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  1. Thanks for all your help and advice, everyone! I'll keep at it. Nerf
  2. Hi all, My last round as sec was more than the standard amount of harassment-receiving, as I didn't perma a prisoner for having C4, even though it is not S-class on the paradise Space Law wiki (Composition C4 is, but has a different name and looks different in-game). I had asked advice on this, but not been answered (due to the usual everyone's-super-busy-itis, so that's fine). I then got reamed by the HOS, Warder, CMO, Captain and the AI made a lovely station-wide announcement about 'Shitcurity' blaming us for...well...everything. I guess that these players are more experienced with ss13 than I am, and probably knew better, but it's really damn difficult to learn the game when the wiki isn't accurate, and experienced players just spam abuse rather than offering actual help or advice. I know there's a problem with retaining experienced players in sec, partly due to this - and I can see why. I know this comes across as super-salty, but I am trying to be a fair and not-overharsh seccy, and stuff like this just makes it unrewarding and a pain. Thanks for any help/advice/chocolate/insults about my mother. Cheers everyone! Nerf