if it is possible to fabricate a brain then this brain is sentient. Even though sentience is an illusion in the first place
  7. That would require quiet some balancing thinking, i am not even sure where to start
  8. Nothing is more amusing than a group of traitors lurking around station punching people in groin
  9. Well, everybody is aware of clockwork cult. And as far as i am aware, heads would love to see as much content as possible. But who is going to code clockwork? Thats the question. Also clockwork has nothing to deal with blood (and its basically fluff reskins), why would you replace a reskin with completely different antag? Clockwork comes on its own. If you make the clockwork/bloodcult interactions, it can easily be clockwork/death or clockwork/hell
  10. Hello and welcome! Dont forget to hit f1 and use mentorhelp for game mechanics related questions!
  11. green plants (cactus? whatever) have healing chems in them
  12. I usually spend time assassinating people for Kremlin
  13. Who won? Did it end as usual?