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Artists that like drawing Spacepeople, Spacerobots, Spacelizards, Spacebirds and all the other type of space things there is. No matter the skill level, if you've done or enjoy doing artworks then feel free to pop in!
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  2. I'll say we'lll dooo this with like... Five people? Yus.
  3. Hello everyone! This hasn't been a very active group, but then again none of them really are. That said I love fostering art in our little community! So, I'm endeavoring to make a Paradise Station Secret Santa. If you're interested, please say so on this thread. If we get enough people, perhaps it's something we can do.
  4. i mean,its not really hard,but you need to have do a lot of trial and error using the tools you have,everytime trying different to see what result you want more,its more a question of patience.
  5. Colour theory, something Artist should know but most artist don't really care too much to know about it. But what is the purpose of colour theory? Basically to know what colours go well with each other, and how to use them to portray a mood you're setting. FIRST; The Basics Primary Colours: Red, Yellow, Bluee Secondary Colours: Orange, Green, Violet Tertiary Colours: Orange-Yellow, Red-Orange, Violet-Red Blue-Violet, Blue-Green, Green-Yellow Hue Saturation - This would be colour before adding any lights or dark. Most of the time you wouldn't use all of your colours in full saturation as it can sometimes be straining on the eyes, plus they don't always look well together. Complementary Colours- If they're opposite from the from each other on the colour wheel, they'll probably go well with each other Red - Green Yellow - Purple Orange - Blue RGB - Red, Green, Blue This is what the internet and computer normally uses CMYK - Cyan, Magenta, yellow, Black This is what printers normally uses SECOND; Picking the right colours There's a few things to keep in mind what you're wanting the setting of your drawing/picture to be, is the setting cold are dark? Have more blues and/or purples. Is the setting more warm and bright? Have more yellows and oranges. Do you want colours to be more in harmony? Looking at the colour wheel, pick one colour and then the two beside it will still work with them. Example, picked green? You can use Yellows and Blues with it. If you're wanting something to pop from the picture, that's when you keep the complementary colours in mind. Example, if you have mostly blues and violets in your picture the object you'd like to pop would be orange or yellow. Colours and Meanings Colours can a many sorts of meanings, and can make people feel things. So here's some examples that I took from my old book from college, "Color Workbook" by Becky Kornig Red- Blood, Martyrdom, Sin, War, Anger, Fire, The Sun, Sexuality, Evil, Fertility, masculinity, Festivity Yellow- Treachery, Cowardice, Light, Truth, Warning, Cheerfulness, Spirituality, the Sun, Gold, Radiance, Earth Blue- Heaven, The celestial sphere, Water, Baptism, Space, Coolness, Eternity, Faith, Serenity, Wisdom, Feminine Green- Spring, Resurrection, Envy, Holiness, Charity, Regeneration Black- Death, Evil, Darkness, Void, Witchcraft, Sadness, Mourning, Time, Rebirth White- Light, Air, Purity, Marriage, Death, Redemption, innocence, Surrender •Might add more to this when I think about it•
  6. Heck yeah! Neat pixel work, I'm trying to get into it myself! Got any adviceeeee?
  7. Oh wow I just saw this! Thank you so much! These like some good studies.
  8. boyos like me need to get by you know,i do mostly pixelart comissions at friendly prices and pretty set. just PM me in discord and we can talk stuff out and have some meems. your friendly IPC senpai.
  9. Sometimes I get people asking me how to draw something (or to look over at drawing they're working on) to see what my input is, sometimes that leads me to sketch up something to help show them better. When I bored I would attempt to redline some drawings... because I have nothing better to do. *Redline-ing is just when an artist (or someone) draws over a drawing/picture to help show any possible flaws that could be improved on. I thought why not show some of the stuff in here to see if it'll help anyone else!!
  10. Maybe we should have a thread for each character? That sounds like a good idea!

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