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  1. little gremlin lizard

    1. YungCuz


      short fox girl

  2. That Crob in a skirt is being too cute and i'm unsure how to feel about it. Overall though this is nice..and i thought the CM one i did see on the discord looked familiar. : >
  3. oh right, this is the FIFTH robot that i decided to an excuse to represent a friend and cause they looked cool, and theres Loki as a vox mage (basically was his current setup since i used his name in terraria like before..was fun)
  4. I haven't been relevant for a while so lets put some art here that i haven't put on.
  5. this is my favorite picture right here.
  6. I never thought a skeleton in a suit could smile so good.
  7. Loki was so s h y about it, but went along with it after alot of convincing.
  8. I love these sweet birthday wishes.
  9. Vox and Not a Vox. (Loki and Cpt. Nek respectively.) More or less an ATTEMPT to draw a Vox which i think..turned out okay.
  10. Some more of my Spear using Bug Lady: Lezera! One mainly on a sort of perspective thing and the other in her more fancier robes. (or a design change..whichever you'd think.)
  11. Take your time, and do your best. And make sure to take of yourself when needed!