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  1. Blood triplets sounds like a deacons of the deep style boss lmfao. Honestly the only thing I'd change is give 'em access to code words and some kinda traitor PDA cracking device so they could muck over other traitors. Could be an interesting flair on what they got on /tg/! There are very few mechanical advantages to messing with other antagonists as an antagonist in the current state of the game, so some antag vs. antag conflict could be cool; I enjoyed it the scant few times I've done it -- far more than teaming that is -- albeit an anecdote, and one potentially enhanced by its novelty, I trust the developer(s) sagacity in taking suggestions.
  2. Gotta be careful when using pens because you can overdose on 'em. The overdose cap is very low so use them sparingly. They're incredibly useful to get back into the fight once you've been winded though so I like to carry about 3. Depends, if I'm rushing to do drake early I'll grab like 2 patches (burn). Sometimes I'll bring brute patches on non-fire fauna (which are 99.9% of them). Depending on the difficulty I will either fill several boxes lmfao or grab 3-5. You learn this with experience. They do! As well as broken bones. Legion cores will fix this. Nope. Other healing supplies that help early are pentetic acid, cooked donk pockets, and the cacti you can find on the floor! Be careful not to eat too much of any of these as you can overdose on the first two, and slow down from being fat on the last two. This is ok! Remember to go at your own pace, take time with learning the game, and don't rush if you don't feel comfortable. You're gonna die... a lot... but that's A-ok as long as you're not being a TOTAL hindrance; so do at least a little mining before you go and suicide bomb an ash drake.
  3. THE ULTIMATE COURSE FOR YOUR CULINARY NEEDS This guide will completely cover everything you need to chef. From aubergine to zucchini. Included is: a tutorial from brand new shiny chefs, advanced tips, a roleplaying guide, a basic CQC tutorial, a tier guide, and some gimmick kitchens you can setup. Dig in and enjoy!
  4. I think most of this would be resolved by simply making the shuttle one row wider with more seats. I've seen way too many miners dogpile into the shuttle like one of those crowded Japanese trains and it's quite frankly a bit ridiculous; maybe we should have a "professional pusher" job.
  5. Yeah, this was mostly just me spitballing on the buff side of things; I generally think vampires are in better, if not good, spot. I still do think hemomancer is a twinge boring thematically and think something potentially more interesting could have been done - although that's not to knock the work, which once again I think is very well done.
  6. So, I think that the vampire options are decently good and incredibly well balanced. So, in the famous words of Jumpman Mario, "Letsa go!" MINOR CHANGES 200 unit blood cap: I think this is really good. I'm honestly surprised this wasn't implemented earlier. My favourite bit is that they are drainable post clone. Fire & Space: I think this is really cool, /vg/ had a similar system where the sun would come out and you'd have to duck into closets or coffins to avoid sunlight and you'd gradually build up an immunity and sparkle like a twilight vampire. Full Power & New Vampiric Vision: Honestly, I'm not too sure why vampires had x-ray to begin with, and I think that this is a good hand-hold, especially when you can essentially just get the x-ray with mesons. I like that full power is now 1000 I think that you could maybe suffice with 800, but It's really not big of an issue. I saw a lot of people complaining that the fact that vampires needed to drain more blood was a bad thing, because more people would be drained and have to wait out medbay; me personally, I believe this complaint is completely without merit especially when you consider how many vampires redtext roundstart. Rejuvenate & Glare: Huge changes IMO, glare behaving like a /tg/ flash was a super obvious decision that I'm surprised I hadn't made when discussing V A M P I R E "balance". Rejuvenate getting stamina healing is a nice touch too. Code Improvement: Honestly the least sung praises of this update are the code improvements. I'm very happy it's been streamlined for future morons (like yours truly) to be able to read through the moon runes with less difficulty. GARGANTUA Not much to say here honestly, I am definitely biased seeing as this is my favourite class, but I think it's a little too one-note. Giving the gargantua a little bit more versatility would be a much needed and welcome change in my opinion: perhaps built in insulation, flash resistance would be nice, or some harder to break bones? Perhaps give them stun but not stamina crit immunity? HEMOMANCER Not a fan of this one, just the atmosphere feels off-- I really can't explain it. Blood bender bampire just feels... uninspired? It just feels like the valley girl of vampire options. Balance wise? I think these are fine, I guess. There's nothing I can really complain about. I just think they should be able to make more things with blood. Maybe give them blood walls that can be deconned with buckets, cleaned, or walked through slowly. Maybe give them a spear that they can yote at people. Maybe a bola... blood bola, alliteration, YEAAAH. UMBRAE Umbrae is cool, it's just a better version of old vampire. Not too much to say here. You kind of just made a lame Strahd. I see a lot of people complaining about the speed in darkness for some reason, I'm not too sure why (I am sure why, I DED PLES NERF). There's plenty of shit in game that just gives you the same amount of speed for no detriment without a readily available counter. I think that extinguish should cost a tiny bit of blood, maybe 5, but become free when you hit full power. I think they could use an extra passive ability, not too sure what that'd be... maybe just cold immunity; but then again slime person buff bad.
