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  1. I'm back, with another arachnid but this one is SPECIAL cause its meeee.
  2. Bunch of new art this time, featuring spooky palette Justine AND the Glyphid Gal, Varn Lali
  3. AA, well..when the day i can get Planetside 2 up i'll consider it
  4. Maaaan, i really love how this looks and also kinda miss playing planetside aswell :( BUT this is really really good
  5. Also i've learned that theres some attachment limit in terms of space so some images in this thread might be missing.
  6. Its her, but with new attire AND a fancy bird tail!
  7. Forgot to add, this is based from Risk of Rain 2's intro cutscene that just hits me the right way.
  8. Somewhere on an unknown starmap, A Mysterious planet lies in place of the Ship "Contact Light" 's last known location. What sort of secrets and dangers lay on this imposing planet? Heres a new thing its been a bit since I've drawn or..uploaded here really.
  9. little gremlin lizard

    1. YungCuz


      short fox girl

  10. That Crob in a skirt is being too cute and i'm unsure how to feel about it. Overall though this is nice..and i thought the CM one i did see on the discord looked familiar. : >
  11. oh right, this is the FIFTH robot that i decided to put..as an excuse to represent a friend and cause they looked cool, and theres Loki as a vox mage (basically was his current setup since i used his name in terraria like before..was fun)
  12. I haven't been relevant for a while so lets put some art here that i haven't put on.
  13. this is my favorite picture right here.
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