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  1. remade the very first picture i uploaded in this this thread
  2. Sounds like a way for a janitor to trick someone into giving interesting chemicals or toxins. I like that actually. Just needs to be quiet rare so station doesnt get filed with untemovable dirt 30 minutes into the round
  3. its not an interesting item. its boring, its bad from the perspective of realism (coffin would not fit under floor tile no matter how hard you try) and its also absolutely not necessary. There are million ways of making a body unrecoverable/unclonable, there is no need such an item. The vague concept of a traitor item that has something to deal with body of your target though? That may be interesting, but it needs a lot of thinking.
  4. Little tribute to blood cult update combined with my love to skrell
  5. i dont think this deserves its own thread
  6. they also have some chemical that heals you slowly (not sure which one). Heal amount is not big tho
  7. Stay tuned for more skrell
  8. I know you guys want more skrells
  9. Well i havnt seen that in game myself. But i just summarised all the sprites that were changed.
  10. Addiction can never be realistic in ss13. Even if we count our 2h shift as a 12h, nothing, not even hardest of drugs can develop.addiction in such a small period. Therefore, addiction here is only a game mechanic meant to counter combat wise strong drugs. My suggestions: 1) drugs have perfect property irl which could be added in game as a counter measure: hangover. Outside of OD, if you take lets say meth, you also become slower after effect is gone, and most importantly, during the hangover period drugs are non effective. 2) you cant get addicted from anything. To keep th
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