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  1. You can use it as belt storage, or put it on someones headslot to strangle them
  2. Loads Bolter with purging intent Is gud stuff
  3. Flexing the lizard does not count Trubus. Let a REAL medical professional get to work, i even brought my CLEAN glass shiv this time.
  5. Clone Memory Disorder. Just that, flat. Rather than optional, i think it should be something enforced. Because murdering Jimmy DoGood in maint because he decided it was a good idea to try and toolbox you, then have him coming rushing again five minutes later because the coroner did their job and Jimmy decided CMD was optional.... Well, why do you think a good amount of veteran antags outright space the bodies, pretty much locking one out of the round (as their usual char, that us). CMD, Dot.
  6. Wait, i just realized.... Is Zeke holding bubble tea-
  7. Not pictured: Three Ravs, one loose tank and the CO doing a BE to a random MP.
  8. See? I KNEW IT! I TOLD ALL OF YOU! The skrell boi is evilz! Get the fookin disk-
  9. According to Bay, Aurora and the occasional CM, voxes are meant to be cannon fodder/amusement targets, and not highly respected members of spess ships or stations. Naturally, those fellas are cluwnes and heretics, as they've never owned a pet vox.
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