  7. Not sure if this counts as an in-game screenshot but this gave me a good chuckle.
  8. I'm getting a whole bunch of great community questions! Thanks a ton guys, the three numbers on the back are 420.
  9. Yeah, hang on a minute let me find it. It's uh, 8008135.
  10. I for one really like this idea. A kind of neutered DNA scrambler. I would even go as far to say this could just be an item available to barbers naturally; maybe even be able to craft a scuffed version from glass, metal, and wire, which has a chance to shatter in your hand and cause massive bleeding. To reiterate, this is a super cool idea and I'd absolutely love to see something like this in-game.
  11. Hello! My ckey is LordShekelstein and I play all varieties of Toob-. It's very likely if you've seen anything with a Toob sound, it's me. I play pretty well everything semi-regularly besides the dreaded science. I've been playing for around... 2-ish years and have amassed about 1.1k hours. I love this server, and have been semi-active on the forum and yet I've only just stumbled upon this thread. My blood type is AB+ and my social security number is 1015814239311. Have fun . So uh, here's for late introductions I suppose. And most importantly, WHAZAAAAAP.
  12. I remember seeing this circulating around back when I was being used as a guinea pig for some test runs of DBSS Sigma. I'm totally for this (not that my opinion matters all too much) and think that gateways need some love. I know that general higher-up consensus is mostly negative against the addition of more stuff to the gateway and hope that turns around eventually. It's a crying shame to see such an intriguing part of the SS13 experience have it's penultimate experience be trying to rush through the spider station with lasers as fast as possible.
  13. Ah man this thread had me in stitches. Here's my submission to the pile, hope you like it!
  14. My personal favourite is hit romance novel, "Obama Golfs in Equestria". Really just a good light novel for the kids at home to sink their teeth into. Just a real story for all ages. A banger, if you will. Timeless classic.
  15. From a balance perspective, this seems absolutely ludicrous. Solving a fucking cypher in exchange for one of the strongest genetic mutations in the entire game or a wizard item(s) is completely unfathomable. Cult stuff is fine, just seems like a trash item to bemoan instead of getting the other one. At the very least with miners they have to kill something and its mildly difficult. With telekinesis you either have to slog through genetics RNG garbage or do Russian Station - both are jokes to complete and incredibly easy, but still, you have to complete some kind of skill-based challenge. Even in both respective cases the community is still irked by it and its not balanced in the slightest. You also run the issue of librarians just not solving the cypher and still "not doing anything", or the polar opposite where they just do that one thing the entire round as opposed to manning the library, both are bad. The same thing happens with miners where they just don't do their job and run around with their fancy gadgets on station. All things aside, despite the scathing criticism, I think the idea is definitely there. Having the librarian go on a fun little scavenger hunt is a very interesting concept and I look forward to whatever modifications you'll make to this concept in the future, assuming you intend to do so. Perhaps giving them some kind of communal bonus whilst people are in the library? Maybe if they finish the book people can come curl up in the library and gain some kind of mild passive bonus as opposed to some fancy do-hickey they have to put away anyways. That way it would stick more to the original idea of what a Paradise librarian is supposed to be: a nerd den.
  16. Longpipe23


    Ah yes, I can attest. Be especially wary of a certain "Woje"-- the person who plays this Fiona character. They are a polish administrator disguised as a mentor and worst of all *dun dun dun* a botanist!!! The humanity!
  17. Technically, morphine and hydrocodone are analgesics, I get what you were going for here, just being a pedant. Also, you can use salicylic acid as a painkiller as well, despite the fact that it has the weakest shock reduction value of the three, it also heals brute damages which is nice. Good guide all around though, need more competent surgeons.
  18. I agree wholeheartedly. Hence why I think changeling is probably one of the worst antagonists, even more so than vampire in terms of actual enjoyment or intrigue. Needs some changes which I myself do not want to have to do; a Herculean task that.
  19. Agree to disagree. Space-walking, the regenerative stasis, x-ray, anti-stun, and speed-legs are all incredibly good and on top of that situationally better than anything in the traitor kit really.
  20. > Unless they got a nerf recently changelings are pretty fucking bonkers. I think it's just people using the kit incorrectly. However, to be fair, if you play them as intended - a stealth antagonist - it does admittedly kind of suck.
  21. Depending on the amount of foot traffic, I always like remodeling the ORs.
  22. Bathe and perish immediately. Grey is the ultimate male power fantasy.
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