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  1. S tier QMs order the imported vending machines, so your boys can get insuls, and the brig physician can get anesthetics without a surgery crate.
  2. If you suck at dodging or are a mob that is too slow to (golem), you can facetank the fire with enough meds, just always stay out of melee range. Do colossus pretty please.
  3. @JohanotTrashbag is just the best belt till Trashbag of holding. It doesn't kill faster than blood sucking or strangling, but you can just put it on their head and run around with them slowly dying.
  4. My own opinions, feel free to attempt to change my mind. Pre-Full Power Scour maintenance for loot, you're looking for a full tool set, insulated gloves, and a trashbag. If you manage to find an AI detector, great. If you manage to find no-slips or blood reds, even better. This is a good first thing to do as ANY Antagonist in the golden three, and even for Wizards and Slings. Identify ways you can make use of your job to start kidnapping people. Chemists/Scientists can make Perfluorodecalin and Capulettium plus, Doctors have access to a plentiful amount of blood, Miners can sabotage their tele-comms for total silence, and Engineers/Atmospherics have engineering closets and the easiest way to make hidden rooms. Keep in mind even though you have glare, you should only glare as a last resort, do not give anyone a reason to think you're a vampire unless you NEED to. You should gather a stun-prod, cuffs, and tape for your boots and the mouths of victims. Keep in mind some incredibly cringe people will choose to endlessly scream, and the only thing that can stop this is a muzzle. Blood Familiarize yourself with how blood works although its quite simple, if someone doesn't have A, B, or + then they cannot receive those types of blood. Ideally your first kidnapping victim will be AB+, which can receive any blood, and Diona, because Diona can survive somewhat longer thanks to their innate regen. If you have approximately 7 bags of blood, along with Iron and Saline-Glucose, you can enable a single person to give you full power WITHOUT killing them. In arrivals maintenance, you can grab a few free blood bags, as well as sleeper that can allow you to dialysis blood out of monkeys for you to use. You can then gather the blood of someone with O- and create stable mutagen clones of them, this will then allow you to manufacture blood any blood-type can use. Combat Borgs are your biggest weakness, every opportunity you get to make EMPs, take it. You have no innate way of stunning them, unlike Changelings, and Traitors so they should be avoided at all costs. You have an instant stun, and a stun cleanse as well as built in healing. Your stun lasts long enough for you to stun three people, cuff 1, stun the other two with a prod, and then cuff them. Keep in mind that once security starts getting re-booters your glare will become much less potent and you will struggle to fight multiple enemies. Your screech ability is an additional stun on top of your glare. Shadowstep is an instant NOPE get the fuck out button of any bad situation, however its usage is finicky at times. Jaunt is probably the most powerful ability in the game and costs surprisingly little. Gateway Explorer Best job for vampires by far, every gateway allows you to easily kidnap and drain poor explorers, ALSO gateway often comes with medical and chem setups. This allows you to get ALOT of SUCCing done with only a single person, you will find that Russian Gateway is your best friend. Traitor Vampire This antag is nearly as strong as a wizard in my humble opinion. You gain access to chameleon kit and ID, letting shapeshift become a god tier ability. You gain access to EMAG, DEsword, No Slips, etc. The first time I got this guy I choked and died nearly instantly, but second time was incredibly easy green-text. You have so many tools and avenues to use them it may be overwhelming, but stick to vampire basics and you cant go wrong. Niche Information List of niche tricks and stuff you can use as vampire that I will add and edit in as I remember them You can safely go into surgery/cryotubes even when wanted by sec, because even if they find you, you can rejuvenate the sleep away You cannot Shadowstep while asleep TLDR Avoid Borgs Make Hidey Holes Use stunprod before glare (hide your vampire identity) Abuse blood bags Hypnotize is bad Only GLARE when their damn headsets are off or if you need it to survive Kill security officers who fully implant themselves or people who endlessly *scream, they deserve no mercy. As a P.S. of playing lots of vampire, I think a change that would make vampires a lot more healthy gameplay wise and thematically, is if Jaunt costed a lot more, and thralling costed a LOT less. Most of your power as a vampire comes in the form of jaunt, and besides, making a vampire clan would be pretty cool, but isn't possible at the moment. Also getting the suck and becoming a thrall is a way better alternative to getting the suck and being left there dead, from the victims perspective.