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  1. Autumn Aggley, everyone's favorite librarian. WE LOVE POETRY AND NANOTRASEN.
  2. Its already clear that higher laws are prioritized first in the AI ruleset, then secondary ones. Its why, in this example lawset: 1. Prevent humanity from coming to harm 2. Maintain law and order Results in a good, stable AI Whereas: 1. Maintain law and order 2. Prevent humanity from coming to harm results in a megalomaniac.
  3. First Name: Mike Last Name: Spike Gender: Male Orientation: Bisexual Nicknames/Alias: Picture(If Available) Age/D.O.B: 17/07/2543 (22 Years) Place Of Birth: New Southwark, Pluto Species: Vulpkanin Blood Type: A+ Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Affiliation: None Religious Beliefs: Racht Childhood: Mike was born on Pluto, to a long impoverished family of Vulpkanin immigrants hailing from New Southwark, and spent most of his childhood in a cramped tower block appartment. The colony of New Southwark was established by the British Rocket Group as a refueling outpost in the 23rd Century, with several ensuring aspects of british culture still lingering around to this day. The city is far from its heydey however, and has fallen into crime and disrepair like most settlements on Pluto. Being the eldest of 5 siblings, Mike had to grow up fast in order to support the family. As a child, he used to break and enter into abandoned buildings in order to scavenge scrap metal and other parts to sell for petty cash at the local scrap dealer. From the age of 14, he worked part time alongside his father in the local Tritium refinery, helping to load canisters onto ships. As a result, he ended up missing large chunks of secondary school. The little time he was in class, he was a delinquent, frequently getting into scrapes or causing mischief. At age 15 he was arrested for the possesion and distribution of Cocaine; a small side venture he'd started to try and get extra cash for the family. Mike spent the next two years in a juvenile detention centre, being released shortly before his 18th birtday. Adulthood: Upon release, Mike asked around the port for any ship that would take him on, and eventually found work as an Engine Room Assistant on an ageing bulk carrier, SS Amberlight. He stuck with the carrier for around a year, picking up basic engineering skills, before he decided to jump ship and find a new life at a large freeport station: Port Magellan. He applied to join their engineering department, but was too dangerously underqualified for everything, with the few jobs open to him turning him away as soon as his criminal record was discovered. The only work he could find on the port was as a salesman for a used spacepod dealership: Zippy's Discount Spacepods. Mike was still determined to make something out of himself, and took a Firefighting & Damage Control course in his spare time, funded entirely out of pocket, as well as working on his own personal fitness. After 8 months, he was finally qualified to join the station's Fire & Rescue Services. He spent around two years extinguishing fires on the station, and on other ships in need of rescue before plucking up the courage to apply to NanoTrasen as an Atmospherics Technician. His experience and qualifications as a Firefighter, as well as some blagging in the interview, landed him a position at the NSS Cyberiad as an Atmospherics Technician Mike continued to improve in his skills in Atmospherics and Engineering, under the watchful guidance of Chief Engineer Woodrow Brindle, who took him under his wing. It was around this time that he met Wynonna Pavlov, and the two became firm friends. Mike's amiable personality, experience and leadership ability cumulated in him earning his Chief's Ticket, granting him the right to assume the role of Chief Engineer on any NanoTrasen vessel. Detailed Information Appearance: Mike has a slim but muscular build, weighing in at 178lbs. He is also fairly tall for a Vulpkanin at 6 foot, with his most standout feature being his large blonde Mohawk. He's also pretty handsome by Vulpkanin standards, with shimmering turquioze eyes. Character Voice: He speaks with a thick cockney accent, about medium pitch. Personality: Mike is very gregarious and brash, often times refusing to doubt himself to a self sabotaging degree. His loud, extroverted personality and punk stylings are actually a cover for his deep rooted insecurities. Financial insecurities from being poor drive Mike to obtain as much money and status as possible, whatever the cost. Mike's deepest desire however is to be loved and appreciated, meaning he values the many friends he has like family. Family: The Spike family originated from the Republic of San Cristobal on Dalstalt. Mike's great grandmother, Rosa López-Díaz, fled the Republic for a better life when a military junta lead by General Anton Medina staged a coup and overthrew President Miguel Reyes. Reyes government at the time was a socialist one, and the coup sparked violence from members of FUMAR and Ejercito de Liberdad de San Cristobal, both left wing paramilitaries. Medina