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    Ah yes, I can attest. Be especially wary of a certain "Woje"-- the person who plays this Fiona character. They are a polish administrator disguised as a mentor and worst of all *dun dun dun* a botanist!!! The humanity!
  2. Technically, morphine and hydrocodone are analgesics, I get what you were going for here, just being a pedant. Also, you can use salicylic acid as a painkiller as well, despite the fact that it has the weakest shock reduction value of the three, it also heals brute damages which is nice. Good guide all around though, need more competent surgeons.
  3. I agree wholeheartedly. Hence why I think changeling is probably one of the worst antagonists, even more so than vampire in terms of actual enjoyment or intrigue. Needs some changes which I myself do not want to have to do; a Herculean task that.
  4. Agree to disagree. Space-walking, the regenerative stasis, x-ray, anti-stun, and speed-legs are all incredibly good and on top of that situationally better than anything in the traitor kit really.
  5. > Unless they got a nerf recently changelings are pretty fucking bonkers. I think it's just people using the kit incorrectly. However, to be fair, if you play them as intended - a stealth antagonist - it does admittedly kind of suck.
  6. Depending on the amount of foot traffic, I always like remodeling the ORs.
  7. Bathe and perish immediately. Grey is the ultimate male power fantasy.
  8. I feel like a majority of the people here are missing the root cause of bridge hoboism, it's not mapping or players just being shits, it's the jobs being boring. I mean, hell, if you can get more job engagement on fucking /tg/ where all they want to do all round is kill the bad men you know you've done something wrong. Our jobs are archaic to say the least, I don't think they've even been touched since release despite a few minor changes here and there, but I don't think any of the major systems have been touched in any substantial way (to may knowledge) other than maybe shaft miner and engineer. Obviously, Bridge Hoboism is low-roleplay and annoying, but I feel as though if we want to solve the bridge hobo problem it's not through rigid enforcement or reprimand, it's giving the bridge hobos something interesting to do.
  9. Likely because you can also get them from the clown ruin on lavaland.
  10. It was really good, however adding it as a boon kind of defeats the purpose. After reading Peak's PR it seems I just misunderstood his intent, as the wall isn't really going anywhere - it's just a fix for the brainless "cheese" you can still do it as you would normally it's just slightly more difficult.
  11. Well, not bubbles, so not every fauna. I would also argue that its not really cheese if its baked into the game mechanics as such. /tg/ has the same thing and it works fine. I would be all for the re-enabling of the hierophant for some more fun kinetic crusher gameplay. Seeing as this is the case, I would argue that the fauna that you can "cheese" is the only one that counts for "gamer" loot (yes, I can sympathize but I don't think its cheese, I'm not taking your argument in bad faith). Allow me to elaborate, essentially, there is very few pieces of "gamer loot" that you can get from the current megafauna that's actually that good for being a gamer other than drake armour, which lets be real here man drake armour is not that hard to get in the first place, spectral Blade which relies on ghosts needing to spot you one, and the specific drake transform which allows you to become a dragon; and even that one isn't too terribly good. Maybe I could see the case for this if we had tumors or Heralds that you could cheese and dropped actual bonkers loot. But for now I feel this is less the aforementioned item being too good and more the current loot pool being kinda shite.
  12. I’m well aware. Hence stripping naked faster. Dickish? Sure. Pointless? Maybe. Either way it still gets the point across that they’re being annoying.
  13. Considering this, why not just have a SOP clause for you to be able to remove their PDA/ID? Gets the stripping done faster and keeps them from upsetting the people working like... the highest burnout job where you’re already neck deep in the shit. Matter of fact, without diverting this conversation too far from its original topic; paradise needs some kind of shitter clause like they have on terry where you can just beat their shins with a chair in and have them crawl to medbay. It’s incredibly cathartic.
  14. I’ve seen people hit the glass / lightbulbs with PDAs and it just irks me. Like, sir, I understand you’re almost at the metaphorical shitter finish line and won’t stop at banging the glass to piss off security, but could you instead consider getting a life.
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