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  1. Some art of my character lately \
  2. I am pretty sure by "raging" he just meant the property of raging mages where its not 1 wizard but rather waves of wizards, which he implies here - waves of "nukies"
  3. Looks interesting at a first glance, but feels like it will take quiet some coding hours. Lets see wha pro game developers have to say about this, in the meantime you have a like from me
  4. https://www.paradisestation.org/forum/topic/20943-make-antags-that-end-the-round-on-death-call-an-end-round-vote-instead/?tab=comments#comment-156300
  5. commission for @Cheeseman
  6. So upon death of a wizard/bolb/whatever you start technically a fresh round, where: half the windows on station are broken for spears, crew runs around random places while being armed, some people might have weird access added, armory is empty, etc. Tbf, i'd rather start a fresh round.
  7. ok i need to take a break
  8. and to follow up, robust Jade Burnwood! tacticool gang!
  9. after all the years, finally decided to draw my own character
  10. Alright alright, time to post some art i guess? Lately i've got myself addicted to dnd so here is a bunch of dnd art that was made
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