used the increasing violence to cement his power by suspending congress and giving the army the power to detain, search and execute suspected insurgents. Rosa fled with her family to Pluto, where she married Nestor Spitze, an immigrant vulpkanin hailing from a long line of Plutonian stock. Several generations, and some mistranslation later, the Spike family settled in New Southwark. Mike's father, Barry "Bazza" Spike was something of a deadbeat, more concerned with the football or going down to the pub for a pint. He still gave all he could for his family, and worked in materials handling down at the tritium plant. Mike was able to land his first job there thanks to his dad helping pull some strings, with the extra cash being much appreciated by his mother and 4 other siblings. The family often times just scraped past the bread line, with Mike often encouraging his brothers and sisters to help him on his scrap collecting ventures. One time he stumbled across the mostly intact wreck of a sports car, evidently left behind by a drink driver. He rallied his siblings and over the course of an afternoon, they managed to dismantle the entire thing, selling the parts to the scrap merchant for a sizable lump of cash. Today, the family is able to live a comfortable life thanks to the cash Mike was able to bring in from working at NanoTrasen. They're able to afford a decent house in one of the more well off areas on Pluto, plus his brother Jon can finally go to college to become a doctor. Personal Relationships: Admire/Respect: Melinda Therrel - "Shes mental honestly, never seen anyone so dangerously talented before." Woodrow Brindle - "He's kinda like another dad to me...coached me through a lot of Atmospherics and engineering." Letov Tarasovich - "Mans a prodigy, like he just goes off and invents a ton of new stuff on his own just like THAT and im left speechless." Best Friends Forever: Wynonna Pavlov - "Shes been by my side since day one, both of us have been through a lot together." Korval Keller - "Yeah he's my best mate, he can be a bit of a gimp sometimes, like when me and Oorm are mucking about wiv something and he calls us clowns but he's got great banter, plus I feel hes one of the few blokes I feel I can really talk to, innit." Oorm - "AHAHAHAHA-man, where do I start wiv this one? Actual madlad for real...like, I'll suggest the dumbest idea, the biggest load of gobshite you've ever heard of and he'll just nod his head and go 'FUCK YEAH LETS DO IT!'" Gordon Whitlock - "Really sound bloke, we worked on a couple of side ventures together. He can be a bit of a nutcase but in a good way, thats kinda a reoccurring theme with all my mates actually ahah. But yeah, 10 out of 10 bloke, best stories an all." Good Friends: MERCY - "Yeah shes Wynonna's girl! I consider friends of friends, friends of mine and shes a good laugh!" Mia - "We mostly communicate by repeatedly shoving each other over and that, but shes a riot!" Laura Morales - "Wynonna's OTHER girl, shes kinda quiet but I love her sense of humour!" Keziah Braun - "Aww yeah Kez is well cool. Jeanne Hahn - "We dated once but things kinda fell apart. I still consider her a close friend but." Mark Sommers - "Yeah, another sound bloke. Get this man a pint and go have a chat wiv him, guarentee he'll tell you the wildest story." Aquaintances: Blossom - "Honestly how someone that short is so dangerously competent in a fist fight is insane." Zeke Elliot -"Yeah, another madlad, mans got some autism or something. Hes super skilled in atmos but mostly communicates by grunting. He helped me get the plasma SM up and running though, which is mint." Hector Merriman - "Yeah, I've worked with Hector on a few projects. Good lad, ought to get to know him more." Jessie Hill - "My ex girlfriend, we're not on the best of terms but I think we've both managed to move on in our own ways." Hates: "Nah I dont hold grudges with anyone, just wastes your mental energy." Faction Relations Allied | Love | Like | Neutral | Dislike | Hate | Enemy: Nanotrasen - "I don't feel strongly either way about em honestly. I work, they pay me cash. Yeah they've done some fucked up things but I aint paid to ask questions." USSP - "Socialism doesn't work but the people are cool! They also hate Solgov which makes em friends in my books!" Transolar Federation - "I fucking hate the TSF. They dont represent Pluto and they've done nothing to help us at all. To add insult to injury they expect me to pay them taxes, its a load of bollocks! Plus a SolGov kangaroo court got me sent to juvie for selling drugs, when if they'd actually looked after us I wouldn't have been peddling drugs for the Cartel on the streets in the first place!" Elysium Republic - "Dont like em but I also dont care." Prospero Order - "Gimps." Syndicate - "Edgy school shooters that like to put holes in stations because they hate nanotrasen. Literally no different to NT except NT doesn't try to blow up my workplace on the regular. Fuckin' tossers." Other Information: Mike currently lives on a tiny freighter which he brought at a rock bottom price and retrofitted.
