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  1. Sounds good. I’d like a chance for some of the other spriters to have picking-preference, so if there’s anything someone needs but absolutely no one else wants to do, shoot me a ping
  2. I'm sure you know the spiel by now, everyone's making tier lists for roles and it sounded fun to me to try. I bring this to you with a massive yet unknown amount of hours in the garden, so I might know what I'm talking about! Lets get right into it. F : Oooh, hatchets? Has never seen a plant grow and never will Thinks hatchets are top-tier weapon and the station is stupid for leaving all of them out Usually bald Will usually SSD after being brigged, bwoinked, or finding no victims to attempt to dice D : Farmer John Plants nothing but unmodified food
  3. This was one of the nicest things I found about the OLD OLD OLD science outpost. You could go mess with plants and the only people who would mess with you would be potential antagonists trying for offstation stuff, but if you were far enough into your plants you'd just dunk em. Memories aside, I've stopped playing regular botany because of how exhausting it is to try and teach hatchet-thirsty baldies how to plant stuff before they run off and get banned for murder. Too few rounds where multiple "xenobotanists" end up in botany and it gets frustrating to try and do advanced stuff wh
  4. Security already has access with the help of the AI, a secborg, or Jaws of Life from R&D (or, Meteor rounds for shotguns). They definitely don't need additional access built in, security already oversteps their boundaries and ruins rounds for the sake of denying greentext, this would just lead to obnoxious abuses in power by officers, more than the usual. While this makes sense conceptually, realistically most rounds are always set to Red alert, and never taken deescalated. Maybe on higher alerts than Red, but as I said, opening doors for Sec is one of the AI's key responsibilities
  5. This is a very solid idea. The only change I would suggest is going from 15 to 10 cables, but that's an incredibly minor thing just to avoid IPCs starting with a pair of cable-cuffs, which, in all honesty, shouldn't be a problem. If anyone wants to take this up, and wants to make some emergency oil injector or emergency oil container of any kind and needs sprites, shoot me a ping on Discord.
  6. Ionward

    Guide to Blob

    I'd note that making your area as a blob de-pressurized is very dangerous if the miners catch wind of you and there's enough of em still alive, but otherwise a nice concise little guide.
  7. looks great dude, keep at it!
  8. love the art! if you ever want any pixel art tips (i don't have any miracle tips) hit me up, but i'm digging the drawn and pixel-ed art!
  9. I dig this idea, it'd help make SciChem feel more professional handing out various grenades. I feel like the naming part is a little redundant, because you could use a hand labeller and accomplish the same level of organization, but that's just me personally.
  10. port vg grey spritessss (or someone set me up with the stuff how to do it myself)
  11. Neat. I'm a big fan of the actual ingame guidebook to accompany it. Gives me an idea for writing up some botany things.
  12. the service borg has all of these things already, open the space beer, take out the beer with a dropper, pour water/cola/whatever drink you want synthesized back in with the dropper, and you can now dispense that drink freely. to carry around drinks on your tray, get a piece of food, and put it in the pile of drinks. trays can ONLY pick up food items, and for some reason glass doesn't count, so click on the one piece of food in the drink pile and you can carry all of it. the service borg is also able to mix drinks with its dropper in the shaker, by dispensing bottles from the booze-o-mat and t
  13. some notes I've gotten from my personal testing: you can mutate pumpkins into blumpkins, for plasma and chlorine, then grab radium off glowshrooms and slap it onto the blumpkins, take off ammonia and plantmatter or whatever's left and you got plants that make unstable mutagen. with this, you can also make strange reagent out of botany. unstable mutagen + omnizine + holy water, so.... the previous blumpkins, lifeweed from mutating cannabis (which is obnoxious), and holy melons from mutating watermelons. combine and make 0.1 or 0.5 pills and you don't
  14. So, service borgs are in a pretty weird spot from what I can gather? They used to be ridiculous when played well, able to synthesize cryoxadone and expensive chemicals with just a small sample. Now, they are only able to synthesize things classified as a drink, I believe? This limits their practicality quite a bit. My suggestion is to give service borgs a few modules suited to cooking. A module only able to slice food, not be used as a weapon, sounds fine in my head. A way to unload the tray into the kitchen appliances, or the borg to have a module that could use and cycle through the
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