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  1. This works on TG as a genetics traitor item, because over there, you cannot literally gib someone because their species has no lesser form. Veeeerrry bad idea imo. That being said, you technically already can inject disabilities via syringe gun if you get SM, or are a changeling with transformation sting.
  2. I honestly kinda like the idea, given that nobody else is able to really go into lavaland when the situation requires it. Its a giant meme that security going to lavaland = dead. But I do have a few questions; Are they all going to be ashproof? What about fireproof? Will those traits be gamma restricted or just normal ERT? Also make sure they get an advanced scanner, drill or pickaxe, and some bluespace shelter capsules.
  3. I think there should just be stricter ooc rules against meta behavior such as random testing like this. I’ve been arrested for invalid reasons and found to be a cultist, or tested on a whim for literally no reason; and have had the admin say ‘IC issue’. How is this an IC issue when I am supposed to have no knowledge of being a cultist, this is an IC issue I can do nothing about.
  4. Hello! This is a pretty simple and easily code-able suggestion, that I think alot of people would agree with. X-ray is a rather unfun thing to deal with, and goes very heavily against the spirit of SS13, in the sense that things should be uncertain and paranoia should be rife. Anyway my proposal is this: Change miner 'Eyes of god' to simply not drop from tendril chests anymore or rework it to be something a little more interesting and fair, maybe ghost allhud? That would be cool in my opinion. Miners have alot of toys, and free X-ray from RNG is pretty dumb game design to begin with.
  5. Honestly I think the downsides should be removed, given infinite charges, and just have a cooldown be the limiter. Visitor needs more time, ss13 is too clunky and laggy, I would say 10-20 seconds, and perhaps the option to re-use it to teleport back sooner? Also, does the glitch trap have an indicator there is a trap there, or is it invisible?
  6. I dunno, having your chems look like this and then soloing the entire security team, killing all of comand, and then a red alert level ERT and then FINALLY dying to gamma borgs - may infact be too much for a single traitor to accomplish? I would like to know some thoughts on how you beat someone like this, mechs? Mechs are considered OP too- poor comparison honestly.
  7. I found Cruciatus to be quite good in thrown hypodermic needle plants, not as good as omega weed though. (Also I think I might be half of the soap purchases)
  8. Maybe in a future where Implants and Cybernetics work totally different, but as its balanced currently.. nah fam.
  9. Literally any final fantasy boss theme for literally any of the megafauna. but give the L4D hunter theme to BDM, short and sweet + it loops easily
  10. Honestly my opinion is just keep the Cyberiad as is, and get a larger map ready for when map rotation is available. However what Free did in his Engineering remap was quite good, ripperoni.
  11. Worth mentioning, that in the event Alien Golems ARE able to be made, they are probably the strongest. Their regeneration is outright insane, like diona on steroids.
  12. Keep in mind that all of the fights can be significantly easier, or harder, based on RNG. Colossus may see fit to spam his shotgun blast, or legion may just run away forever. And yes, if for some reason you wanted to pick an optimal race, Slime People, and Diona are best. If you wanted to make each fight significantly easier just farm legion cores and bam, easy healing. Kinetic Accelerator Mods KA Triggerguard Mod - Allows species that normally cannot use the KA to use it (Vendor/Science) KA Range Mod - Increases Range by one tile (Vendor/Science) KA Damage Mod - Increases
  13. I mean yeah, if these are traditional grenades like those that would be used IRL, they wouldn't explode till you release the lever and throw them anyway.
  14. "Hey QM, can you come help me unload the shutte?" "Sure thing" *gets slipped and mind slaved*
  15. S tier QMs order the imported vending machines, so your boys can get insuls, and the brig physician can get anesthetics without a surgery crate.
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