  4. Bluespace Harvester is the best goal cause its an excuse for atmospherics to commit warcrimes
  5. So, the psychologist! Medbay's most misunderstood resident, often found in their little domicile in some far flung corner away from all the chaos in the lobby. The little role has been a mainstay of mine for a while because of the unique type of roleplay it offers, and in this guide I aim to explore the types of colourful players you'll likely find donning the turtleneck and labcoat. F Tier : Greytide with Medical Acess These are the psychs who belong in an isolation ward and break server rules off the bat. Straightjackets and/or ethers random people with the syringegun, or just beats people up. Overdoses on ALL of his psych pills at the start of the round, lying in a jibbering and shaking mess on the office floor. Breaks into medical chemistry to produce metric tonnes of meth, much to the ire of the CMO. Single handedly responsible for the terrible reputation that Psychs have. E Tier: Dr Purnell These guys at least ATTEMPT to be a psychologist but in a very LRP "ohoho im a 60s asylum doctor" kinda way. Will still straitjacket random patients and give them ether, but will go "SIR YOU ARE CRIMINALLY INSANE" before doing so. Will "lobotomize" people by dragging them kicking and screaming to OR 1 to be debrained. Has the sense to not get high on his own supply and instead hands out drugs to random people at the bar. Is the reason the CMO hates their job, and will get pulled aside to be demoted if sec doesn't arrest them for manslaughter first (OPTIONAL) Wears a gasmask. D Tier: "We have a psychologist???" These are psychologists that exist on the manifest but are never heard from at all, nor are they ever in their office for any length of time. Doesn't act like a shitter but also may not really exist, truly a cryptid. C Tier: The Giver of Weed CONGRATULATIONS! If you've made it to this tier then you technically do the BARE MINIMUM that a psychologist is expected to do! Generally just exists in their office and around the department awaiting patients. Most people who show up just want weed or are antags looking to apply stunprod to forehead for that sweet, sweet greentext. Occasionally, will actually see a patient and attempt true psych RP. Has the potential to be B or even A tier provided they take the initative that the role requires. B Tier: "Thanks Doc!" Unlike C tier, B tier psychs understand they need to take the initative with their role. Will use the medical records to identify patients with edgy troubled backstories and use the PDA system to ask how they're feeling. More generally, will leave the office and actually walk about the station, meaning more people will see them leading to potential RP. Actually does proper RP, knows they need to set an example and conduct themselves in a professional manner. They are kind, compassionate and actively listen. When talking to patients asks questions that are in context and get to the root of the issue ( e.g. "Why did [Event] make you feel that way?"). Only perscribes medication when roleplay appropriate (e.g. Weed for patients with anxiety). A Tier: Frontier Psychiatrist A true master of RP. The main difference between this guy and B tier is the extent to which they will go for truly memorable and sometimes round affecting RP. A B tier psychologist will use the PDA system to obtain patients, an A tier one makes use of station wide annoncements from the Captain, CMO or AI and Newscasters to advertise their services in addition to PDAing. An A tier psychologist will bookmark sessions and obtain a cast of regular clients who they RP with, asking the right kind of questions to help flesh out their patients backstories. An important distinction to note is that psychologists are NOT expected to perform medical duties. A tier psychologists will ACTIVELY REFUSE to help patients with medical trauma outside of basic first aid, as IC, they lack true medical knowledge. While this is optional, doing so adds so much more flavour to the role and cements them as an actual character, not just a walking healer build like most of medical. A tier psychs will write perscription forms for patients, wether for RP or to obtain actual in game chemicals. These are the kind of psychs that CentCom keep on call for when the Captain starts acting weird.
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